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Eighteen & Vegeta - Unfinished Business

Dragonball Hentai - Unfinished business
Staring Vegeta and Android Eighteen (Juuhachigou)

This fanfiction was one of the first I created as an extension of the first one I wrote for Android Eighteen. It was quite straightforward to set up a premise between Vegeta and Eighteen based on events in the Cell Saga. I think the best thing about this story, is that in a lot of ways it's quite believable for a situation like this to happen in the Dragonball Universe (if it allowed hentai!). I hope you enjoy the crazy and perverted action! ^.^

(I do not own the rights to the dragonball franchise, none of thes characters used in this fanfiction are mine. Thanks to Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama for creating such an awesome series!)

Dragonball Hentai: Unfinished Business
Staring Vegeta and Android Eighteen
Characters copyright of Akira Toriyama/Toei Animation
Story written by Royston Joseph
Originally created 21/11/07
Current edit 19/4/09

For the first time in a while, Eighteen woke up to an empty house. It was on her insistence that Krillin help her move out of Master Roshi’s place and find their own home. Her demand to move out was primarily because she was sick and tired of Roshi’s relentless groping of her breasts and leering at her when she was in the shower! She wanted a place where her family could have their own freedom and privacy.

After a couple of weeks of searching, Eighteen found a house that was in a quiet suburb that was just within Krillin’s price range, although Krillin didn’t like the fact that it cost all of HIS hard earned savings to pay for it! It was worth it as far as she was concerned, and this morning she basked in the enjoyment of knowing this house was all hers!

As a little present to her Krillin suggested taking Marron over to Bulma’s place for a sleepover. A lot of ideas sprung to Eighteen’s mind with the free time she would have, so she pretended to reluctantly agree to his idea. Eighteen chuckled to herself at her constant ability to manipulate Krillin into doing whatever she wanted! She loved him with all her heart, but sometimes she wished he was more assertive.

Seeing as she was all alone, she saw no reason to have to wear any clothes as she slipped out of bed. She didn’t get many chances to do so, because she didn’t want to confuse her little daughter into thinking walking around naked was normal behaviour of her mother! Right now though, it was an exhilarating experience as she sauntered around the house with her breasts bobbing and swaying in front of her, and her feminine juices gently dripping down between her legs! She felt very turned on by doing so, and almost wished Krillin was still home to see her behaving in such a lewd way!

After 5 minutes of fooling around in front of a tall bedroom mirror, posing in very sexy and perverted ways, her body felt hot and sticky, so she headed for the shower.

After she was finished, she dried herself off with a towel and headed for the kitchen. She opened the fridge and realised that she would have to go shopping later. She pulled out a carton of orange juice, and even though she knew the chances of anyone watching her at that moment was almost impossible, she looked around the kitchen to made sure no-one could see her before drinking straight out of the carton! She chuckled to herself again at behaving in such an un-ladylike manner, and put the carton back in the fridge.

Eighteen headed back to the bedroom. Comfort was her only priority, so she flung off her towels, and grabbed one of her favourite striped t-shirts and a pair of hot pants. She then heads back into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.

Eighteen was enjoying the prospect of having the whole house to herself for the whole day, just lazing around not doing much, and not having to look after her adorable little girl and her equally adorable but sometimes annoying husband!

Her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. She assumed that it was probably Krillin, she put down the steaming cup of coffee she had in her hand and headed for the front door.

As she went to remove the latch on the door, Eighteen shouted:

Eighteen: Remember what I said Krillin! If you have to come back to the house BEFORE the following day for any reason, you forfeit and have to do the cleaning and cooking for a week!

A mysterious but familiar voice could be heard through the door

???: That sounds like a nice offer, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline!

Confused, Eighteen opens the door. The instant she saw his slicked-back spiky hair with the mother of all widow’s peaks in front of it, she knew who it was.

Eighteen: Vegeta?

Vegeta: In the flesh! Nice to see you too, Android!

Eighteen: Pfft! If you’re looking for Krillin, he’s not here. I suggest you come back later!

Vegeta: Actually, I wasn’t looking for Krillin. I was looking for you, and it just so happens that I’ve come at the perfect time, haven’t I?

Eighteen: Why on earth would you want to come all the way out here just to see me? Unless your memory’s fried, you should already know that we’re not exactly on speaking terms!

Vegeta pretended to look hurt by her harsh words.

Vegeta: I’m extremely hurt that you think so little of me! I’d like to think that the two of us could find some kind of common ground. I came here to break the ice, in the hope that we could bury the hatchet, or at the very least settle some UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

Eighteen: Amusing as that story was, I’m afraid I’ve run out of patience. Why don’t you do you, me, and everyone else on this planet a favour, and take a long walk off a short plank!

