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Sonic Hentai – Amy Rose & Rouge the Bat!

Because I know some of you want it, I've written a Sonic the Hedgehog Hentai story involving Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat! Let's get nasty!!

Sonic Hentai – Amy Rose & Rouge the Bat!
Written by Royston Joseph
Originally created 23/11/07
Current edit 14/4/09

Amy Rose was sitting on a rock by herself near a forest. She had a picture of Sonic in one hand, and the other was inside her panties, masturbating herself!

????: No matter how hard you try, he’ll never want you. You do know that, right?

Amy jumped to attention as she looked to see who had said that statement.

Amy: W-w-who’s there? W-what’s the idea of sneaking up on me like that?!

Rose continued to look round to see who it was that had interrupted her private time, but she couldn’t see who it was, until she looked up. Rouge the Bat majestically descended to the ground in front of her.

Rouge: Besides, he’s mine!

Amy: Shut up Rouge! You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! I’ve known Sonic for a very long time! We’re practically a couple!

Rouge slowly saunted over to Amy, until she was right in her face.

Rouge: You may be close, but he’ll never sleep with you. You’re in what is known as the “Friend Zone”. Once you’re there, it’s all over!

Amy: I said SHUT UP! Why don’t you piss off and go bother your boyfriend Shadow or something!

Rouge: Are you kidding me? You need help, and I’m going to give it to you, weather you like it or not!


Rouge: Oh no?

As Rouge moves closer, she notices that Amy’s nipples are erect and poking through her dress. She then grabs them both and pulls hard on them! Shocked by such a bold move, Amy pulls back.

Amy: W-w-what the hell are you doing?!

Rouge: There’s also the fact that you have the body of a 12 year old boy. When exactly are your real breasts supposed to come through, or are you still waiting?

Amy: That’s none of your damn business! Why are you being so rude today?!

Rouge: Me? Just put it down to boredom, and maybe a little jealousy.

Amy: Y-you’re jealous of…me?

Rouge: Little Miss Perfect! Always by Sonic’s side, even though you can’t do anything for yourself! Always getting captured so that Sonic has to rescue you! You’re beyond pathetic, you know that!

Amy: Thanks for the insight! Remind me never to take advice from trashy sluts in future! Tell me, how many guys DO you get through in a day?

With that outburst, Rouge pushed Amy to the floor.

Amy: Oww!! What the hell? You crazy bitch! What did you do that for?!

Rouge: You think I don’t know about you, Miss Rose? You think I don’t know that every night before you go to bed, you masturbate to that silly little picture of Sonic? Dreaming of the day that he’ll finally be inside your virgin quim? We’ll that’s never gonna happen bitch! Not now, not ever!

Amy: What are you planning? W-what are you gonna do to me?

And with that, a dark purple aura began to flow from Rouge’s body.

Rouge: What I’m gonna do, mosquito nips, is rape and violate you within an inch of your life!

Rouge fires a strange energy at Amy that engulfs her entire body. She starts to feel her body get hotter and start to change. The sensations are very uncomfortable, and Amy tenses up in pain. After a moment, the pain subsided and everything seemed to return to normal. When Amy opened her eyes, she is shocked to discover that her tiny, childlike breasts had grown to become huge and swollen, milk laden F-cup melons! Her pussy had also become huge and swollen, and her clit had grown to the size of a small sausage!

Amy: W……wha…what…have…you done…to ME?!

Rouge: Just some minor modifications, to make things more interesting. Don’t worry though; in a minute you’ll be too far gone to notice!

Amy: Change…me back! Change me back! Change me back RIGHT NOW!!

Rouge: Ahh, but you silly little bitch, the party’s just starting!

Rouge’s tail split into several tentacles, that lunged at Amy and hoisted her off of the ground. Rouge then started to rub her clit. It became a huge cock, with lots of small bumps on it. It was dripping with pre-cum!

Try as she might, Amy couldn’t escape from the tight grip of the tentacles as she was being pulled closer to Rouge’s giant cock! To make matters worse, the tentacles were squeezing every part of her body, teasing her nipples and clit, which was growing bigger and bigger by the minute!

Amy: P-Please! Let me go! sorry I was rude to you! I-I promise I’ll never do that again!

Unfortunately, Amy’s pleas fell on deaf ears. The tip of Rouge’s cock was touching the lips of Amy’s pussy, and she rubbed the tip up and down it to make it extra sticky and lubricated!

Amy: Why are you doing this to me?

Rouge: Think about it this way; if you’re no longer a virgin, then Sonic will probably never want to be with you ever again! Well that, and the fact that I’ve always thought you were kinda cute! I’ve always wanted to violate a virgin!

Amy: No…you…you can’t be serious!

Rouge: Want to find out how serious I am?

