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Streets of Rage Hentai – Part 7 continuation!

Streets of Rage Hentai – Part 7 continuation!

This is a continuation of Part 7 of my Streets of Rage series. Coming up to the end of writing that episode, I got the idea that Mona and Lisa would want to get revenge on Blaze for humiliating them at the dance off! Once again, my twisted mind has concocted a sinister and perverted story with which to get your rocks off! Enjoy!!


A week after the incident at the nightclub, Blaze received a letter from a mysterious individual through her letterbox. It said:


The night that you beat us, you were lucky! We want to prove to you that we’ve learned from our previous mistakes, and are much more powerful and dangerous than before! Come to the abandoned nightclub on the other side of town at 12pm for a rematch!





Mona & Lisa


Despite the obviousness of the letter, Blaze decided to go and see what all the fuss was about. She was certain that she had already seen all of their moves already, and was therefore not too worried about them trying to ambush her! One thing that had peeked her interest about the letter however, was the line about “learning from their previous mistakes”. Could they have improve so much in just one week? She wanted to find out for sure.




It was a little before midnight when Blaze arrived at the old basement level nightclub. Blaze could see why the sisters had chosen this area to lay their trap as the area was very quiet, with hardly any signs of life around. After a moment of assessing the area, Blaze climbed down the stairs and headed inside.


It was mostly dark inside, except for a couple of small lights with green lampshades on them. They shone a couple of narrow beams of light into the room, revealing a dusty bar, some tables and chairs, a jukebox and a couple of pool tables in the centre of the room. Blaze had wished she had remembered to bring a flashlight with her, but seeing as there was no point worrying about this fact, ventured further into the club.


Blaze checked the toilets behind the bar and the private rooms at the rear of the club, but found nothing. She was about to give up and go home when she heard a noise come from behind the bar. Blaze went to investigate further, and discovered a stairwell leading to a secret room downstairs. “The plot thickens!” Blaze thought to herself, and headed down the narrow stairs.


Further down the corridor, Blaze discovered another room that was unlike the other rooms in the building. It appeared to be some sort of torture room, with various perverted pieces of equipment laid around it, from braces and buckles, to whips and chains. There was a wheeled trolley with sex toys of all shapes and sizes on it, as well as large bottles of lube, nipple clamps and even suction pumps. The piece de resistance was a large wooden bondage horse with a large strip of metal across the top edge. Sufficed to say, Blaze was in for quite the invite!


Before she could react, she was shoved into the room from behind by someone. Blaze recovered to try and face the person that had shoved her, but something had already attached itself to her wrist! She turned to see an iron shackle had attached itself to her, and was chained to the steel frame behind her. She tried to remove it with her free hand, but then a iron collar snapped onto her neck!


This too was chained to the frame behind her, further restricting her movement. Dismayed by the growing threat, Blaze tried to remove the collar from her neck, only to have another shackle attach itself to her ankle!


????: Looks like the plan worked, sis! There’s no way she’s getting outta those restraints!


????: Indeed! It finally looks like we have the upper hand against Miss Blaze Fielding!


Blaze turned to see the faces of Mona and Lisa dressed head to toe in S&M bondage gear, staring back at her with very satisfied looks on their faces. Lisa could barely contain her excitement as she stroked the strap-on dildo between her legs!


Lisa: This is so awesome! I didn’t think she would be dumb enough to fall for a trap like this, but now look at her!


Mona: I must admit, I too am quite surprised at the outcome of this situation! What happened Blaze? Forget your common sense this evening?


Blaze: I knew the two of you couldn’t be trusted, but I had no idea you had something like THIS in store for me! You two really are a piece of work, you know that?


Lisa: Like it matters, bitch! You’re trapped, with no backup! We caught you fair and square, and we have a LOT of fun things planned for your sweet ass before the night is over!


Blaze: Plans? What plans? You gonna beat the crap outta me while I can’t fight back? That’s pretty low, even for you guys!


Mona: Why beat you up when we can totally HUMILLIATE you in front of the entire world? Lisa! Go set up the camera!


Lisa: Right!


As Blaze looked on, Lisa ran out of the room, only to come back with a small camera on a tripod.


Blaze: A camera? What’s this? Some kind of lesbian sex show?


Lisa: Got it in one! Only this time, it’s in HIGH DEFINITION!


Blaze: Whoa! Wait a minute! A fight to the death is one thing, but this? No way!


Mona: Does it look like you have a choice in the matter?


Mona moved over to a console that was mounted on the wall and pressed a couple of buttons. Two more shackles shot out from the frame behind Blaze and attached themselves to her remaining arm and leg. Mona pushed another button, and the chains begin to retach, pulling Blaze close to the frame!


Blaze felt her back rest up against the cold steel frame behind her. To make matters worse, she could feel her arms and legs begin to spread out to her sides, leaving her exposed and vulnerable!


Lisa: I wanna first! This huge dildo between my legs has been screaming to get plunged into her tight pussy hole all night!


Blaze: Hey wait! Ladies! We’re all civilised individuals, aren’t we? Isn’t there some other way we can settle this?


Mona: We could, but where would the fun in that be? Lisa?


Lisa: Yeah sis?


Mona: You can have her pussy first, but leave her ass to me!


Lisa: Aww shucks! I was looking forward to that as well! I guess I’ll have to make do, for now!


As Lisa approached her, Blaze franticly tried to free herself from the complicated contraption, but it was no use. With the controls all the way on the other side of the room, the only way she was going to get free, was if the sisters or someone else let her go, and that didn’t look very likely at the moment!


Lisa picked up a scalpel from the sex toy trolley and began to make cuts in Blaze’s clothes. First, she made a cut along the middle of Blaze’s top, which left her impressive cleavage exposed for all to see!


Lisa: Are you getting this sis? This shit is GOLD!


Mona: Yes, yes…very nice, just concentrate on not actually CUTTING her, alright?


Lisa: I’m not a complete idiot you know! Despite what you all may think of me, I do know what I’m doing! I HAVE used a scalpel before after all!


Lisa continued onward, proceeding to cut the belt on Blaze’s skirt, allowing them to fall to the side and reveal Blaze’s red panties! With her legs spread wide, Blaze could do nothing to protect herself from the violation of privacy that was about to happen to her private area!


Blaze: When I get outta this, I promise the both of you: You’re gonna be sorry you messed with me!


Lisa: You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Blaze this scared and helpless in all the times we’ve fought her! Kinda makes this revenge all the sweeter, doesn’t it?


Blaze: Please…just let me go!


Lisa: What’s this? Pleading? This is utterly priceless!


Mona: If I’d known this would work so well, I would’ve done it a lot sooner!


Lisa: I love your red panties, Blaze! Are these your lucky pair?


Blaze: Don’t touch me! Not…there!


Lisa: Why not? Are you afraid we’ll find something…INTERESTING down there?


Lisa began to stroke Blaze’s pussy lips through her panties with her fingers. After a moment of rubbing, Lisa could feel a wet stickiness coming from the panties.


Lisa: What’s this? You’re all wet from just a few seconds of rubbing? I think we have a live one here sis!


Blaze: No…it’s not…don’t say stuff…like that!


Lisa: What? Are you embarrassed? Shall we see what all the fuss is about?