Vegeta: As interesting as that sounds, once again I must decline, but I do have a better idea…

Vegeta reached into his back pocket and pulled out what looked like a primitive remote controller. It had what looked like a small pull-out antenna on it, a small speaker port like a walkie-talkie, and a big red button on top of it.

Vegeta: I have a little present for you. Actually, it’s more of a present for me, but I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy its functions as well!

Eighteen was starting to lose her temper.

Eighteen: What are you talking about? What is that thing?

Vegeta: My, my! This thing, my dear Android, is a remote device. With it I will have complete control over your body!

Eighteen: I’m closing the door, Vegeta!

Vegeta: Go right ahead. You’ll only be opening it again in a minute. Before you do that, why don’t you try…

Vegeta held the red button on the controller and spoke into it.


Eighteen could feel her hands start to move all by themselves, and she could feel that she had no control over them! She started clapping uncontrollably!

Eighteen: What the hell?!

Vegeta: While you’re at it, why don’t you HOP ON ONE LEG?

Despite resisting as best she could, Eighteen could feel her body move of its own accord, and she started to hop on one leg while still clapping!

Eighteen: S-Stop it Vegeta! T-T-This isn’t funny anymore!

Vegeta: Mmmm, You’re probably right. Why don’t you do something more embarrassing and SHOW ME YOUR BREASTS!

Eighteen was shocked to hear those words uttered into the controller, but was then even more shocked to realise that she was doing just that! She desperately tried to stop her body from obeying, but it was no use. The previous commands had been cancelled, and Eighteen’s hands were moving her striped t-shirt upwards, revealing her breasts! Tears started to trickle down her face.

Vegeta: Oh, my! How embarrassing! I always knew you were a dirty slut, but I never thought you would proposition me in such a manner! I wonder what Krillin would say if he saw you now? Ha ha ha!

Eighteen: You’re sick, you know that?

Vegeta: Yeah, well I need to find other ways to amuse myself these days besides training. I must say though, those are some truly divine breasts you have!

Eighteen: That’s enough!

Eighteen managed to make herself fall backwards towards the door. As she fell, she rolled backwards onto her feet and then slammed the front door with her shoulder. Eighteen stood with her back to the door for a moment, desperately trying to regain control of her hands, but they refused to budge.

Vegeta: Impressive as always Android! I can tell this is going to be a real challenge! It’s a shame that door won’t offer you much protection from me. All I have to do is ask you to OPEN THE DOOR!

Eighteen: Oh crap!

Once again, Eighteen’s hands moved of their own accord, and she slowly opened the door. As soon as her hands became free, she pulled her t-shirt down and slammed the door in Vegeta’s face again, just as he was about to enter.

Eighteen: There is NO WAY in HELL that I’m letting you through this door, GOT IT?!

Vegeta: You’re really not doing yourself any favours you know? As long as I have this controller in my hands, there is nothing you can do to sto...

At that very moment, the front door came off its hinges and slammed into Vegeta! He was propelled a couple of feet through the air, and landed on the path leading to the house. The door landed directly on top of him.

Vegeta was quite surprised by the turn of events, but surprisingly, he wasn’t angry. He was thoroughly enjoying the little game of cat and mouse that seemed to be developing between him and Eighteen. He knocked the door off of him as if it were cardboard, and stood to see if Eighteen was still standing in the doorway. She was not.

Vegeta: Looks like things just got interesting!

Eighteen was hiding in the living room, behind the couch. She was trying to figure out what was happening with her body. No matter how hard she had tried, she wasn’t able to control her body while the remote controller was active. “Why was Vegeta coming after me?” she asked herself. For the first time in a very long time, she was afraid.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide from him for long. Her only chance was to distract Vegeta long enough to get hold of the controller, and then smash it!

Vegeta: Oh Android! Come out and play-yay!!

Vegeta swaggered into the house, pretending to look high and low for Eighteen.

Eighteen: Why me Vegeta! Why did you go to all this trouble just to get at me?! I’d have thought you had more of a grudge with Krillin than me! Why don’t you just come back tomorrow, and you and Krillin can settle your differences then!

Hearing her voice, Vegeta moves towards the living room.

Vegeta: I already told you, this has nothing to do with that bald-headed buffoon! This is between you and me!

Sensing that he was getting closer, Eighteen prepares to make her move.

Eighteen: I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it! What did I ever do to you?

Vegeta: My, you must have a short memory! It was the one time that you and I faced off against each other in combat! Have you forgotten how you taunted and humiliated me in front of my son? Did you forget that you BROKE MY ARM?

Eighteen: That was your own DAMN FAULT!!

Eighteen lifted the couch she had been hiding behind, and hurled it at Vegeta! Immediately afterwards, she charged at Vegeta, hurling a ki blast at him at the same time! Eighteen hoped that she had done enough to block his sight long enough to give her time to grab the controller!