Rouge completed her master plan and plunged her huge veiny member into Amy’s pussy! Amy could feel her hymen tear bit by bit, and tears ran down her face as she could do nothing!

Rouge pounded away at Amy’s modified body. As Amy’s breasts majestically bobbed back and forth, her nipples became erect, and grew longer and longer. Her clit became fatter, and flopped around in a circular motion. Amy thought she would pass out from the hyper-sensitive sensations running through her body, and the tentacles weren’t helping either!

Rouge: Wow! I never thought doing this to you would be so fun! I should’ve thought of it sooner!

Amy: No……stop……please Rouge……I’m sorry for…hurting your feelings…

Rouge: Feelings? Don’t give yourself so much credit! The only feelings I’M having now is EXTREME enjoyment! Aren’t you feeling it too?

Amy: No…I’m not!

Rouge: Then why is so much juice coming out of your body?

Two tentacles moved closer towards her ass and started teasing it.

Amy: Don’t! Don’t move them there! Not in my ass! Please!

Rouge: Not in your ass? Are you kidding me? In order to do a thorough job here, I HAVE to hit every hole possible! Haven’t you heard the famous saying “If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing right”?

With that bombshell, Amy prepared herself for the worst! She tried her hardest to stop the tentacles from entering her ass by compressing her anus muscles, but eventually she couldn’t hold on any longer, and they penetrated her ass and went deeper!

Rouge: Doesn’t that feel good? I know I am! The sensation of my tentacles in your tight little hole are amazing!
To add insult to injury, Amy could feel Rouge pushing deeper towards her uterus! The tip of Rouge’s penis was pressed right against the opening, trying to go deep within.

Amy: NO! Don’t do that! If you do, you’ll destroy my womb!

Rouge: Really? I’ve never seen one of those before! I wonder what it looks like! Shall we find out together?

Amy: NOOOooo!!!

She could feel the tip squish it’s way through the opening, until it was lodged right inside her womb! This final thrust caused her to scream from the very pit of her lungs! Nothing in her entire life had prepared her for the sensation of a gigantic bumpy cock sliding in and out of her body, let alone the tip endlessly pushing its way back and forth through her uterus!
Amy felt on the brink of insanity. Her body had become numb for too much stimulation, and her eyes showed no signs of life. Then slowly, she regained consciousness. Amy was beginning to recover from the effects of the magic than Rouge had cast on her.

Rouge: You okay? Did you have a nice nap while I was raping you?

Amy: Dee………

Rouge: What was that? Did you say something, meat puppet?

Amy: Deeeper……go deeper!

Rouge: What? You can’t be serious! You want me to go deeper into you?

Amy was slowly getting into it, as feelings of rape and violation turned to lust and desire! She started to grind her hips in time with Rouge’s thrusts.

Amy: Fill me up…with your cum! Faster! Break me in two!

Rouge: Well, who am I to argue with such demands? I knew you were a slut, but I had no idea just how much!

As Amy went faster and faster, Rouge went deeper and deeper, until they both reached climax!
Rouge gushed a torrent of sperm from her massive cock into Amy’s womb! Amy could feel herself filling up, as her belly started to swell with love juice! After what seemed like an eternity, Rouge finally pulled out, leaving Amy laying on the floor, twitching manically!

Rouge: DAAAMMMMNNN! I…don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard in my life! I can barely stand! *looks at Amy* And by the looks of it, you’re in worse shape than me!

Amy: Can’t…hold it…in! Too…much!

Rouge: I’d release that load of I were you. If you don’t, you might permanently damage something!

Amy tried her best to hold it all in, because to release now would go beyond embarrassment, but her body felt like it was on fire. She was riding on the crest of an all body climax, and she had already reached her peak! As she came, the entire contents of her ass and swollen belly gushed forth as a tsunami of cum flowed all over the floor!

Rouge was totally satisfied that she had done enough damage to put the young upstart in her place!

Rouge: Don’t worry about the changes I made to your body, the magic I used will wear off in a couple of hours, your body would return to normal at that time.

Rouge transformed back into her normal form, and was about to head off when she felt something grab her leg. She turned round to see Amy holding onto her leg.

Rouge: Huh? What is it now?

Amy: More……I want…MORE!

Rouge: More? W-why? I just robbed you of your virginity, and you want more? I must’ve done more damage to your brain than I thought!

Amy: My body is still tingling! My nipples and clit are on fire! If Sonic were here, I would beg him to fuck my brains out! But sense he’s not here…you’ll have to do!

Rouge: Well-well! I must say I’m very surprised by that last statement! I thought you would hate me with every fibre of your being! My dark magic must’ve REALLY frazzled your brain cells!