Lisa grabbed Blaze’s panties and pulled them tightly upwards, revealing Blaze’s protruding pussy lips and clit through the fabric! Blaze winced from the uncomfortable pressure being applied to her private area!


Lisa: Amazing! Her pussy is pushing through the fabric! Makes me want to see more! Shall we give the fans what they want sis?


Mona: I think you should!


Lisa: I hope you’re prepared for this Blaze! Your fans are eager to see your very excited friend down there! Shall we bring her out?


Blaze: I’m gonna…kill you!


With the red panties still held taunt in one hand, Lisa used the scalpel in her other hand to slowly cut across the crotch of the panties! All Blaze could do was close her eyes as her sexy girl parts were exposed!


Lisa: It’s even more beautiful than I imagined! It’s just dripping with love juice!


Blaze: Trust me, if you were in my possession right now, the exact same thing would be happening to you!


Lisa: Ha! Maybe you’re right! Fortunately, I’m not!


Lisa moves right up between Blaze’s legs with the huge strap-on dildo held in place right at the entrance to Blaze’s pussy!


Lisa: You know something? I don’t I’m even gonna need any lube to help me here! Her pussy is just sopping! It’s as if it WANTS me to go inside!


Blaze: You’re fucking outta your mind if you think I want this!


Lisa: Oh shut the fuck up, bitch!


And with that outburst, Lisa plunged the huge purple strap-on into Blaze’s warm sticky hole! The sensations were beyond intense, making Blaze’s entire body tense up. As she clenched her teeth to avoid screaming, Blaze could feel the dildo squeezing deeper and deeper into her!


Lisa: We’re only half way in! Can we go deeper?


Despite the very pained expression on her face, Blaze was giving Lisa a very dirty look! Lisa continued onward, thrusting the dildo deeper into Blaze’s snatch until the tip was pressed up against the wall of her cervix! As Blaze looked on, Lisa began to thrust in and out of her pussy.


Lisa: This is amazing! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck a woman!


Blaze: Ahhh! It hurts! S-stop it!


Lisa: Can you feel it? Can you feel this cock pressing up against your womb? Maybe I should play with your tits a little bit!


Lisa grabbed one of Blaze’s breasts and began teasing it, while she sucked on the other breast like a baby suckling on its mother’s teat. Blaze writhed in agony as the unwelcome Lisa raped and violated her body, desperately seeking a way to escape and finding none. To make matters worse, she could feel her resistance wearing down as she was becoming more and more aroused.


After nearly 45 minutes of licking, sucking and fucking, Blaze finally succumbed to the relentless sexual assault she was suffering at the hands of Lisa. With an almighty groan, Blaze reached climax. Her entire body shuddered with pent up sexual energy that had been building up and cycling all over her body, with an intense tingling sensation buzzing from her head to her toes, and becoming more profound on her nipples and clit.


In some small way, Blaze felt like she had been defeated in combat, her body giving in to sexual desire. Unfortunately for her, this was only the beginning of only more humiliation.


Lisa: Did that feel good? I bet it did! Do ya wanna go again?


Blaze: …all right…I admit…you beat me…now…let me go…


Lisa: Are you nuts? An opportunity doesn’t come everyday! You have to savour it, make it a memory that will stay with you for the rest of you life!


Lisa took off the strap-on dildo, went back to the trolley and picked up a double-ended dildo. Without hesitation, she shoved one end straight into Blaze’s pussy and began to suck on the other end. Blaze couldn’t believe how perverted Lisa was acting!


Blaze: How long are the two of you planning…on keeping me here?


Mona: Simple. Until the both of us are completely satisfied. When that happens, your services will no longer be needed, and you will be killed.


Blaze: K-killed?


Mona: That’s right. You’ve been a thorn in our side for too long. Once you’ve been eliminated, your rotting corpse will be dumped on the doorstep of your friends as a warning never to cross us again.


Blaze: D-don’t you think the first thing my friends will do is hunt your asses down…and get their revenge on the…BOTH of you?


Lisa stopped sucking on the dildo and placed the end of it into her ass. Bracing herself, she pressed down onto it until most of it was in her ass, leaving only the mid section showing between her and Blaze.


Lisa: Umm! This feels amazing! Make sure you zoom in on this, sis!


Blaze: D-damn it! The both of you are…out of your minds!


Mona: I guess you have a point about the whole “killing you” plan. Maybe we’ll just settle for utterly humiliating you in front of everyone you know and love instead? This video should make excellent watching for your buddies back at the precinct, don’t you think?


Blaze was about to answer, but then she felt something was wrong. Very wrong. Lisa’s anal thrusting had caused pressure to build up in Blaze’s bladder. Right at that moment, more than anything, Blaze wanted to pee!


This was exactly the kind of perverted thing the sisters were looking for their video, and as much as Blaze wanted to not give them the satisfaction of seeing her pee, she could feel that very soon she wouldn't have a choice in the matter!


Blaze: P-p-please stop! I…I need to go to the bathroom!


Lisa: Really? That’s perfect! You can go right here, in front of the camera!


Blaze: No!!


Lisa: Relax! If it makes you feel any better, I feel like I have to pee too! Why don’t we go together?


Blaze: D-don’t even…


Lisa: Too late! I’m about to turn up the pressure!


Lisa’s thrusting became more intense, adding more pressure to Blaze’s bladder. Blaze tried her hardest to hold on, but it was in vain. A trickle of pee from her pussy became a gushing fountain as Blaze’s urine sprayed all over the floor!


Almost immediately afterwards, Lisa also began to pee all over the floor as well! The whole spectacle was caught on camera.


Lisa: Oooh! That feels so good! I can feel the warm piss sliding down the inside of my legs!


Mona: That was perfect girls! I couldn’t have dreamed it would go as well as it has so far! Maybe we should quit our day jobs and work in the porn industry?


Lisa: I’m in!


Mona: Don’t you think it’s someone else’s turn to have some fun now?


Lisa: Alright sis. Just make sure that whatever you do, it looks cool on camera!


Mona: Oh, don’t worry about that! I have a lot of plans to make this footage even MORE interesting!


Lisa: Really? I can’t wait!


Blaze was still in a slight daze, no longer able to protest to any of the sisters actions. Moving from behind the camera, Mona moved over to the trolley to pick up the bottle of lube, while her sister moved back behind the camera. Mona then moved over to Blaze and began to massage her pussy and ass, taking an unusual amount of care and attention to the task.


Lisa: What are ya gonna do next?


Mona: Could you pass me the anal beads over on the trolley, Lisa?


Lisa: Sure thing!


Lisa saunted over to the trolley and grabbed a clear blue set of anal beads, and handed them over to Mona. As Lisa looked on, Mona massaged the first ball against Blaze’s anus.


Blaze: W-wha…what are you doing?


Mona: You can feel it, can’t you? The lube will make these balls slip into your ass easily, one after another!


Blaze: N-no…leave my ass…alone!


Mona: Lisa? Maybe you can keep her mouth occupied while I’m working down here?


Lisa: Sounds good!


Lisa moved over to Blaze’s head, spread her legs and pressed her dripping pussy on Blaze’s face! To make things worse, she began to play with Blaze’s breasts! Blaze could do nothing to stop Lisa or Mona. She was beginning to wish she had never read their letter and come alone to their ambush!