A huge explosion showered the living room with bits of couch. Seconds passed. As the dust cleared, from her crouched position, Eighteen realised that she had something in her hand. She then looked up at Vegeta. He was looking down at her with a cocky grin on his face. He was still holding the controller!

Eighteen realised what he must’ve done. Vegeta had placed the controller in his pocket for safe keeping, and grabbed the TV remote instead. He had known exactly what she was going to do, and let her think she had the upper hand! Cursing herself for not being smart enough to figure this out in time, Eighteen chucks the TV remote at Vegeta and dashes out of the living room. The TV remote harmlessly bounces off of Vegeta’s face, and falls to the floor.

In order to prolong the ecstasy of the chase, Vegeta decides to give Eighteen plenty of time to hide, before giving chase again.

He looked all around the ground floor, but Eighteen was nowhere to be found. He decided to head upstairs.

Vegeta was acting like a young child looking for their Christmas present. He peeked in all of the doors and cupboards on the first floor, calling out “Android” as he did so. He eventually found himself in the bedroom.

Vegeta: There aren’t many other places you can hide Android! That’s not to say that I’m not having fun! The anticipation is giving me a tingly my pants!

At that moment, Eighteen flipped down from outside the doorway and lunged at Vegeta from behind. She thought that she had finally got the drop on him, but her punch passed right through Vegeta. As she turned round to attack again, the image of Vegeta faded into nothingness. A confused Eighteen looked at where she thought Vegeta had been standing, unaware that she was exposed and vulnerable to another attack.

Vegeta: Gotcha!!

Vegeta caught Eighteen in a full nelson hold. She was unable to move.

Eighteen: Wha? How did you…

Vegeta: A little trick I picked up from Kakarott! My afterimage drew you into my web!

Eighteen: We’ll see about that!

Eighteen kicked her legs forward then used the momentum to hurl Vegeta over her head and into the wardrobe, snapping in two! She followed up by charged Vegeta, hoping that he would be stunned enough for her to gain the upper hand. Vegeta stumbled out of the wreckage of the wardrobe. As he saw Eighteen bearing down on him, he pulled out the remote control and pressed the red button.


Eighteen felt herself lose complete control of her body. She could feel that she was falling, but knew that she had no way of stopping herself. She effortlessly fell into Vegeta’s arms.

Vegeta: You put up quite a fight, I’m impressed! It’s clear to me that even in this peaceful time, you continue to train and hone your skills. Shame that’s not going to help you this time!

Eighteen was still conscious and she could still feel everything, but she was unable to move any part of her body. She was at the complete mercy of Vegeta!

Vegeta: Do you remember when you Androids first came on the scene? Everyone was desperately trying to come up with a way to defeat the three of you. It was then that my beloved Bulma came up with a solution!

Vegeta lifted Eighteen and tossed her onto the bed.

Vegeta: Her solution was quite simple. Because you are cybernetic beings that were created by a crazy old scientist, it would make sense that you could be shut down like machines!

He was about to jump onto the bed as well, when he noticed out of the corner of his eye a camcorder set up on a tripod in the corner of the room.

Vegeta: A camcorder? Well-well-well! I wonder just what you and baldy have been getting up to in this bedroom of yours?

Vegeta picked the camcorder up and placed it next to the side of the bed, then set up the playback feature. Eighteen could see that Vegeta was watching everything that Krillin and her had gotten up to when their little daughter was asleep! She could hear the sounds of her moaning as she had sex with Krillin, as well as her screams of pleasure with all the perverted things she wanted Krillin to do to her! Eighteen wanted so much to be able to shut the camera off, or even blow it up, but because of that accursed controller, she couldn’t move an inch!

Vegeta: You really are a dirty slut, aren’t you Android? You try so hard to make people think that you are a high class lady, but deep down, you’re nothing more than a perverted whore, aren’t you? *sets up the camcorder* You’ve sparked my interest now! I want to see just how MUCH of a slut you REALLY are!

With the camcorder set up and recording, Vegeta then moved over to her on the bed and proceeded to rip her clothes off!

Eighteen wanted to punch Vegeta in the face as hard as she could, but all she could do was lay there as Vegeta began fondling her breasts!

Vegeta: My-my! Just look at how erect your nipples are becoming! I wonder just how much evidence we’ll collect that proves how perverted you are?

Eighteen wanted to shake her head or scream, but she was still unable to move any part of her body. A tear slowly ran down her cheek.

Vegeta: Why are you crying already? I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!

Vegeta’s right hand slowly and deliberately slips down between her legs! Vegeta then starts to move his fingers along her pussy lips. As he stroked her most intimate area, he could feel her slit becoming wetter and wetter. Eighteen could also feel what was happening, and she could also feel her body becoming hotter and hotter as a result, her pussy tingling with each stroke of his fingers.