Amy: Normally, you’d be right…but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Amy charges towards Rouge and topples her to the ground!

Rouge: Hey! What the hell are you doing?!

Amy: Returning the favour!

While on top of her, Amy pinned Rouge’s arms above her head with one hand, and pushed her swollen clit towards Rouge’s pussy with the other!

Rouge: So what, you’re going to rape me now?

Amy: Let’s put it this way; I’m not gonna let you go until I’m COMPLETELY satisfied! Got it?

Rouge: Y-y-you don’t have the guts!

Amy: And you don’t have a choice!

And with that, Amy plunged her large cucumber-shaped clitoris into Rouge’s pussy! Rouge groaned with ecstasy as her hole stretched wider and deeper. Amy started moving her hips back and forth, thrusting deeper and deeper into Rouge. As they were virtually face to face, their breasts were rubbing against each other, causing Rouge’s nipples to become erect, and causing Amy’s already swollen nipples to leak breast milk all over the place!

Rouge: You…you’re better than I thought! I’m…very…impressed!

Amy: You should be! You taught me everything I know!

And as if to prove the point, Amy thrust her clit right into Rouge’s Uterus! The sensation was so intense, some pee leaked out of Rouge’s pussy!


Amy: Now you know how it feels, bitch!

Amy continued to fuck Rouge until they both climaxed at the same time, then slumped on top of Rouge after she was done. Rouge was still buzzing from her climax, which was causing her body to spasm just like Amy’s body had previously. After what seemed like an eternity, both girls recovered, and sat up next to each other.

Amy: Sooo, what now?

Rouge: You think I know?

Amy: Your stupid magic still hasn’t worn off yet.

Rouge: My womb is still sore! Couldn’t you have been a little more gentle?

Amy: Are you kidding me? Pfft! Like I care! Besides, I’m still horny as hell thanks to you! At this rate, it’ll take two dicks to satisfy me!

Rouge: ………Well this turned out to be the lamest revenge ever.

There was a long pause. After a while both girls looked at each other.

Rouge: Wanna go again?

Amy: Sure. Just remember one thing. I still don’t like you.

Rouge: Fine. Get ready for one more mind-blowing fuck! Where do you want it?

Amy rolled over and spread her ass cheeks, and had a very receptive/slutty look on her face.

Amy: Just plough my ass until I can’t stand up straight for a month!

Rouge: Right! One “Anal Destroyer”, coming up!

Rouge stimulated her clit again, causing it to grow into 2 giant penises instead of just 1!

Amy: T-T-Two cocks? I didn’t know you could do that!

Rouge: Well you did ask for two cocks, didn’t you?

Rouge moved into position and massaged the tips of her double cocks over Amy’s anal bud and pussy lips. There was no need for extra lubrication because of the copious amounts of pussy juice readily available from Amy. Rouge plunged the first throbbing cock into Amy’s ass.

Amy: OH GOD!!

Rouge: As the famous saying goes; “Be careful what you wish for”!

And with that, Rouge squeezed the second cock into Amy’s anal cavity! Amy screamed out again as Rouge ploughed both cocks into her rear entrance! Once again, the extremely intense sensations caused Amy to squirt tons of pussy juice all over the floor! As Rouge fucked Amy harder and deeper, a pool of pussy cum crept across the floor…

Elsewhere, Sonic and Knuckles were relaxing near a calm and tranquil lake. For the past hour or so, they had both heard a load of screaming and loud moaning coming from over the mountain. At first, all Sonic and Knuckles could do was look towards where the sounds were coming from, then looked at each other with a “What the fuck is that?” look on their faces!

After a while, Knuckles turned to Sonic:

Knuckles: Umm, Sonic? Do you think we should go and see what the heck all those noises are about?

Sonic: I don’t think so Knuckles. Shall I tell ya why I think we should just stay here and continue reading our magazines?

Knuckles: ……Okay, shoot. Why shouldn’t we go?

Sonic: I would recognise the sound of those voices as Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat. Those two hate each other’s guts, and the chances are, right now they’re tearing the shit out of each other. Now let me ask you a question.

Knuckles: Go ahead.

Sonic: Do YOU want to get involved in that kind of situation?

Knuckles: …probably not.

Sonic: Well there’s your answer. Want a root beer?

Knuckles: Sure. Chuck one over here for me.

Sonic: Here ya go *chucks root beer can over*

Knuckles effortlessly catches the can of root beer, opens it up and takes a sip. The two friends continue to sit quietly in the majestic surroundings they were in, trying their hardest to ignore the very vocal and vigorous action that was taking place not far from them!


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Early 2007 Art

I meant to upload these pieces earlier this year, but..... know.......busy........and shit. I need to do at least two pics a month or something, as a way to set myself achievable goals. A lot easier than it sounds!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Progress Report

I think I need to come up with an easier way to show my fanfics on this blog. They take up too much space and are difficult to read. I'll look into it later.