Mona began pushing the anal balls into Blaze’s ass, one after another, with each one increasing in size as she did so! Blaze could feel each ball going inside her ass, the insertion of each one becoming more and more difficult, until the last one was just barely able to fit! The sensations Blaze was feeling in her ass were as if her butt hole was being stretched outwards by the biggest coil of shit she had ever taken in her life (not a very pleasant experience!).


Mona didn’t stop there. With her hands still lubed up, she proceeded to try and stretch out Blaze’s pussy hole as well!


Lisa: What are you doing now sis?


Mona: Well sis, the way I see it, Miss Fielding is quite a tough one. From what I’ve heard, she’s trained her body to withstand a heck of a lot of pain. I was thinking, why don’t we test just how much her body can take?


Lisa: Wow! That sounds cool! What were you planning to do to test her limits?


Mona: Well, I’ve always wanted to see if it was possible to fit an entire hand, in her pussy!


Lisa: Damn! I never would’ve thought of that! Sometimes sis, you just blow me away!


Mona began to squeeze her hand into Blaze’s already slightly stretched hole. Despite everything that was already happening to her at that moment, Blaze still tried to tense the muscles of her vagina closed to stop Mona’s hand from entering, but the anal balls in her ass meant she was unable to provide much resistance. She felt Mona’s slippery hand pressing up against the walls of her vagina, pushing them outwards further and further, slowly accepting it’s mass within her. At this point, the pain she was feeling was turning to pleasure!


Mona: Mmmm! It’s all warm and sticky in here!


Lisa: Were you able to get your whole hand in there?


Mona: Yeah! It was a bit of a squeeze, but I got my whole hand in here!


Lisa: What about your OTHER hand?


Mona: You think I should try to get both of my hands in there?


Lisa: Why not?


After mulling over the suggestion for barely a second, Mona pulled out her hand from Blaze’s pussy, grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some more of it onto both of her hands. Mona then pressed her hands together, placed her fingers at the entrance to Blaze’s pussy and slowly pushed them into Blaze’s pussy using a slow rubbing action!


The strange sensations Blaze had felt when Mona had squeezed her hand into her pussy was magnified this time, as she felt both hands working their way into her. Mona continued to prolong the agony by rotating her hands around inside Blaze’s pussy!


The sexual pressure was building up in Blaze’s body again, and before long she was about to reach climax again. As an added effect, Blaze could feel Mona’s hands pressing up against her G-spot! Even though she had already peed that evening, Blaze felt like she was going to pee again, but it was strange because the pressure wasn’t coming from her bladder.


After what seemed like an eternity of rigorous stimulation, Blaze couldn’t take it anymore! She let out a loud deep moan from between Lisa’s legs. Her body tensed up again as she felt more liquid spray out of her urethra, all over Mona. After the squirting stopped, Mona slowly pulled her hands out from Blaze’s pussy. As she pulled each hand out, one at a time, she could see that they were totally covered in Blaze’s dripping love juices!


Lisa stepped off of Blaze’s face to witness the spectacle they had wrought on their sworn nemesis! Blaze’s flushed face had a look of utter embarrassment and satisfaction on it.


Lisa: I think she came again sis! Look at all that pussy juice!


Mona: Tha’ta girl! I knew you had it in ya!


Lisa: I gotta say sis, all of this has been awesome! We’re sure to make a done of cash from selling this vid on the internets! We may even be able to retire off of it!


Mona: Not yet.


Lisa What do you mean?


Mona: Something’s missing. A climactic ending. It needs something that will raise it to the highest levels of porn-dom!


Lisa: A…climactic ending? ……whoa! You’re really getting into this, aren’t ya sis!


Mona: ……I have it!


Looking on, a slightly confused Lisa watched her sister move over to the control panel on the far side of the room and release the restraints that were holding Blaze to the frame.


Lisa: W-what are you doing, sis? If we let her go now…


Mona: Don’t worry Lisa! I don’t think Miss Fielding is gonna want to run after she finds out what we’re gonna do next!


Lisa: Okay…so what are we gonna do next? A spit roast fuck from both ends?


Mona: A three way Cunilungus session!


At that answer, Lisa’s face beamed with excitement!


Lisa: Aww YEAH!! Mona, you’re the shit when it comes to ideas!


Mona: Help me get her on the floor will you?


Lisa: Sure thing! This is going to be fantastic!


Lisa helped Mona pull Blaze’s body off of the frame onto the floor. They laid Blaze on her side, then raised one of her legs so that one of the sisters could place her head in between them.


Lisa:  Can I eat her first? I SOOoo wanna eat her first!


Mona: Go ahead. That way, it’ll mean she’ll get to eat my pussy! Just saying that is making me wet!


Lisa moved over to Blaze’s pussy and began to lick and suck her pussy lips. Blaze’s moaned and groaned from the sensations, but was interrupted when Mona stood over her head. Mona lay down in front of Blaze’s head, with her exposed pussy facing Blaze’s mouth.


Mona: You like what we’re doing to you, don’t you?


Blaze: …I…I…


Mona: If you want more, suck my clit until I cum. Got it?


Blaze shook her head and moved her head closer to Mona’s pussy. She began to lick and suck Mona’s snatch furiously, as if possessed by soul of a sex-crazed teen. Perhaps this was a window to a side of Blaze’s personality that she had not shown to others since the time when she was a lot younger, and a lot more slutty!


While Blaze was working on her quim, Mona turned to the task of satisfying her twin sister. It was truly a spectacle to behold, seeing all three women satisfying their respective needs and desires. As the chorus of moans and groans became louder and louder, their pussies became wetter and wetter until finally they all reached orgasm! In a trinity of combined elation, all three girls began to gush torrents of pussy juice all over each other. After the wash of pleasure dissipated, the girls saw that they were all covered from head to toe in female ejaculate!


Lisa: Fucking A! That was mind-blowing!


Mona: Well, I can honestly say that THAT was awesome! I don’t think we’ll be able to top that finish!


Blaze: Are you sure of that?


Lisa and Mona turned to see Blaze staring back at them with a very satisfied look on her face.


Blaze: I just came up with an idea for an even more awesome finisher to this porn video of yours!


Lisa: H-h-huh? So you wanna help us now? Wow!


Mona: Ahh, so you’ve finally revealed your true form to us eh?


Blaze: Let’s just say, the both of you have awakened something within me that I thought I would never see in a long time!


Lisa: Double Wow! Can you believe it? We turned the famous Blaze Fielding into a total lesbian slut!


Mona: So what’s your idea?


Blaze: I want the both of you to grab a double ended dildo, and place one end in your pussies.


Lisa: Then what?


Blaze: Then I’m gonna lay on the ground with my ass in the air. One of you will place the other end of your dildo in my pussy, while the other will place the other end in my ass!


The sisters pause for a moment, wondering whether or not they could trust this newer, sluttier Blaze.


Lisa: ……I like it!


Mona: Well, it’s got my vote! Let’s do it!


Lisa: What about our asses? Can I stick an anal plug in there?


Blaze: Sure. Should make your orgasms more intense, right?


Mona: Well we do have to make this final fuck the most amazing ever! Good job Lisa!


Lisa smiled at the encouraging words from her sister.