Vegeta then moved onto her clit, stroking the hood back and forth over the fleshy nub. Eighteen could feel her clit growing and becoming swollen. Vegeta then flicked the clit with his finger, causing a shockwave of pleasure to shoot through her body!

Vegeta then plunged a finger into her pussy. He shoved it in and out, then shoved a second finger in with the first and continued to fuck her with his fingers. The sensations caused by Vegeta’s perverted acts were causing Eighteen’s pussy to dribble lots of pussy juice on his fingers, and onto the bed.

Vegeta: It’s amazing just how much you’re getting into this, Android! Your pussy is literally sopping from me just using two fingers! I wonder, just how much you can take?
*adds a third finger* Let’s find out!

I was only a matter of time before Vegeta was up to four fingers inside Eighteen’s pussy.
The sensations running through Eighteen’s body were so intense, she thought she might pass out!

Vegeta: Four fingers! Truly admirable, if I do say so myself! Considering how far we’ve come, we might as well go for the full “five knuckle shuffle”!

Vegeta then moved his thumb into position, and shoved his whole right hand into Eighteen’s vagina! Eighteen couldn’t hold it in any longer, and started dribbling pee from her urethra.

Vegeta: Hahaha! I made you pee a little! How amusing! I wonder what would happen if I made a fist while my hand is still in your dark passage? *flexes hand into a fist*

The added pressure caused the dribbling to become a small fountain. Then Vegeta started rotating his newly formed fist while it was still inside her! This caused the small fountain of pee to become a huge gush of bodily juices! Eighteen was so embarrassed by what was happening to her, she tried to close her eyes.

Vegeta: This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! You REALLY should take a look at this! *moves her head so she can see better* Have you not seen a more wonderfully display? Further evidence to prove just how much of a slut you are!

Eighteen would’ve tried to deny such a false statement, but she could feel that her body was telling her different! Vegeta pulled his fist out of her vagina, leaving his hand covered in urine and pussy juice. Eighteen’s pussy was left gaping wide open for all the world to see!

Vegeta: I wish you could see this Eighteen! Your vagina has been totally destroyed by my fist, that I can see your cervix! Wait a minute! I’ve just had an idea!

Vegeta gets up off the bed and goes to look for a mirror. He comes back with the same tall mirror she had been posing in front of earlier, and moves it so that it’s facing towards the end of the bed. He then moves Eighteen into position so that she can clearly see what has been done to her womanhood.

Vegeta: Isn’t this amazing? *opens her hole wider* I guess childbirth relaxes the muscles enough for me to be able to do something like this to you, eh?

Vegeta starts to take his clothes off.

Vegeta: You know, it’s quite ironic that such a device exists really. Krillin chose not to use it, thinking that he could save you from Cell. If only he knew that something like THIS would happen years later! *pulls down pants* Chances are, if it wasn’t me, it probably would’ve been someone else anyway! You should be grateful!

Vegeta moves onto the bed again, this time deliberately moving slowly toward her, his swollen cock waving from side to side between his legs.

Vegeta: My cock has been getting restless from all the fun your pussy has been having until now! I wonder what we should do about it, eh Android?

Grabbing her head, Vegeta plunges his swollen penis into Eighteen's mouth, right up to the hilt! Eighteen couldn’t believe what was happening to her! This vile, hateful Saiyan was shoving his sweaty, smelly member into her mouth, without a second thought! There was nothing she could do to stop him from almost making her choke on his huge cock!

Vegeta started slowly at first, thrusting in and out of her mouth, but quickly began to gain speed, thrusting deeper and deeper into her throat! Saliva was gushing out of her mouth as Vegeta thrusted faster and faster. He reached climax, and shot a torrent of his man-seed into her mouth, so much in fact that some even spurted out of her nose!

Vegeta: Bahhahah! You made me cum so hard, some of it shot out of your nose! Absolutely priceless! I’m glad I caught it on camera, so you can enjoy watching it later!

Vegeta decides to remove the torn remains of Eighteen’s clothes, so that he can get a better look at her body, which is currently covered with bits of her spit and his cum juice.

Vegeta: Your ass is looking a little lonely, kinda like it wants to be split apart like your pussy just was! *moves his cock towards her ass-hole* Why don’t we make it happy again by filling it with my cock!

Still covered in juices, Vegeta had little trouble sliding his penis into Eighteen’s ass. Eighteen could feel his cock going in, bit by bit, stretching her anus muscles to their limit! She could feel the entire length of his fleshy rod go deeper and deeper, until she felt his balls touching her crotch. She could feel it twitching and pulsing inside her, its warmth was like a steaming fleshy corn cob inside her ass!