I've got a new Dragonball GT Hentai fanfiction waiting in the wings. All I'm willing to say is that it's my first Loli/underage sex series, and I'm putting a lot of effort into making it a really compelling story!

Stay golden! (this catchphrase might not catch on)

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Devil May Cry Hentai – Vergil & Lady

Devil May Cry Hentai – Vergil & Lady

Vergil & Lady – Extra!
This is a continuation of part 5 of my “Devil May Cry Spoofs” fanfiction series. After being tricked into thinking that Lady had died after his car crashed, Vergil finally awoke to his true feelings for her…

As Dante walked off, Vergil and Lady were all over each other. There were no more jokes, no more holding back, only uncaged, uncensored, mad passionate sex! They were literally ripping each other’s clothes off!

Vergil actually relished being able to unzip lady’s white catsuit ALL the way down! As he pulled the suit off of her shoulders, her breasts popped out and lay there for the entire world to see. As Lady helped Vergil take his clothes off, she also relished the chance to see his young, muscular physique!

Vergil: I never thought things would turn out like this!

Lady: Don’t worry about it Vergil! All that matters is that you and me are finally alone together! Let’s have LOTS of fun!

Vergil: Sure.

They started to kiss each other passionately.

Lady: If you want to get me really hot, you should start from the top, and work your way down!

Vergil: Like this? *Kisses her neck*

Lady: Yeah, just like that!

Vergil moved his lips from the side of her neck, down to her collarbone, then down to her nipples. Alternating between her left and right breast, he sucked her nipples until they became very erect and throbbing.

Lady: Wow…I’ve never see my nipples become so erect before!

Vergil: Well, that’s my little secret technique! Do you want me to do the same to your lower bud?

Lady: Lower bud? I’ve never heard it described like that before! Sounds like fun. But I want to suck on your lower bud as well!

Vergil: Fair enough! Mutual gratification is always a good thing!

As Vergil lays on his back, Lady spins round so that her pussy is right in his face. She starts to suck on his cock as he licks her pussy lips and teases he clit. It too becomes very erect and swollen!

Lady: Oh my god! You’re so good at this Vergil! I knew I made the right choice when I chose you!

Vergil: Well you certainly weren’t shy about making your feelings quite apparent from the very beginning!

Lady: True, but certain people still didn’t get the hint, after SEVERAL attempts!

Vergil: Alright, alright! I’m sorry, okay? I was an insensitive jerk. I didn’t take your feelings into account.

Lady: Are you kidding me? The fact that you were so cold towards me was half the fun! If you were to change now, and become more sensitive, I’d probably end up leaving you for your brother!

Vergil: I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to say. Are you saying you want me to treat you badly?

Lady got up and went to sit on Vergil’s cock. It took her a moment to slide the long shaft deeper and deeper into her, until it was right up to the hilt. The sensations were so intense, she almost climaxed immediately!

Lady: What I’m….ahh….saying is…ohhh…I want you….ahhh…to fuck my brains out… it?

Vergil could see the look on her face was telling him everything he needed to know.

Vergil: If that’s how you want it, you’d better hold on tight, coz things are about to get VERY bumpy!

Lady: Just the way I like it!

Vergil stated to thrust his cock into Lady, getting faster and faster as he did. He grabbed her breasts and massaged them in a circular motion. Lady relished every moment, and she had a very perverted look on her face. Her face was flushed, her tongue was sticking out of her mouth, and her eyes were almost rolled up into the back of her head!

Lady: So…good…so…good! I want more…more!

Vergil: Are you sure you can handle more?

Lady: I know you can do much better than this!

Vergil: what are you talking about?

Lady: Why don’t you…do that…Devil…transformation thing…you do?

Vergil: I really don’t think you could possibly handle my Devil Trigger, Lady!

Lady: Don’t worry about me…I’m a lot tougher…than I look!

Vergil: Tell you what, I’ll give it to you nice and slow. How about that?

Lady: Fair enough. Do your worst!

Vergil: Okay then, you asked for it!

And with that, Vergil started to unleash his dark devil transformation. Blue crackling energy started to flicker around his body, and his body started to expand and harden. Lady could feel his cock increase in size and girth, expanding her vaginal canal. The sensations were travelling all around her body. As she became hotter, her pussy became wetter and wetter. She thought she was going to go crazy from the pleasure!

Vergil was quickly reaching climax, and he could see that Lady wasn’t going to be able to hang on much longer either.

Vergil: I think…I’m going to…cum!

Lady: Oh thank god! I thought…I would…end up…cumming…way before you did!