The sisters followed Blaze’s instructions and put double-ended dildos in their pussies and anal plugs in their asses. Blaze lay on her back and flipped her legs over her head, so that her pussy and ass were facing upwards. Mona moved over to Blaze's ass and slipped her dildo end in, while Lisa squeezed her end into Blaze’s pussy.


Starting slowly, the girls began to build up momentum with their thrusts into Blaze, who was taking in every inch of the dildos! As the sisters began to get more into it, they also began to hold each other close and kiss each other passionately. They weren’t holding back either, playing their tongues around each other’s mouths and squeezing each other’s breasts.


The whole scene was a thing of majestic beauty and form, expressing symmetry and perversion in equal measure!


The girls were feeling so good, they literally got carried away as they thrust their hips harder and faster into Blaze! Blaze wasn’t sure if she could hold on for very much longer, when both of the sisters reached orgasm at the same time and tons of pussy juice came gushing out of their pussies!


They both collapsed to the floor, utterly exhausted. Blaze was tied too, but after a moment she recovered her senses and rose to her feet.


Blaze: Sorry ladies, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to throw a spanner in your master plan!


She hobbled over to the chains that the sisters had previously used to snare her, grabbed them and used them to tie up the sisters so that they were back to back on their knees. She tied their hands and feet behind their backs and used some of the chain to tie their necks together.


Blaze: You know something? The two of you need to be taught a lesson for messing with me!


For the icing on the cake, Blaze grabbed one of the double-ended dildos the girls had used earlier and shoved each end in their asses, and shoved a couple of motorised dildos in their pussies for good measure!


After she was done with the sisters, Blaze went over to the camera that had been recording them the whole time. She looked to see if there was any cassette tape or disk in the machine, but there was none.


Blaze: How are they recording this if there’s nothing to record on?


Blaze quickly noticed a cable coming out of the back of the camera that trailed outside the room and around the corner. Blaze followed it to a room where it was attached to a laptop computer on a nearby desk.


Blaze: Ah ha! Pretty clever of those two…or maybe not?


Blaze admired the sister’s ingenuity, but guessed that they probably had some help. None of the sisters were well known for their IT skills!


Blaze found the relevant video files of the girls’ actions on the laptop and copied them over to a USB memory stick. Once that was done, Blaze deleted the original files to make sure the sisters couldn’t recover the lost data. She also set the camera up to begin recording the sisters in their current state, so they wouldn’t suspect they had lost all their hard work!


Once she was satisfied she had done enough damage, Blaze grabbed a nearby jacket and quietly sneaked out of the basement of the abandoned nightclub, leaving the sisters oblivious to the fact that their master plan to get revenge on Blaze had backfired!


As Blaze limped home, she realised just how close she had come to defeat at the hands of Mona and Lisa. There are some days when even the best fighter can be caught off guard. Blaze didn’t want to admit it to herself though, but she had a lot of fun with Mona and Lisa. They had helped Blaze to remember something very important about herself. Beneath her cold, professional exterior, the visage of the warrior amazoness, she was still a woman. A woman with needs and desires. Powerful, sexual desires. Blaze realised she would have to take care of that side of her life, so as to not allow herself to manipulated by it again in future.


Unfortunately, Blaze didn’t have anyone in her life to share her passion with. Her relationship with Axel was distant at best, and she didn’t want to stir up that hornet’s nest again just to satisfy her libido. She would just have to call in a couple of favours from some of her female friends when she had the chance.


The simple fact of the matter is: Sometimes the only type of person that can understand a woman needs sexually…is a woman!


The End!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Pokemon Hentai - Misty & Jessie

This was an old attempt at writing a Pokemon Hentai story. It's been on my to do list for some time, so I'm glad I was finally able to get it finally finished! Overall, I'm quite happy with the results, and may write another Poke-hentai sometime in the future! (I have no idea when though!)

Misty is trying to talk to Ash, who is playing on an arcade machine at the local games arcade in some town.

Misty: C’mon guys! You’ve been on that machine for nearly two hours!

Ash: Sorry Misty, just give me until I complete level 6, then we’ll go and do something fun!

Pikachu: Pi……ka…

Misty: Do you PROMISE?

Ash: Sure, whatever…

Pikachu: ……ka…

Misty: Geez! I’m gonna go find Brock!

Misty leaves the two mesmerized by the hypnotic arcade game. She eventually finds Brock, who’s talking to a couple of cute girls.

Misty: Hey Brock!

Brock: Not right now Misty! I’m in the middle of something! Do you think you could come back a little later?

Misty: But you promised that we’d go and do something fun!

Brock: Well that was BEFORE I met up with these LOVELY young ladies here!

Misty: You know what? Just forget I said anything. I’ll see you later!

Brock: Sure, whatever. Now, where were we?

Girl A: Who was that girl?
Girl B: Yeah, she looked kinda scrawny to be your girlfriend!

Brock: Girlfriend? Hahaha! She’s not my girlfriend! She’s just someone I travel with occasionally! That’s all!

The girls look at each other.
Girls: Ooooohh!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arcade, Team Rocket are also taking time out from trying to steal the twerp’s Pokemon for a two player arcade game. Jessie is not playing.

Jessie: How much longer are the two of you going to take on that stupid game?

James: It wasn’t stupid 5 minutes ago when you were winning! Now you lost, so you’ll have to wait until either me or Meowth losses the next round before you get another turn!

Meowth: Yea!! You were hogging this game for too long anyways, so just keep your mouth shut and wait your turn!

Jessie: Well the way you two play, I’ll be here until I’m an old woman! That, quite frankly is something I’m NOT looking forward to. I’ll see you two clods later!

James & Meowth: Sure, whatever…

Outside the arcade, Misty is sitting on her own looking miserable. She really wanted to enjoy the day, but because of the boys, she was in a really foul mood.

Misty: Auughhh! Those damn guys! They NEVER take my feelings into consideration! They are complete and utter JERKS!

????: I hear ya sister! I hear ya!

Misty: Huh?

She turns round to see Jessie staring at her from the bench directly behind hers.

Misty: Wahh!! Team Rocket!! There is NO WAY I’m letting you anywhere near my Pokemon!

Jessie: Relax, will you? I’m not here to steal your Pokemon, at least not today anyway!

Misty: Well, what are you doing here then?

Jessie: I got bored waiting for my idiot partners to finish gaming in that stupid gaming arcade and came outside for some fresh air. What about you?

Misty: Surprisingly, the same. Why ARE men such jerks sometimes?

Jessie: I’m not totally sure, but as a more experienced woman, I say it’s better to leave them to it. Us girls can find other ways to amuse ourselves, can’t we?

Misty: You’re right! Let’s ditch those guys and go shopping for some fashionable clothes!

Jessie: Now you’re talking MY language! Let’s go!

And with that, the girls went on the mother of shopping sprees. They had lunch together, then shopped some more. Unfortunately, the bought so much, they could barely carry everything!

Misty: Do you get the impression that maybe we bought too much?

Jessie: Perhaps. I’ve just had an idea.

Misty: What did you have in mind?

The two arrived at a cheap hotel that Team Rocket had rented for the night. Jessie struggled, but managed to use their room key to open the door, then dropped all her stuff on one of the beds.

