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Devil May Cry Hentai – Vergil & Lady

Devil May Cry Hentai – Vergil & Lady

Vergil & Lady – Extra!
This is a continuation of part 5 of my “Devil May Cry Spoofs” fanfiction series. After being tricked into thinking that Lady had died after his car crashed, Vergil finally awoke to his true feelings for her…

As Dante walked off, Vergil and Lady were all over each other. There were no more jokes, no more holding back, only uncaged, uncensored, mad passionate sex! They were literally ripping each other’s clothes off!

Vergil actually relished being able to unzip lady’s white catsuit ALL the way down! As he pulled the suit off of her shoulders, her breasts popped out and lay there for the entire world to see. As Lady helped Vergil take his clothes off, she also relished the chance to see his young, muscular physique!

Vergil: I never thought things would turn out like this!

Lady: Don’t worry about it Vergil! All that matters is that you and me are finally alone together! Let’s have LOTS of fun!

Vergil: Sure.

They started to kiss each other passionately.

Lady: If you want to get me really hot, you should start from the top, and work your way down!

Vergil: Like this? *Kisses her neck*

Lady: Yeah, just like that!

Vergil moved his lips from the side of her neck, down to her collarbone, then down to her nipples. Alternating between her left and right breast, he sucked her nipples until they became very erect and throbbing.

Lady: Wow…I’ve never see my nipples become so erect before!

Vergil: Well, that’s my little secret technique! Do you want me to do the same to your lower bud?

Lady: Lower bud? I’ve never heard it described like that before! Sounds like fun. But I want to suck on your lower bud as well!

Vergil: Fair enough! Mutual gratification is always a good thing!

As Vergil lays on his back, Lady spins round so that her pussy is right in his face. She starts to suck on his cock as he licks her pussy lips and teases he clit. It too becomes very erect and swollen!

Lady: Oh my god! You’re so good at this Vergil! I knew I made the right choice when I chose you!

Vergil: Well you certainly weren’t shy about making your feelings quite apparent from the very beginning!

Lady: True, but certain people still didn’t get the hint, after SEVERAL attempts!

Vergil: Alright, alright! I’m sorry, okay? I was an insensitive jerk. I didn’t take your feelings into account.

Lady: Are you kidding me? The fact that you were so cold towards me was half the fun! If you were to change now, and become more sensitive, I’d probably end up leaving you for your brother!

Vergil: I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to say. Are you saying you want me to treat you badly?

Lady got up and went to sit on Vergil’s cock. It took her a moment to slide the long shaft deeper and deeper into her, until it was right up to the hilt. The sensations were so intense, she almost climaxed immediately!

Lady: What I’m….ahh….saying is…ohhh…I want you….ahhh…to fuck my brains out…..got it?

Vergil could see the look on her face was telling him everything he needed to know.

Vergil: If that’s how you want it, you’d better hold on tight, coz things are about to get VERY bumpy!

Lady: Just the way I like it!

Vergil stated to thrust his cock into Lady, getting faster and faster as he did. He grabbed her breasts and massaged them in a circular motion. Lady relished every moment, and she had a very perverted look on her face. Her face was flushed, her tongue was sticking out of her mouth, and her eyes were almost rolled up into the back of her head!

Lady: So…good…so…good! I want more…more!

Vergil: Are you sure you can handle more?

Lady: I know you can do much better than this!

Vergil: what are you talking about?

Lady: Why don’t you…do that…Devil…transformation thing…you do?

Vergil: I really don’t think you could possibly handle my Devil Trigger, Lady!

Lady: Don’t worry about me…I’m a lot tougher…than I look!

Vergil: Tell you what, I’ll give it to you nice and slow. How about that?

Lady: Fair enough. Do your worst!

Vergil: Okay then, you asked for it!

And with that, Vergil started to unleash his dark devil transformation. Blue crackling energy started to flicker around his body, and his body started to expand and harden. Lady could feel his cock increase in size and girth, expanding her vaginal canal. The sensations were travelling all around her body. As she became hotter, her pussy became wetter and wetter. She thought she was going to go crazy from the pleasure!

Vergil was quickly reaching climax, and he could see that Lady wasn’t going to be able to hang on much longer either.

Vergil: I think…I’m going to…cum!

Lady: Oh thank god! I thought…I would…end up…cumming…way before you did!

Vergil: I’m very impressed…you lasted so long…but I’m afraid…this is the end for you!

Lady: What are you…talking abou….

With that, Vergil let out a thunderous roar! His body tensed up, and he shot tons and tons of his sperm into Lady! The amount was so much, that it literally spewed out of her hole! The sensations were so intense, that Lady gave a deep moan of pleasure. Her body also shook and shuddered, and then she slumped onto Vergil. She was utterly exhausted, and was taking deep breaths just to regain her composure.

Lady: That was the…most intense climax…I have EVER had…in my ENTIRE life!

Vergil: I’m glad you liked it! It was pretty good for me too!

Lady: How the hell did you cum so much?!

Vergil: I chalk it up to my father’s demon seed! Probably enough to impregnate a thousand virgins!

Lady: So, how much power did you use there?

Vergil: About 30%.

Lady: Reckon you can go 50%?

Vergil: You barely survived 30%! Do you really think you could survive 50%?

Lady: It may not seem like it, but I could probably go all the way to 100%!

Vergil: Now I KNOW you can’t be serious!