Vergil: I’m very impressed…you lasted so long…but I’m afraid…this is the end for you!

Lady: What are you…talking abou….

With that, Vergil let out a thunderous roar! His body tensed up, and he shot tons and tons of his sperm into Lady! The amount was so much, that it literally spewed out of her hole! The sensations were so intense, that Lady gave a deep moan of pleasure. Her body also shook and shuddered, and then she slumped onto Vergil. She was utterly exhausted, and was taking deep breaths just to regain her composure.

Lady: That was the…most intense climax…I have EVER had…in my ENTIRE life!

Vergil: I’m glad you liked it! It was pretty good for me too!

Lady: How the hell did you cum so much?!

Vergil: I chalk it up to my father’s demon seed! Probably enough to impregnate a thousand virgins!

Lady: So, how much power did you use there?

Vergil: About 30%.

Lady: Reckon you can go 50%?

Vergil: You barely survived 30%! Do you really think you could survive 50%?

Lady: It may not seem like it, but I could probably go all the way to 100%!

Vergil: Now I KNOW you can’t be serious!

Vergil helps Lady to her feet, then grabs his clothes off of the ground and starts to walk off. Lady spreads her pussy open, and a ton of Vergil’s sperm flows out of her, right onto the floor!

Vergil: You coming?

Lady: Get your ass back here! I’m still not satisfied yet!

Vergil: What more is there to do Lady?

Lady turns round and sticks out her butt towards Vergil.

Lady: My ass! That’s what!

Vergil: I really think we should be getting back…

Lady: *wiggles ass* C’mon! You know you want to!

Vergil: You’re not gonna let this go, are you?

Lady: You know me so well! Get over here and plunge your rod into my pooper!

Vergil: Only if you promise me one thing.

Lady: Name it!

Vergil: Please don’t refer to it as your “pooper”!

*Lady tried to suppress a smile after that last comment*

Vergil approached Lady from behind and fondled her breasts. Lady gyrated her ass towards Vergil’s crotch. She could feel his manhood getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

Lady: *Leans forward* Vergil, I can’t wait any longer! Nail me, hard!

Vergil: If you insist!

Vergil starts to push is cock towards Lady’s anus.

Vergil: Are you sure you can handle it?

Lady: Just give me a moment to relax my ass muscles! *Vergil’s cock goes in* OHHHH GOD! It’s sooo biiggg!!

Vergil: Your ass is so tight! I’ve never felt anything like it!

Lady: I feel like I’m about to cum again! I think I need my clit stroked to ease the pain!

Vergil: Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Are you alright?

Lady: I’m just getting started! I’ll be fine in a moment, just keep going!

Vergil starts to thrust deeper into her ass. Lady started to finger her pussy at the same time, and pussy juice began to drip and gush from between her legs!

Vergil: Damn it! This is so good! I think I’m starting to lose control!

Lady: I know how you feel! This is the best sex I’ve ever had!

Vergil: No! I feel like I can’t hold back any longer! I think we should stop!

Lady: Stop? No way! I can’t believe you want to stop now!

Bluish lightning began to crackle around Vergil’s body again, with much more intensity than last time. Vergil’s eyes turned glowing white, and his body began to shake and bubble with barely containable power!

Lady: Wha…what’s happening to you Vergil?!

A sinister grin spreads across Vergil’s face! He begins to speed up his thrusts, and Lady becomes helpless as she is being sodomized by the demon! She has a manic look on her face as her body becomes nothing more than a rag-doll to Vergil’s carnal desires!

The magnifying energy was growing and growing by the minute! Vergil was no longer in control of his own senses, his composed personality had been taken over by the devil within!

Lady couldn’t hang on any longer, she could feel her consciousness slipping away by the minute! Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, the demon climaxed, sending shockwaves into the atmosphere around them. Vergil let out a tremendous roar as he transformed into his complete demon form. At the exact same time, he came, shooting torrents of sperm into Lady’s ass!

Lady also climaxed with so much intensity, she couldn’t control her bowels. She began to pee all over the floor!

After what seemed like an eternity, the both of them slumped to the floor, utterly exhausted. Vergil had transformed back into his human form.

Lady: W….wh….wha….what…just…happened…Vergil?

Vergil: I…I…I……I don’t know. I can’t remember. Are you alright?

Lady: I don’t know. All I know, is that my ass is sore as hell! I think I even peed myself!

Vergil: Oh my god! I’m so sorry! You must believe me when I say I don't mean to hurt you! I just completely lost control!

Lady: Please don’t blame yourself Vergil. If anything, I’m the one to blame for pushing you. Has that ever happened to you before?

Vergil: Of course not! I normally pride myself on my ability to stay cool under pressure. That was the first time I’ve, ever lost control of my demon side. You made me lose control!