Jessie: There! Problem solved!

Misty: That’s pretty clever, but how EXACTLY is that supposed to help ME?

Jessie: Well, eh, I didn’t say it was a PERFECT plan, did I? Just drop your stuff in the corner, and make yourself comfortable!

*looking bemused* Misty: If you say so…

Jessie: You relax in front of the TV. I’ll get us some snacks. *opens up what looks like a small refrigerator* HOLY CRAP!

Misty: Huh? What is it?

Jessie: I’m not sure you’ll want to see this!

Misty: Well, that just makes me want to see it even more! Let me see!

Misty moves over to where Jessie is standing.

Misty: What the…. Are those SUPPOSED to be in there?!

Jessie: I think so…

The small cabinet was filled to the brim with sex toys, everything from nipple clamps to anal plugs, and the MOTHER of all double ended dildos!

Misty: I think it’s time I left! See ya later!

As Misty heads for the door, Jessie rushes to block her exit by standing in her way.

Jessie: Hold on a second! Aren’t you at least a little bit curious?

Misty: About what?

Jessie: About becoming a REAL woman! Finding out the kinds of things that turn you on. The sooner you find out, the better it will be for you when you eventually find that dream guy, and the two of you want too….

Misty: Stop right there! I can see right through YOU! Are you a lesbian or something?! I’d I didn’t know better, I’d almost think you planned the whole thing from the very beginning!

Jessie: I-I have no idea what you’re talking about! I’m just trying to lend some friendly woman to woman advice!

Jessie stands aside, letting Misty through.

Jessie: I’m not gonna force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You’re free to leave with all of your shopping.

*Misty goes to pick up her purchased items*

Jessie: Just bear in mind that this is a one time deal. If you leave, you and I will be nothing more than enemies from here on out. This advice will probably elude you for the rest of your life. Are you SURE you want to pass up on this GOLDEN opportunity?

Misty pauses for a moment. She slowly turns to Jessie.

Misty: One condition.

Jessie: Name it.

Misty: No one. Must. Find. Out. EVER! Got it?

Jessie: Deal. Welcome to the PLEASURE DOME! A-HAHAHAHAHa!


Meanwhile, Ash met up with Brock outside the arcade.

Brock: Hey Ash, have you seen Misty recently?

Ash: No. I thought she was with you?

Brock: No, I was…eh, busy dealing with some babes. I mean babies. Yeah, that sounds right, babies. Baby Pokemon.

Ash and Pikachu gave Brock a confused look.

Brock: ANYway, we should probably go looking for her. We all need to get up bright and early tomorrow to leave for Busty Town. I mean Titty-vile. I mean…

Ash: Never mind! She’s probably gone shopping or something. Let’s just go to the most likely places she would visit.

Brock: Right.

They were just about to head off when they bumped into James and Meowth.

Meowth: Hey look James! It’s the twerps!

James: You’re right, it is the twerps!

Meowth: Let’s get ‘em!

Brock: Ahh! Look out! It’s Team Rocket!

Ash: Here? Damn it! Pikachu! Electric Attack, NOW!

James: WAAAAAIIIITTT! Wait! Hold on a second!

Ash: What is it now?

James: Hey! Let’s not be hasty now! I’m in no hurry to be blasting off just now, right Meowth?

Meowth: I hate to say it, but he does have a point!

James: Besides, all we were doing is looking for Jessie. She’s gone missing, and we can’t find her.

Brock: You too?

Meowth: What’s that supposed to mean?

Brock: We’ve lost Misty. We think she may have gone shopping. For Bras.

Ash: *whispering* I didn’t mention anything about Bras!

James: I have an idea. Why don’t we call a truce until we can find our female counterparts, then we can battle as much as you want.

Ash: No way! You guys will probably betray us as soon as you get the opportunity!

Brock: Well I think it’s a good idea. We’re sure to cover more ground in less time that way.

Ash: Are you nuts? This is TEAM ROCKET we’re talking about here! You can forget it!

Brock: Fine then, you can go by yourself. Let’s go guys!

James: Right.

Ash: Wha? Brock! You can’t just go off with them like that! Brock?!

As the group walked off, Ash was left wondering what the heck just happened.

Ash: Ahh, who needs ‘em. At least I still have you, Pikachu…Pikachu?

Pikachu: ……Pika.

Pikachu gave Ash a “you’re an idiot” look, then went to follow Brock and the others.

Ash: What the? ……Fine. See if I care! I can find Misty all by myself! You’ll see!

Ash decides to go in the opposite direction.


Back at the hotel, Misty was being schooled in the perverted arts by Jessie. They had both taken their clothes off, and were sitting on the bed looking at a number of different sex toys they had found in the fridge.

Jessie: What about this one? *holds up big black dildo*

Misty: That’s way too big! I wouldn’t be able to walk for a month after using something like that! I’d much prefer to use something like this *holds up small pink capsule shaped vibrator*

Jessie: Not bad, but I’d at least use 5 of those in your ass for a better effect.

Misty: 5? You’re nuts! 1 is MORE than enough!

Jessie: Alright then, what about this? *holds up anal plug*

Misty: That’s way too perverted!

Jessie: Look, think about it this way. One small vibrator might be enough for a couple of months, but after that, you’re gonna want something with a bit more KICK!

Misty: …How do you know so much about this kind of thing?

Jessie: Well, being the fully fledged woman that I am, I require more intense stimulation to get me off.

Misty: But don’t you ever find yourself wanting to do it with a real guy?

Jessie: …sometimes, but when you only have the two brain-pans for company, you have to make do. What about you?

Misty: I try not to think about it too much. I would never even consider sleeping with Ash or Brock, those two are far to immature! I normally just finger myself off in the bath and call it a day.

Jessie: Wow. We really are a couple of sad cases, aren’t we?

Misty: Yeah!

The two girls laugh at their shared misfortune.

Misty: Well anyway, how is it you are able to get such large toys inside you anyway?

Jessie: It takes a lot of practice! Do you want me to show you?

Misty: No-no, it’s okay. Really.

Jessie: C’mon! You’ve come this far, you might as well go all the way!

Misty: No Jessie! I don’t want to damage my body by trying to force one of those things inside me!

Jessie: The female body can take a lot more pain than you’d think! How else do you think women can survive childbirth?

Misty: …

Jessie: I promise we’ll go slow and easy, so you can build up your tolerance.

Misty: ……okay.

Jessie: Good girl! Now, let’s start with this bad boy!

Misty: Are you sure about this?

Jessie pulls out a large bottle of sex lube

Jessie: With this much lube, we can’t go wrong!


After 2 hours of searching, Ash was exhausted. He had no idea where Misty had gone, and was quickly losing patience! He went to sit down on a nearby bench, and promptly went to sleep. Meanwhile, Brock and James were walking down the high street to see if they could spot the girls. I few trips into the post popular clothes shops in the city revealed that the girls had been there, but the shop clerks had no idea where they went next. One thing James and Brock knew for certain: Wherever the girls were, they were both together. This fact in itself was strange enough to warrant further investigation!

Pikachu and Meowth had been to the local beauty parlours in a vain attempt to help the guys, but there’s only so much two Pokemon can do in a situation like this (even when one of them has the ability to talk!). Pikachu couldn’t make the shop clerks understand what he was saying, and Meowth’s rude mouth only got the both of them thrown out of every beauty parlour they visited!