Vegeta: I can’t believe just how tight your ass feels! It’s like being sucked of by a black hole or something! I hope you’re ready, Android! Here comes the main event!

Vegeta started thrusting. At first, the movement was slow, but as Eighteen’s ass-hole became relaxed, he was able to go faster and deeper. Vegeta was becoming a ravenous beast as he was fucking her ass. He had a manic expression on his face.

Eighteen had pretty much given up on trying to stop Vegeta. She had been subjected to some of the cruellest, twisted and perverted acts she had ever experienced in her life. But without a shadow of a doubt, the worst thing about the entire ordeal was that she was beginning to enjoy it! She was even having thoughts of wanting Krillin to walk in on the two of them right in the middle of such a shameless display!

At that moment, Eighteen let go of everything. In that moment, she totally forgot that she was married and had a child. The only thing running through her mind was that she wanted MORE! In that moment, she felt her fingers twitch.

Eighteen was slowly starting to feel control of her body parts coming back to her! Bit by bit, she was able to move her hands and feet again, then her arms and legs, then the rest of her body. Vegeta was in too much of a trance to notice Eighteen was slowly beginning to move again. Her hands slowly reached up behind Vegeta’s neck, and her legs slowly wrapped themselves around his hips. Vegeta suddenly noticed the expression on her face.

It was the look of utter passion. Eighteen’s face was flushed with red and sweat was dripping all over her body. She was moaning with each thrust into her ass, and panting heavily. The look of puzzlement on Vegeta’s face turned into a cocky smile. He lifted Eighteen closer to his body, pressing her breasts against his chest. Their eyes were locked in a passionate, manic gaze at each other, as if they were looking into each other’s souls. Their bodies glistened with sweat. Their bodies became in sync with each others as they both climaxed, gushing cum and pussy juice everywhere!

Vegeta was content that he had done what he set out to do, even if it didn’t end the way he had expected it to. He got up and got dressed, leaving Eighteen laying unconscious on the bed. Just as he was about to leave, something grabbed his shorts from behind. He turned around to see that it was Eighteen. She had a VERY dirty, slutty look in her face!

Eighteen: And WHERE do you think you’re going?

Vegeta: Don’t tell me you want more!

Eighteen: What? You think I’m gonna let you get away with what you’ve just done? Didn’t you say you wanted to find evidence that I was a dirty slut?

Vegeta: Heh! Just look at the tape for the evidence, Android! I’ve gotten my revenge by raping you, so there’s no need for me to hang around this dump! Later! *starts to walk out the door*

Eighteen: You and I are not so different Vegeta.

Vegeta stops and pauses for a moment.

Vegeta: What is that supposed to mean?

Eighteen: We are both fighters by nature, proud and passionate. These domestic lives we’ve chosen to live have dulled our senses, but deep down, we still yearn to break free from the shackles of civilised living, to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

Vegeta: DO have a point. That doesn’t mean that I’m gonna apologise! *points to the controller* If you want to destroy the controller, go right ahead, I don’t need it any more anyway.

Eighteen: I don’t care about that, you piece of shit! You’ve just raped me, and now you’re just going to leave me to pick up the pieces? More importantly, my pussy and ass are still hungry for more cock! You’re not going ANYWHERE, until my body is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, and UTTERLY SATISFIED, got it?!

The look on Vegeta’s face was priceless!

Vegeta: can’t be serious?!

Eighteen: I am dead serious.

Vegeta: I…have to be getting back! Bulma will be wondering where I am!

Eighteen: What the hell happened just now?! I thought you were the proud Saiyan prince! Now you’re acting like a hen-pecked pussy!

Vegeta: Say whatever you want about me, I don’t give a shit, because I’m going home!

Vegeta turned to head toward the bedroom exit, only to find Eighteen standing in the doorway, blocking his path.

Vegeta: Cute, REAL cute. Now get outta my way!

Eighteen: Not gonna happen, big man! You’re here for the long haul, and I’m taking you to the limit!

And with that, Eighteen radiated a shockwave that forced Vegeta back onto the bed. Eighteen then knelt down in front of him, pulled down his shorts, and stated to lick and suck his cock until it became hard again.

Vegeta: Well, I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming!

Eighteen got up and squatted over Vegeta’s cock.

Eighteen: Don’t get too comfortable! I’m gonna make you work until your cock falls off!!

That last statement wiped the smile off of Vegeta’s face. Eighteen squatted down until her anus was on the tip of Vegeta’s cock. She sneered, then pushed down until Vegeta’s penis was all the way inside her ass. She started grinding her ass up and down on Vegeta’s cock, and Vegeta used his hips to push deeper into her.

As the two of them got more and more into it, their passions flared up again, and they totally forgot what had transpired before. Vegeta grabbed Eighteen’s hips to gain more leverage, and sucked on her very erect nipples. They both came soon afterward, spraying the bed with more of their orgasmic juices!