Lady: Was it scary?

Vergil: Terrifying. Although at the same time, it felt exhilarating. I’m not sure if I ever want to experience that feeling ever again.

Lady: Maybe you just didn’t know as much about yourself as you thought you did.

Vergil: Perhaps you’re right. Can you stand?

Lady: I think so.

They both get to their feet. Lady is so exhausted, she faints a bit, but Vergil catches her.

Vergil: Take it easy. You‘ve been through a lot. Let me carry you home.

Lady: Always the gentleman, eh Vergil?

Vergil: I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lady: You know, I just thought of something! Seeing as your sperm is so potent, I suppose that means I’m pregnant for sure then!

Vergil: Wha?

Lady: Wow, I’ve never thought about pregnancy before! I wonder, will my child look as handsome as you?

Vergil: Ahh! Hold on a second! You’re not serious are you? You do know I’m terrible with kids, don’t you?.

Lady: Man, you are just too easy! I was kidding, numbnuts!

Vergil: Oh, ha ha! I should just dump your ass right here in the middle of nowhere, you know that?

Lady: Okay! I’m sorry! We really need to work on that sense of humour of yours!

Vergil: I have no time for a sense of humour.

Lady: You thought you didn’t have time for sex either, and I’ve managed to prove you wrong, haven’t I?

Vergil: You could’ve died! I already thought you were dead once today, twice is just asking for trouble!

Lady: You would never deliberately harm me Vergil, I trust you too damn much! Besides, That was the most awesome ass-fuck I’ve ever had!

Vergil: You’re unbelievable, you know that?

Lady: That’s why you love me! Now shut up and kiss me!

Vergil placed Lady back on the floor, and they kissed passionately, solidifying what was to be the beginning of a rather unusual, but beautiful relationship!


Sunday, 26 August 2007

Roytec Hentai Fanfic - An Overactive Imagination!

As a creative kind of guy, I gain a lot of enjoyment from creating original works, be it drawing comics, designing characters or writing short stories. I enjoy putting ideas from my "overactive imagination" onto the printed page (or in this case, electronic page).

The following story is one of the first short stories I wrote in my spare time. You might enjoy the story a little more if you are a fan of Dragonball Z, particularly the Android saga!

I would be lying if I said the main character in this story has no relation to my own personallity, but he is only a part of who I am and how I feel about myself, which in hindsight is probably a little different from the way I feel about myself these days.

This story is the basis for pretty much any other story I'm ever likely to write, and it may even develop into it's own series in time! I hope you enjoy it!

Winston was a nice enough kinda guy, did as he was told, never got in anyone’s way, just minding his own business. But one thing that separated him from other people was his fascination with imaginary female characters, be they from animated shows, or computer games.
He would spend hours on end alone, fantasising about such characters as Tifa and Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7, Chun-Li and Cammy from Street Fighter, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Kasumi and Ayame from Dead or Alive, and even Bulma and Android Eighteen from Dragonball Z.
He had even taken the time out to design his own female characters, so that he could have the freedom of being able to do what he wanted with them.

The reason why he did this was because he was a very shy kinda person, and didn’t really see himself finding a girlfriend anytime in the near future, he just felt too different from normal guys to be able to lower his defences around real women. With imaginary ones, he didn’t have that problem (Even if he felt a little lonely at times).
He still had the sexual urges like other guys, but with the problem of how to control them without letting anyone know what he was doing. His only release was masturbation, alone in the bathroom, when no one was awake to find out what he was doing.
He would use pictures of those “fantasy girls” to get hard on because he was more turned on by them than real women. Did that make him strange? From what he had seen on television, there were people in the world that did much stranger things than him. From fetishes and sado masochism, and even things involving children and animals, in the end was Winston so strange after all?
In any event, Winston was happy to keep his personal life the way it was, private.
Little did he know though, that there would be one evening that he would be caught in the act!

One night, Winston was alone in his bathroom, jerking off on some pictures of Android 18 from Dragonball Z. He particularly liked Eighteen because even though her character was cold and emotionless, she had a softer side to her personality. Plus she was really sexy looking (Though if she were real, he would never say that to her face!)
Winston had a very active imagination, and always wondered what it would be like if he could have sexual encounters with some of those imaginary girls, and have very strange sexual situations happen!
Winston was pretty sure that no one was awake, so he felt sure that he wouldn’t be disturbed. His guard was totally down when the bathroom door opened! His head spun round to see none other than Android Eighteen!