Choosing to eventually give up, Pikachu and Meowth ran into Ash, who was still sleeping on the bench. Pikachu gave him a rude awakening with a Thunder Shock attack!

Ash: OwwowowOW! What the hell did you do that for?!

Meowth: While you were sleeping on the job, me and Pikachu here were busting our butts off trying to find the girls!

Pikachu: PIKA!!!

Ash: Huh? What did Pikachu just say?

Meowth: I think he just called you a DUMBASS!

Ash: Wha? Why you little punk! I aughta kick your sorry yellow ass back to Pallet Town!

Meowth: I wouldn’t say stuff like that to him if I were you?

Ash: Why the hell not? He’s my damn Pikachu! I can speak to him however I LiaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHH!

Ash’s sentence had been interrupted by a Thunderbolt attack by a very irate Pikachu! Seconds later, James and Brock ran round the corner towards them.

Brock: How’d it go with you guys?

Meowth: Not good. We kept getting kicked out before we could get any answers.

A quick shock from Pikachu made Meowth correct his sentence.

Meowth: Actually, it was all my fault.

Brock: What about you Ash?

Ash: I, uhhh, couldn’t find them.

A quick shock from Pikachu made Ash correct his sentence.

Ash: Actually I didn’t try very hard, then I fell asleep.

James: Well at least some of us actually tried to find them!

Meowth: What did you find out?

James: Well after dragging Mr. Pervert here away from every lingerie section we saw, we found a few shop clerks that HAD seen Jessie and the girl shopping…together!

Ash: Together? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

Brock: I know! Something is going on, but right now we don’t know what!

Meowth: So you’re saying you don’t know where they are either?

Brock and James looked at each other, then looked at the others.

Brock & James: Not a clue.

Meowth: Dandy. Just fucking dandy!!


Back at the hotel, Misty was slowly losing her inhabitations, as Jessie teased her small pert nipples! A black plastic dildo was buzzing and rotating around inside Misty’s pussy!

Misty: Oh god! I had no idea a Dildo could feel this good!

Jessie: This is only the tip of a very steep iceberg! You have no idea just how much pleasure a woman can have!

Misty: Really? How is that possible?

Jessie: Let’s just say, I’ve been eyeing that cute little ass of yours! I’m wondering how big of a toy we can get in there!

Misty: Wait a minute! I don’t think I’d feel uncomfortable doing something like that! My ass is very precious to me!

Jessie: It may be right now, but when I’m through with it, you’ll be begging to shove anything and everything into it!

Jessie grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a large amount into her hand, before massaging it onto Misty’s anus!

Jessie: Doesn’t that feel good? The squishy noise can be such a turn on!

Misty: It feels…strange, but nice. My body feels like it’s getting hotter and hotter between my legs!

Jessie: Remember to keep using the dildo. The vibrations will make it easier for you to relax your lower muscles!

Misty: O-okay. I’ll try, but the sensations are starting to feel really intense!

Jessie: They’re about to get even more intense!

After making sure Misty was sufficiently lubricated, Jessie slid her little finger into Misty’s butthole!

Misty: Oh!

Jessie: Does that feel interesting?

Misty: I…I can feel it! Your finger is in my ass! I can feel my ass muscles spasming like crazy!

Jessie: Just relax! I’m gonna take it slow, so you can get more used to the sensation.

Jessie began to slide her finger in and out of Misty’s ass.

Misty: I-I can’t believe it! I’m being fingered by a member of Team Rocket!

Jessie: Hey, there are worse things in life you know! Just go with the flow!

Jessie continued to finger Misty’s bum deeper and deeper, until it was right up to the knuckle! She then started twisting it around inside, and was even flexing it back and forth inside Misty’s anus!

Misty: Your finger is driving me crazy! How much more are you going to do to me?

Jessie: Well, why don’t we try with TWO fingers? Let’s see what that feels like, shall we?

Jessie then inserted a second finger in right next to the first. Her manipulation of Misty’s ass was becoming more creative, as she fingered into her anus by alternating between one and the other in a steady rhythm! Misty could feel her heart pounding as both of the holes between her legs were getting hotter and wetter!

Misty: Oh god! I think I’m gonna cum soon! I can feel it!

Jessie: That’s it! Stay with it as long as you can! Once you feel you can’t hold on any longer, let it all out. EVERYTHING!

As Misty felt Jessie’s fingers fingering her ass into oblivion, she felt compelled to push the dildo in her pussy deeper and deeper, until the tip was touching her cervix! With an almighty cry Misty reached climax, which sent shivers down her body! The sexual spasms were so intense, she thought she was going to pass out! And she did!

Minutes later, she came too to see Jessie was fucking herself with a double-dick shaped dildo!

Jessie: How was your first REAL orgasm?

Misty: It was amazing! I’d never felt anything like it in my life before!

Jessie: You may have thought that was good, but I can show you a lot more amazing things tonight!

Misty: Don’t you think the guys will be wondering where we are by now?

Jessie: Who cares? Let’s just have as much as possible right now!

Misty: …Alright then! Hey, how does that double ended dildo feel?

Jessie: Fantastic! You should try it as well!

Misty: Jeez! You really can’t get enough of this stuff, can you?

Jessie: By the time we’re done here, you’ll be exactly the same as me!

As Misty looked on, Jessie continued to fuck herself with the double dildo. With extreme force, she grinded her hips onto the toy in a very aggressive manner! Misty could see beads of sweat all over Jessie’s body. At some point, Jessie changed position, using one hand to rub her clit and the other to fuck herself with the double dildo.

After about a minute, Jessie let out a loud moan which told Misty she had just reached orgasm! As she pulled the double dildo out of her pussy and ass, she squirted a clear odourless liquid out of her urethra into the air! The liquid went all over the bed, on Jessie, and some even landed on Misty’s leg!

Misty: Eww! Why did you just pee all over the place? Don’t you think the hotel manager will kick us out when he finds out?

Jessie: *panting heavily* That’s…not pee! That’s female…cum!

Misty: Female…cum?

Jessie: Yes! Just like…when a man cums…he squirts his man sauce out of his dick. Women…can do something…very similar!

Misty: Really? I had no idea! Does it feel good?

Jessie: Hell yeah! But don’t just take my word for it! Why don’t I show you how it’s done?

Misty looked on in apprehension at what Jessie had said, but at this point was far too curious to quit so early.

Misty: Alright! I’m in! What do I have to do?


After more hours of searching, the guys were just about to give up on trying to find the girls.

Ash: This is ridiculous! How could they have just disappeared together like that?

Brock: Well to be honest, we did kinda blow Misty of earlier at the arcade. Maybe she’s doing this just to get revenge?

James: That certainly sounds like Jessie! She’s such an attention whore, she would do something just like this just to get our attention! But she probably would’ve come back by now! I don’t understand it either!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Meowth: Jeez! How hard can it be to find one short girl with ginger hair, wearing hotpants and a yellow t-shirt, and another girl with magenta hair that comes down to her knees in the shape of a claw, wearing a dark boots, a white miniskirt and a white jacket with the letter “R” on it!

????: Um, I think I saw those ladies you just described!