After a moment, Eighteen got up again and drilled Vegeta’s cock into her pussy. Even though Vegeta had barely recovered from their last fuck, Eighteen was pumping again, pushing him deeper and deeper into her, and rubbing her clit in a circular motion!

Vegeta: When you…said you were…going to work me, I thought you were kidding!

Eighteen: What? Didn’t Krillin tell you? I’m normally not satisfied until I’ve had sex at least six times in a night!

Vegeta: S-s-SIX TIMES?!

Eighteen: Think your Saiyan pride can save you now?

Vegeta: Well, it might not be a problem if I go Super Saiyan…

Eighteen: But then the others might sense the rise in energy, and come to investigate. You didn’t think of that, did you?

Vegeta: ………Ahh. You have a point there. Guess that means I’ll just have to grin and bear it, won’t I?

Eighteen: I’m glad we’re in agreement! Now shut up and keep fucking!

Vegeta: *under his breath* It’s official. I am an idiot.

The two of them continued to have sex for the rest of the afternoon, in various rooms around the house, and in various positions. After they were done, Vegeta helped Eighteen put everything back to normal, so that Krillin wouldn’t know what happened.

Vegeta: Right, now that all of that is settled, I’ll be on my way…

Eighteen: Just a second.

Vegeta: What? Again?

Eighteen: No you spiky-haired buffoon! Give me your cell phone number.

Vegeta: Why do you want my number?

Eighteen: So I can call for you when I’m lonely. I get lonely a LOT.

Vegeta: I can’t have you calling me all hours of the day and night! What if Bulma gets suspicious?

Eighteen: Not my problem. If you don’t come when I call, you may leave me no choice but to tell her what you did to me, you pervert!

Vegeta: ……DAMN IT! Why are you being so persistent woman?!

Eighteen: I have needs. Simple as that. And if you have any stupid ideas about using that controller again…

Eighteen pulls out the Android Controller, and then fries it’s circuits with her eye beams, causing a puff of black smoke to pour out of its sides.

Eighteen: …And I’m making sure that the Briefs family destroy every other controller AND the blueprints!

Vegeta: Once again, it seems that I have underestimated you!

Eighteen: Never underestimate the fairer sex! I’ll see you next week.

Vegeta: Next week? What are we doing next week?

Eighteen: I haven’t decided yet, but let’s just say it’s going to be VERY dangerous! Bye Vegeta! *closes door*

Vegeta walked back along the path in a daze, wondering what the hell just happened. He thought he had been in total control of the situation, but somehow he was now being controlled by Eighteen. It was a very unfamiliar feeling. But he liked it!


One for Krillin!

Fans of Android Eighteen (Juuhachigou) of Dragonball fame might like these new pics I've created!

I've always ha a thing for Eighteen ever since she *Major Spoiler!* kissed Krillin during the Cell Saga. The fact that she *Major Spoiler!* fell in love with him and had a kid together as well just solidifies her place in the franchise! (Heck, I've even done a fanfiction based on her!)

You can guarantee I'll be doing more pics of her in the future!

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Gamma Love!

Welcome to my first fanart of She Hulk! I've recently gotten into the Green Goddess thanks to the internet. It's easy to see why she is so popular!(Actually, I drew She Hulk a long time ago, but it was so crap, it's not worth mentioning!)I loved working on this piece so much, you can be certain I will do more artwork of She Hulk in the future!

Advent Children's Tifa Lockheart!

Two new pics of Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. I love Tifa sooo MUCH!! Stay tuned for more pics of Tifa soon!

Custom Work

A few new pics! A cute couple of buff lesbians, a cute Neko gal, and a cute muscle chick! You just gotta love 'em! More to come, so stay tuned!

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Muscle Art

The first two pics are of a new villain that I created for episode 10 of the "Streets of Rage: Love Triangle" series called "Thunder Thighs Raiken". She's a real firebrand (you can tell by the colour of her hair!), and she likes nothing more than to dominate others, especially the ones she has an attraction to! I loved the idea of such a strong woman dominating Blaze and Becky, that I just had to do a picture of it!
The second two are of Chun Li and Cammy from the Street Figter series. I love her and Chun Li to death, and I like female muscle too. I was only a matter of time before these two passions of mine came together!

The third pic is Cammy White again. I really did a dynamic pose on this pic, to try to emphasise her dangerous nature as a trained killer (and her sexyness!).
The last pic was a simple doodle I did. I thought it looked so good that I'd add some colour to it. I think you'll agree that Green is definitely her colour!
Stay tunes for more art in the future. ^_^

Streets of Rage Hentai - Blaze & Shiva

This little story is a continuation of Episode 6 of my Streets of Rage: Love Triangle series (which I uploaded on my main blog). The story in that episode became quite perverted near the end, and I wanted to carry over that perverted energy into a sidestory, to avoid perverting the main series too much (a lot harder than it sounds!).