Several questions crept into his mind at that very moment, like what was she doing there, how could a fictional character appear in real life in front of him, what business did she have being in his part of the space time continuum, and what was she doing, barging in on him in the toilet!
“A-are you the real A-Android Eighteen?” Winston blurted out as best he could. “I think the question you should be asking,” Eighteen said with a “As a matter of fact” tone in her voice, “...Is what is a young, fit and good looking guy like you hanging around on his own, trying to pleasure himself with just a couple of pictures of the lovely Android Eighteen, when he could have the real thing?”
As Eighteen approached Winston, he asked “This may sound like a stupid question, but are you really real?” Eighteen’s face stopped merely an inch from his face “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”
Winston was at the great disadvantage of never having the chance to kiss a girl before, so he was totally unprepared when Eighteen kissed him. It was full on and intense! Winston was awash with sensations, but he felt no need to hold back. He felt like he was with an old friend, so familiar and comforting.
Seeing as Winston was totally naked, he was open to anything that Eighteen would want to do to him, and she knew it! She lowered herself down in front of him and started to look over his erect and very lubricated tool! She was very slow and deliberate in her actions, teasing the end of his piece with her tongue, then moving to swallow the head, and then down to the hilt of his shaft. The sensations were mind-blowing! Eighteen seemed like a real expert, moving her head in a circular motion while sucking and licking on his manhood. Eighteen momentarily looked up as if to seek approval, then carried on in her labour, her head bobbing up and down enthusiastically.
Winston came so hard, his knees buckled underneath him and he slumped down in front of Eighteen, monetarily drained of strength.
“Are you alright?” Eighteen asked. “I’m fine Eighteen...” Winston replied “. In fact, I’ve never felt better!” Eighteen’s face beamed, and her fear of harming him lessened. “Good, because I have a lot more in store for you!” Winston’s eyes widened in disbelief!
“You know, this bathroom is awfully cramped.” Eighteen then suggested “why don’t we move to somewhere a little more comfortable?”
“W-Where do you have in mind?” Winston stammered. “you’ll see!” Eighteen replied, and then winked at him fiendishly! She then raised her right hand in the air and snapped her fingers. At that very second, the entire bathroom flashed with an intense bright light, and then they were both gone!

Winston had to shield his eyes when the light hit, so he didn’t see what happened until he opened his eyes afterwards. He was totally shocked when he saw where they were. It was a room with a 4-poster bed. Something was different about the room though, there were the usual things that you would find in a luxury hotel room, like chairs, cabinets, wardrobes and tables, but everything looked simplified, almost cartoonish in design.
“Where are we exactly?” Winston asked.
Eighteen looked at him and said “Does it matter?” Winston looked around a second time, feeling the hot air on his still naked body. “I guess not.” He said.
“I guess you’re gonna want to have a look around outside later, but until then why don’t we get down to business?” Eighteen said as she moved over to the bed. She sat on one side, and patted the bed to invite Winston to sit down next to her. Winston was still unsure of the whole situation, but went over and sat next to Eighteen. She moved closer to him, stroking her hand up his leg, then proceeded to straddle him. She looked into his eyes with her “come to bed” look, and whispered to him “You don’t have to worry about anything; none of the other Dragonball characters are going to turn up suddenly, not even Krillin.”
“Not even Krillin?!” Winston said in disbelief.
“Not even Krillin!” She repeated. “He may be my husband, but we don’t have to be around each other all the time!”
“Well, as long as you say it’s alright...” Winston said.
“Help me out of my clothes, will you?” Eighteen said as she took her top off. Winston helped her, and then took great care as he inspected her magnificent body!

“Do you like what you see?” She asked. Winston could only nod as he caressed her firm and supple breasts. They started kissing, and held their bodies close together. Winston slid his hands down Eighteen’s back, as he helped her slide her trousers off. They quietly slumped to the floor (the trousers, not Eighteen and Winston!). They kissed some more, then Eighteen lay backwards onto the bed, beckoning Winston to move on top of her. She spread her legs, allowing Winston’s eyes to feast on the goodness!
“Why don’t you feast on my pussy with your lips?” Eighteen said in an almost breathless, vulnerable tone. As Winston’s head moved in for the kill, Eighteen’s hands guided his head in. He started very slowly at first, licking a bit at a time, then started to work his tongue in and out of the folds of her pussy. He then carefully slid his tongue up between the lips to release the clitoris from its hood.

Eighteen was in ecstasy as Winston worked his tongue around of, and flicked over her clit. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Eighteen gasped. Winston looked up from between her legs and said “Let’s just say that I have a very active imagination!”

A little while later, Eighteen said “Mmm, now that you’ve gotten me sufficiently lubricated, why don’t you take your magnificent rod and plunge it into my warm dark hole?” “Are you sure that it’s alright?” Winston questioned. “C’mon Winston!” Eighteen shouted, pointing at her pussy. “I’m doing this for you, not anyone else, just YOU! This is your fantasy, you want my body don’t you?! Forget about being a gentleman and FUCK ME!”