Everyone turned round to see a small, old looking man with a balding head and a white moustache.

Ash: Wait, what?

Brock: Are you saying you saw the girls that Meowth just described?

Old Man: I think I did. My eyesight may not be what it used to be, but I’m sure I saw two girls that fit description your Meowth over there just gave. They were both carrying a ton of shopping with them. Pretty strange thing, I thought!

James: Did you see where they went?

Old Man: Well now…let me think…. Didn’t the girl with the claw-shaped hair mention something about the Emerald Hotel? I’m pretty sure one of them mentioned the Emerald Hotel. They were certainly heading that way…

Meowth: That’s where we’re staying!

James: Yes it is! But why would Jessie take the twerp to our temporary base of operations?

Ash: Thanks old guy, you’re a life saver!

Old Man: Think nothing of it. I’m just glad I was able to remember anything today! Those girls were really something, with their silky soft skin and long, slender legs…

Ash: Umm, okay thanks. Let’s go guys!

Old Man: And the rack on the red-haired one! Damn! Makes me wish I was 40 years younger! Hell, I’d even hit that now!

Ash: …seriously dude, you’re freaking us out…

Brock: He doesn’t seem so bad! Wanna come with us, old geezer?

Old Man: Sure! Got nothing else better to do! My wife’s gonna kill me when I get back anyway!

James: Wow. This old man is even more of a pervert than Brock here!

Brock: Ain't nothin’ wrong with that! What’s your name, old timer?

Old Man: My name? To be honest, I can’t remember for the life of me! Most people jus call me Geezer!

Brock: That sounds fine with me! Let’s go, Geezer!

Geezer: Right behind ya!

The others look on as Brock and Geezer walk down the street next to each other. They were walking in the exact same way, with exaggerated steps as if they were power walking. They were both stopped in their tracks as a beautiful blond woman with big boobs walked right past them. Without even thinking, both men changed direction and followed the woman.

Ash: This day just seems to be getting stranger and stranger…

James: You can say that again!

Meowth: Well then, what the heck are we waiting for? Let’s get down there!

James: Let’s just head for the Emerald Hotel!

Pikachu: Pika-CHU!!


By this point, Misty was receiving a squirting lesson from Jessie. As Misty lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, Jessie kneeled down in front of her, rubbing her clit.

Misty: Are you sure this is going to work?

Jessie: It will, but in order for it to work, you need to relax and let the sexual energy build up between your legs.

Misty: I-I don’t think I can! I’m just too self conscious!

Jessie: Don’t, worry! What I’m about to do will change that!

Using her two middle fingers, Jessie inserted them into Misty’s pussy, towards the roof of the vagina. She was feeling for a soft spongy spot about an inch from the opening of her vaginal opening. Once she found it, she began to rub it in a circular motion.

This specialised stimulation was really starting to take effect on Misty, as she could feel the spot that Jessie was rubbing becoming bigger and more swollen!

Misty: W-What is this? It feels amazing! My pussy is going crazy!

Jessie: That’s what happens when you target the G-spot! Just by my stimulation of this spot, I will unlock a powerful door into your womanhood!

Misty: I-I’m getting so hot! M-My nipples and clit have grown out like little bullets!

Jessie: That’s right. You are finally experiencing true sexual energy at its most intense! Your body is being transformed from a timid little bud into a full grow flower!

Misty: I-I-I feel like I want to pee!

Jessie: Don’t worry. I asked you to go to the toilet before we started, right?

Misty: Y-yeah.

Jessie: Then you can relax! What your body will release next will be a fluid created by your own body!

Misty: My…own…body?

Jessie: Correct!

As the sensations in Misty’s body intensified, Jessie stepped up the game. Using the same two fingers, Jessie began jabbing on the G-spot repeatededly and quickly! This added pressure caused Misty to reach orgasm, squirting small droplets of pussy juice out from her urethra onto Jessie’s hand!

Misty: Oooohhh! That was soooo gooood! I never knew a woman’s body could do something like that! I’m still buzzing!

Jessie: You’re finally starting to see what I’ve been talking about, aren’t you?

Misty: Yeah! I don’t think I’ll ever think about sex in the same way again!

Jessie: You know, just getting you off has made me so horny as well! Why don’t we finish off this crazy night together?

Misty: What do you have I mind?

Jessie quickly rummages inside the cabinet full of sex toys. She finally pulls out a giant black double ended dildo!

Misty: I-It’s so big! I’d have enough trouble just fitting one end into me!

Jessie picked up the bottle of lube and squirted a large amount on both ends of the dildo. The right in front of Misty, she squeezed one end of it into her pussy! Slowly but surely, she managed to get just under half of its length into her. She wasn’t finished however, as she then grabbed an anal beads toy, lubed that up and squeezed this toy one by one into her ass! Misty looked on in utter astonishment.

Misty: Wow! You really are an expert at this, aren’t you?

With the dildo still hanging down between her legs, Jessie walked towards the bed, climbed on, and held the other end of the dildo towards Misty.

Jessie: Think you can take care of the other end for me?

Misty: You don’t have to ask me twice!


By this time, the guys had arrived at the Emerald Hotel. When they got into the lobby, James went up to the to the front desk rang the bell. An attendant soon came to see him.

James: Hello there, I need the spare key to room 204 please.

Attendant: What’s the name?

James: Mr and Mrs…Rocket?

Attendant: Ah yes! Room 204. Here you go, Mr Rocket! I believe your wife has already returned to your room?

James: Ah yes, I believe she has.

Attendant: If that’s the case, why do you need the spare key?

James: Well…we’ve had a…little disagreement! She probably won’t let me in if she knows it’s me, so…do you think you could help me out?

Attendant: Of course sir! Here you go!

James: Thank you very much!

Meowth: That took longer than expected!

James: I had to get my story straight so he wouldn’t get suspicious! I have the key now, so let’s just go already!

Ash: I wonder what the girls have been up to all this time? It’s been like 4 and a half hours since we last saw them!

James: Knowing Jessie, they probably went crazy on facials, pedicures and steam sessions in the nearby spa! By the time they’re done, the bill will no doubt be astronomical!

Brock: What if they’ve been up to…something else?

Ash: Huh? What the hell are you talking about Brock?

Brock: I, ahh…never mind! It’s just my stupid imagination!

Geezer: Well if your imagination is stupid, mine must be the same. Just the thought of those two girls in a room alone together send blood rushing to my…

Ash: Shall we just hurry up and go? I’ve a bone to pick with Misty fro making me worry about her skinny ass all afternoon!

James: Right! I too have a few words to say to Jessie as well!

Meowth: Who are you kidding James? You won’t say a thing!

James: I will too! I really mean it this time!

Meowth: Sure, sure! Whatever you say champ!

The guys all bundled into the lift, which was a very tight squeeze indeed! When they got to the correct floor, they stepped out to the muffled sound of yelling and moaning from all the way down the corridor.

Brock: Can you…hear that?

Ash: Hear what?

Brock: It sounds like…yelling and moaning.

James: It’s probably one of the other rooms. Our room is this way guys.

As the group walked down the corridor, the moaning and yelling was getting louder and louder.

Ash: I think Brock was right! I can hear it too!

Brock: I think it’s coming from that room over there!