I'm taking the lust that Shiva had for Blaze on it's head this time round. The noble warrior becomes the slave to the powerful woman! You've just gotta love the femdom fetish! If you don't like the thought of a guy taking it where no man would want to, don't read on!

Streets of Rage Hentai - Blaze & Shiva

It was late, and Shiva was sneaking through the streets at night, taking care to make sure that no-one was following him. Considering just how fast he could move, it was unusual to think that Shiva would be worried about anyone trying to follow him.

He eventually got to an out of the way hotel at the outskirts of the city. After checking behind him one last time for pursuers, he went inside.

Shiva: I have a reservation for room 218.

Clerk: 218? Ah! Mister Shiva! Miss fielding is expecting you. Here’s the key.

Shiva: Thank you.

Clerk: Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Shiva: I intend to.

When he got to room 218, Shiva opened the door with the key the clerk had given him. As he stepped through, he saw Blaze standing before him, arms crossed. She was wearing a tight latex brassiere, padded fighting gloves, fishnet stockings and high-heel stilettos. She looked very pissed.

Blaze: You’re late!

Shiva: It couldn’t be helped. Those idiots I live with tried to….

Blaze cut him off by kneeing him in the gut. He fell to his knees, and Blaze grabbed his hair.

Blaze: I don’t give a shit. Get over here!

Blaze: I expect you to be a good boy while you’re here, got it?

Shiva: Of course, but could you not to be too aggressive?

Blaze gives him a backhanded slap that knocks him to the ground.

Blaze: Don’t you DARE talk back to me like that! While you’re here, you will follow my orders to the letter! That means, you will not speak unless spoken to, and you will address me as Mistress Blaze, or you would be punished severely. Is that understood?

Shiva: Y-yes, Mistress Blaze. I will do whatever you ask.

Blaze: Good. Now, take all your clothes off. Do it NOW!

Shiva: Yes, Mistress Blaze. *strips*

Blaze: I have a present for you.

Blaze goes over to the bed and pulls out a large flat box from under it.

Blaze: It’s a new set of bondage gear to replace the ones you soiled the last time you were here. Hurry up and put it on.

Shiva: Yes, Mistress.

Shiva opens the box and proceeds to put on the new gear. The smell of fresh plastic flowed from the straps and buckles.

After a moment, he was fully decked out in what was in reality nothing more than black straps tied around his naked body with buckles. The straps were tied around each of his joints, and also tied around his penis and testacies.

Blaze pulled out a wooden box, which opened to reveal a plethora of sex toys, aids and lubricants. She pulled out a small whip, which had many strands coming out of the end of it.

Blaze: This is known as the Cat ‘O Nine Tails. It’s not as extreme as a normal, full sized whip…*cracks whip on Shiva’s back*…but it’s more than able to inflict pain where necessary!

Shiva cried out in pain for a moment, but was able to control himself as the pain subsided.

Shiva: T-thank you very much, Mistress Blaze!

Blaze: Hmmm, you seem to like it. Maybe I’ll give you some more!

Blaze struck Shiva a few more times with the whip, hitting various parts of his body, including his cock. Blaze noticed that Shiva was getting a hard-on from being hit and feeling pain.

Blaze: You really are a masochist, aren’t you?

Shiva: Y-yes Mistress Blaze! Enduring pain makes me a better fighter!

Blaze: Well I don’t know about that! Your past couple fights with me didn’t seem to help you that much! I’m getting bored now. Lick my cunt.

Shiva: Yes Mistress.

Blaze went to sit on the end of the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy. Shiva crawled on his hand and knees towards her. He started to work his tongue between her pussy lips and suck her clit.

Blaze: Don’t just work there! Use that tongue of yours to clean my asshole as well!

Shiva moved his tongue down to her anus and started to lick there as well.

Blaze: Mmmmm! Good! Now, DEEPER!

Shiva used his tongue to probe into her butt-hole. As Blaze massaged her clit, she was getting very wet. Her pussy was sopping with her pussy juice.

Blaze: Good Job. Now, lie down on the bed. I want to do a 69.

Shiva: Yes Mistress Blaze.

Shiva climbed onto the bed and lay on his back, his erect cock sticking up and twitching. Blaze got on top of him and straddled his face with her pussy, while she started to play with is cock.

As Shiva continues to lick the pussy juice from Blaze’s cunt, while she worked on his swollen cock. She started wanking his cock, playing her tongue around the head and into the pee-hole in the top, and taking the entire length of his rod in her mouth.

Blaze: I think I’m going to pleasure myself now. Don’t move!