Vergil helps Lady to her feet, then grabs his clothes off of the ground and starts to walk off. Lady spreads her pussy open, and a ton of Vergil’s sperm flows out of her, right onto the floor!

Vergil: You coming?

Lady: Get your ass back here! I’m still not satisfied yet!

Vergil: What more is there to do Lady?

Lady turns round and sticks out her butt towards Vergil.

Lady: My ass! That’s what!

Vergil: I really think we should be getting back…

Lady: *wiggles ass* C’mon! You know you want to!

Vergil: You’re not gonna let this go, are you?

Lady: You know me so well! Get over here and plunge your rod into my pooper!

Vergil: Only if you promise me one thing.

Lady: Name it!

Vergil: Please don’t refer to it as your “pooper”!

*Lady tried to suppress a smile after that last comment*

Vergil approached Lady from behind and fondled her breasts. Lady gyrated her ass towards Vergil’s crotch. She could feel his manhood getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

Lady: *Leans forward* Vergil, I can’t wait any longer! Nail me, hard!

Vergil: If you insist!

Vergil starts to push is cock towards Lady’s anus.

Vergil: Are you sure you can handle it?

Lady: Just give me a moment to relax my ass muscles! *Vergil’s cock goes in* OHHHH GOD! It’s sooo biiggg!!

Vergil: Your ass is so tight! I’ve never felt anything like it!

Lady: I feel like I’m about to cum again! I think I need my clit stroked to ease the pain!

Vergil: Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Are you alright?

Lady: I’m just getting started! I’ll be fine in a moment, just keep going!

Vergil starts to thrust deeper into her ass. Lady started to finger her pussy at the same time, and pussy juice began to drip and gush from between her legs!

Vergil: Damn it! This is so good! I think I’m starting to lose control!

Lady: I know how you feel! This is the best sex I’ve ever had!

Vergil: No! I feel like I can’t hold back any longer! I think we should stop!

Lady: Stop? No way! I can’t believe you want to stop now!

Bluish lightning began to crackle around Vergil’s body again, with much more intensity than last time. Vergil’s eyes turned glowing white, and his body began to shake and bubble with barely containable power!

Lady: Wha…what’s happening to you Vergil?!

A sinister grin spreads across Vergil’s face! He begins to speed up his thrusts, and Lady becomes helpless as she is being sodomized by the demon! She has a manic look on her face as her body becomes nothing more than a rag-doll to Vergil’s carnal desires!

The magnifying energy was growing and growing by the minute! Vergil was no longer in control of his own senses, his composed personality had been taken over by the devil within!

Lady couldn’t hang on any longer, she could feel her consciousness slipping away by the minute! Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, the demon climaxed, sending shockwaves into the atmosphere around them. Vergil let out a tremendous roar as he transformed into his complete demon form. At the exact same time, he came, shooting torrents of sperm into Lady’s ass!

Lady also climaxed with so much intensity, she couldn’t control her bowels. She began to pee all over the floor!

After what seemed like an eternity, the both of them slumped to the floor, utterly exhausted. Vergil had transformed back into his human form.

Lady: W….wh….wha….what…just…happened…Vergil?

Vergil: I…I…I……I don’t know. I can’t remember. Are you alright?

Lady: I don’t know. All I know, is that my ass is sore as hell! I think I even peed myself!

Vergil: Oh my god! I’m so sorry! You must believe me when I say I don't mean to hurt you! I just completely lost control!

Lady: Please don’t blame yourself Vergil. If anything, I’m the one to blame for pushing you. Has that ever happened to you before?

Vergil: Of course not! I normally pride myself on my ability to stay cool under pressure. That was the first time I’ve, ever lost control of my demon side. You made me lose control!

Lady: Was it scary?

Vergil: Terrifying. Although at the same time, it felt exhilarating. I’m not sure if I ever want to experience that feeling ever again.

Lady: Maybe you just didn’t know as much about yourself as you thought you did.

Vergil: Perhaps you’re right. Can you stand?

Lady: I think so.

They both get to their feet. Lady is so exhausted, she faints a bit, but Vergil catches her.

Vergil: Take it easy. You‘ve been through a lot. Let me carry you home.

Lady: Always the gentleman, eh Vergil?

Vergil: I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lady: You know, I just thought of something! Seeing as your sperm is so potent, I suppose that means I’m pregnant for sure then!

Vergil: Wha?

Lady: Wow, I’ve never thought about pregnancy before! I wonder, will my child look as handsome as you?

Vergil: Ahh! Hold on a second! You’re not serious are you? You do know I’m terrible with kids, don’t you?.

Lady: Man, you are just too easy! I was kidding, numbnuts!

Vergil: Oh, ha ha! I should just dump your ass right here in the middle of nowhere, you know that?

Lady: Okay! I’m sorry! We really need to work on that sense of humour of yours!

Vergil: I have no time for a sense of humour.

Lady: You thought you didn’t have time for sex either, and I’ve managed to prove you wrong, haven’t I?

Vergil: You could’ve died! I already thought you were dead once today, twice is just asking for trouble!

Lady: You would never deliberately harm me Vergil, I trust you too damn much! Besides, That was the most awesome ass-fuck I’ve ever had!

Vergil: You’re unbelievable, you know that?

Lady: That’s why you love me! Now shut up and kiss me!

Vergil placed Lady back on the floor, and they kissed passionately, solidifying what was to be the beginning of a rather unusual, but beautiful relationship!