James: That can’t be right! That’s…OUR ROOM!

Meowth: Maybe the old geezer’s suspicions were right after all! This could be interesting!

James: Keep it down! I want to hear what’s going on!

As the guys pressed their heads against the door of room 204, they could hear the familiar voices of Misty and Jessie!

Misty: Oh GOD! This is the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life! I never want it to end!

Jessie: Me too! You’re so amazing Misty! I wish we could do this more often!

Misty: Ahh! That’s it! Deeper! I want to go deeper!

Jessie: How…deep…do you…want…to go?

Misty: I want it…I want it all the way inside me!!

The last statement made all the guys get a nosebleed and an erection at the same time!

Brock: Oh my god! They’re actually doing it! This might be the happiest day of my life!

Geezer: Me too!

Ash: Let’s not jump to conclusions now guys! This could just be a misunderstanding!

Brock: Are you kidding me? Did you not hear Misty say the word “FUCK”?! You know, for a Pokemon trainer you’re not very observant, you know that?

Ash: What’s that supposed to mean?!

James: Shhh! We don’t want them to know that we’re here!

Meowth: Okay! Let’s open the door and sneak in to get a peek of what’s going on!

Brock: Good idea!

Ash: I tell you, they’re not gonna be doing anything!

Brock: Then you can stay here! Let’s go guys!

As James opens the door and sneaks inside with the others, Ash chooses to stay outside for a bit, until he realises he would be an idiot if he missed out on the hot action as well!

The guys snuck right up to the door of the bedroom and peeked inside. Right there on the bed, in all it’s glory, as a naked Misty and Jessie! They were fucking each other with a double-ended dildo inside each other’s pussies! The guys tried their hardest to keep their voices to a whisper, so they wouldn't be heard!

Brock: Holy shit! This is totally hot!

Geezer: I think…I may pass out…and die a happy…happy man!

James: And to think! I had no idea what Jessie was up to while I was asleep!

Meowth: I knew!

James: You did?! Why didn’t you tell me?!

Meowth: A cat’s gotta have his secrets!

James: Not something like this, you lousy moggy!!

Ash: I-I can’t believe it! Misty looks so…fuckable!

Brock: I know!

As the guys looked on in complete awe, the girls continued to grind and gyrate on the bed as if they were possessed! As they fucked each other with the giant black dildo, they were both rubbing their clits vigorously!

Jessie: I can feel the tip of it pressing up against the wall of my cervix! If I push any harder, it just might go in!

Misty: I-is that safe?

Jessie: To be honest, right now I just don’t care! I can feel myself about to cum!

Misty: Me too! Shall we come together?

Jessie: Yeah! Let’s scream the whole hotel down!

As both girls reached orgasm, they both let out a ear-shattering scream as they sprayed each other with their pussy juice! The spray was so spectacular, they not only covered each other, but the entire bed as well!

After their bodies were entirely spend, they both slumped onto the bed, utterly exhausted! The looks on their faces was that of complete bliss, as the sexual backwash from their combined orgasms spiralled and cycled around their bodies, causing them to shudder uncontrollably!

After what had seemed like an eternity, Jessie got up on her knees. She first pulled out her end of the double-ended dildo from between her legs, causing more pussy juice to splash onto the bed! She then crawled on top of Misty and kissed her fully on the lips.

Jessie: I want to thank you for making my day Misty! I had more fun today than I’ve had in a long time!

Misty: I should be thanking you Jessie! You opened my eyes to a whole other world of sexuality! If it weren’t for you, I probably would’ve carried on living my life like a sexually repressed cold fish!

Jessie: It was my pleasure! It’s just a shame we can’t tell anyone what we’ve been up to! It’ll just have to be our little secret!

Misty: You’ll have no argument from me!

????: What the hell is going on here?!

The loud voice made everybody in the room nearly jump out of their skins! The guys all fell through the bedroom door onto the floor in front of the girls, as they desperately tried to cover up with the cum-soaked sheets!

Officer Jenny walked through the door behind the guys, followed by two other officers.

Jessie: W-W-What are the police doing here?!

Jenny: Don’t you think your little playtime was a bit on the loud side? We got a call from the Hotel Management, stating that their customers are complaining about a huge amount of noise coming from room 204!

Misty: Were we…that loud?

Jenny: No less than 12 other rooms have complained about the noise! I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you all down to the station for questioning!

Jessie: B-But we haven’t done anything wrong!

Jenny: The Management have pressed charges on the both of you for disturbing the peace! Guys? Get these Peeping Toms outta here!

James: But we didn’t do anything wrong! This is my room too!

Jenny: Tell it to the judge! Get these knuckle-heads outta here!

Brock: Officer Jenny! This is all just a little misunderstanding! I’m sure we can come up to some sort of agreement…over dinner maybe?

Jenny: Stow it, lover boy! You’re going with the rest of the trash!

Brock: Auuuhhh maaaaan! This totally blows! I thought all Officer Jenny’s were cute, but you just made my “Frigid Damsel” list!

Ash: Misty! You have to bail us out!

Misty: Are you kidding me? I don’t bail out “Peeping Toms”, you pervert!

Ash: I’m not a PERVERT!!

Meowth: What a revoltin’ development!

Pikachu: Pi…ka…CHUUUUU!!!!

After the guys had been escorted out of the room by Jenny’s men, Jenny turned to the girls as they started getting dressed.

Jenny: Hold on second girls. I want to ask you both a question before we leave.

Misty: We know! We’re really sorry Officer Jenny, it was totally a one-off thing! We promise we won’t do it again!

Jenny: That’s not what I wanted to ask you about, in fact there aren’t even going to be any charges brought against you two if you can both do something for me.

Jessie: And what would that be, Officer?

At that moment, Officer Jenny ripped open her shirt to reveal a cup-less purple bustier! She then undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground to reveal a giant two headed strap-on dildo!

Jenny: Will the both of you be willing to take it in both holes?

A look of shear surprise and excitement crept across both girls faces! Jenny beckoned them towards her by using her index fingers in a curling motion. Jessie and Misty wasted no time in stripping down again and moving over to the sexy officer!

Jessie: How do you want to proceed, Officer?

Jenny: I want you to suck on my cocks! You’re gonna be the first to receive them!

Jessie: Yes ma’am!

Misty: What about me, Officer Jenny?

Jenny: My tits need some loving! Suck on them!

Misty: Gladly!

Misty began to lick and suck on Jenny’s nipples, while Jessie went to work on her dildo. After a couple of minutes of licking and sucking, Jessie said:

I can’t take it any more! Please Officer! Drill my holes into submission!

Jenny: Well, it seems you’ve done a good job of lubing up my big toy here! Bend over, so you can receive your reward!

Jessie: Yes Officer!

As Jessie bent over in front of Jenny, her pussy and anus eagerly accommodated the size and length of both dildos! As Jessie enjoyed the rapture she was about to enjoy, Jenny and Misty gave each other a full-on kiss on the lips, playing their tongues around each other’s mouths as if it were chocolate ice cream! As Jenny and Misty played with each other’s erect nipples, Jessie wasted no time thrusting her hips deeper and deeper onto the thick and long dual shaped toy!

The guys had about as much fun as they were going to get that evening, but for the girls, the party was only beginning!

The End!