Winston was, for a moment, quite shocked. Then he realized that a lot of what Eighteen had just said had made a lot of sense, and chuckled to himself, realizing just how pathetic he was being. “You’re absolutely right Eighteen,” he said with renewed vigour “and I promise that I’m gonna fuck you harder than a Super Saiyan!”

Winston moved between Eighteen’s parted legs and took his already erect member in hand. He massaged Eighteen’s pussy with the head of his penis, getting her pussy juice all over it so that it was well lubricated. Winston took one last deep breath, before thrusting into Eighteen in one quick, smooth motion. Eighteen yelped at such a violent action, but did nothing to protest against Winston’s bold move. She watched him intently to see what he would do next.

Embarrassed as Winston was, he knew that he couldn’t back down now, so he drove on, thrusting his hips forward and backward in a continuous motion, holding Eighteen’s hips to gain more leverage. Eighteen assisted his thrusts by wrapping her spread legs around his waist, cupping her feet under his bum cheeks and pushing his hips further into her. As each thrust became more intense, Eighteen moaned and groaned in ecstasy, her face was like that of a young girl that knew that what she was doing was wrong, indecent, taboo, but she just didn’t care!

This turned Winston on even more; he was close to cumming inside of her, so close, but he knew that he had to give her everything she rightly deserved! She had given her body to him, openly and honestly, he could do nothing less then to give her total, gratifying passionate and intense sexual pleasure, with everything that he had!

Their intensity was reaching a powerful climax. Winston could sense that Eighteen was ready to cum at any moment, but his body was too tired to continue, he was about to reach his limit! Considering how powerful her body was, he was surprised that he was able to last this long! He had been squeezing and pulling her nipples in a circular motion to bring more enjoyment to her body, but at the rate he was going, he was gonna fizzle out any second, just like a candle!

“NO!” he thought to himself, “I’m not gonna quit yet! I’m going to give her all that I’ve got! ” And with that, he took his remaining strength, and fucked for all he was worth!

The rhythmic movement between their bodies intensified, with the whole event coming to a dramatic climax! In his mind, Winston was screaming “Just a bit more! C’mon! I can do this! Just….a bit….MORE!” As far as he was concerned, it didn’t matter weather he came or not. All that mattered to him was that he was able to make Eighteen cum, to show her his gratitude. No woman had ever let him have the chance to be with them in such an intimate way (not that he had ever shown his intentions to a girl before.), this was the very first time, which made it important, and meant that he had to get it right!

Right at that very moment, their fleshy union reached its peak, and Eighteen’s supple body stiffened, her pussy pulsated around Winston’s cock! Winston could see a clear liquid jetting out from her piss hole in powerful gushes, it was clear to him now that he had made her cum, with female ejaculations no less!

Realising that he had succeeded, his body tensed, and he felt his cream blast out of his meaty shaft, and into Eighteen’s warm and inviting pit.

Their energies were entirely spent, and the two of them lay on the bed together, holding each other closely and enjoying the warm happy glow that they felt from each other’s bodies.

When Winston had finally awoken, he was disappointed to realise that he was in his own bed. Shear frustration washed over him, as he realised that he must have imagined the whole thing, again. It was strange though, because this time if felt more real than before. Winston thought about getting up, but then he decided against it, and laid face up in his bed, looking up at the ceiling.

“We had a lot of fun last night, didn’t we?” a voice echoed in the room, above Winston’s head! “Eighteen?! Is that you?!” Winston shouted in disbelief. Eighteen giggled and said “Of course it’s me silly! Who were you expecting? Vegeta?” Winston arose upright in his bed. “What happened? Was it real? Was it all just my imagination?”

Eighteen simply said “It was whatever you wanted it to be, nothing more, nothing less.” Winston paused for a second, then shouted “Eighteen! There’s something I need to tell you! Something very important!” “Don’t worry about it Winston, I pretty much worked out what you wanted to say, by your actions last night! I have to say that you were amazing! I want to thank you. ”

Winston’s face beamed with joy. “I’m glad I was able to make you cum Eighteen! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be strong enough.”

“Winston!” Eighteen shouted. A long silence followed. Confused, Winston shouted back “Eighteen?”

“Don’t give up!” She replied “You’ll get the chance to be with a real girl someday! Just be yourself and think positive! You can do it!”

And with that, Winston was left to wonder, about what happened, about himself, and the future…

….Whatever it had in store for him!

The End!

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Roytec Hentai is ALIVE

No matter how I look at it, I was always planning on doing something like this at some point. I believe my love for all things hentai has been well documented (i think!).

This blog will be my safe-haven to express my perverted side, and run rampant with my creative juices!

I promise you WON'T be disapointed!