She got up and sat down on his cock with her pussy. As she worked herself up and down on his cock, she was getting wetter and wetter. Pussy juice was starting to gush from her hole.

Blaze: So good! Your cock feels so good inside my pussy! But I bet it will feel even better in my ass!

Shiva’s cock was still sticky, so there was no trouble for Blaze when she placed her ass hole on top of it. Bit by bit, the throbbing, vein covered cock slipped into Blaze’s ass-hole. That was pretty much all Shiva could take, and he shot another load into Blaze’s ass!

Blaze: Huh? You came already?!

Shiva: I’m…so sorry mistress. I just couldn’t hold on any longer!

Blaze: You do know that you’re going to have to be punished, don’t you?

Shiva: I’m willing to accept any punishment you deem necessary, my mistress.

Blaze: You don’t even know what I’m going to do to you yet!

Blaze goes back to the sex toy box, rummages through each toy until she finds a strap-on dildo. She puts one end into her pussy and straps the rest to her waist.

Blaze: Right! Get over here and suck this thing!

Shiva: *looks nervous* Ahhhh, y-yes Mistress Blaze.

Shiva moved over to the edge of the bed and started to lick and suck the large strap-on.

Blaze: Make sure that the whole thing is well lubricated, It’ll make it easier for you in the long run!

Shiva made sure to lick and suck every inch of the dildo, but after he was done, Blaze was still concerned.

Blaze: If we’re gonna get the whole thing in, we may need a little extra assistance!

Shiva: Mistress?

Blaze moved back to the sex box and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. She liberally sloshed a load onto the dildo and massaged it all over, then poured some onto her breasts and massaged it on them as well.

Blaze: Turn round, so that your ass is facing me.

Shiva looked shocked for a second, but then did as he was told and turned round so that he was on all fours, and his ass was facing towards Blaze.
Blaze moved right up to Shiva’s ass and placed the tip of the dildo right next to his anus. Shiva was feeling really tense, but he tried to relax and braced himself for what was about to happen next. Nothing happened.

Shiva: M-mistress? Aren’t you going to punish me?

Blaze: Um, Shiva? Are you sure you want me to do this?

*Shiva chuckled to himself*

Shiva: It’s all right Blaze! I’m totally fine with it, I DID cum in your ass without permission didn’t I?

Blaze: That’s not what I meant! As a guy, don’t you find it a bit strange? Is there SOMETHING you want to tell me?

Shiva: Heh heh, lets just say I like being dominated by strong women!

Blaze: Look, I know you asked me to act out this whole “Mistress” fantasy of yours, but how do I know you really want this? Once I do it, I can’t just take it back you know!

Shiva: Since we met again, we’ve had two rematches. You won them both, fair and square. I thought my training would be enough, but it’s clear to me that you have more fighting potential then I’ll ever have. Therefore there’s nothing more for me to do than to yield to your superiority.

Blaze: I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if I were a man!

Shiva: Indeed! It’s true that sometimes you learn more from defeat than victory. I learned that you are probably the only person I know, that I feel that I can let my guard down with. I’ve always had a thing for you Blaze. We’ve shared a bond with each other in combat, so I know I can trust you. Please Blaze, I want you to do this.

Blaze: Shiva….

Blaze pushes the dildo into Shiva’s ass. His whole body tenses up as it goes in, inch by inch, until it’s all the way in. They both stop moving, taking in the feelings and sensations that are running through their bodies.

Blaze: Are……..alright….Shiva?

Shiva: Yes…..please…..continue….

Blaze: ……………………Okay.

Blaze starts to pump the strap-on back and forth into Shiva’s ass. At first, Shiva’s muscles are tensed up, but as the pumping becomes easier he starts to get into it. He starts to move his hips with Blaze’s thrusts.

Blaze: You’re….really…..getting into this…..aren’t you?

Shiva: Only…because…it’s…you!

Blaze speeds up her thrusting. Even though Shiva was receiving the most pleasure, the other end of the dildo that was inside Blaze’s pussy was making her wet as well, as pussy juice was leaking from between her legs.

They got faster and faster, and moaned and groaned louder and louder until they both climaxed! Arching his back, Shiva shot a load of spunk onto the bed. Blaze gushed a load of pussy juice all over the floor. They both slumped onto the bed, letting the pleasurable sensations run through their bodies. It was a good five minutes before either of them could move again!

Blaze: That…was amazing!

Shiva: That was one of the most intense sensations I have ever felt. Thank you.

Blaze: Right back at ya, handsome!

Shiva: Seems like we really messed up the bed. I feel sorry for the hapless chump that has to clean this up!

Blaze: Well I ordered the room, I say we make a right mess before we leave! I just wonder what we should do next?

Shiva: I’ve just had an idea.

Shiva moves over to the sex box and pulls out a huge double-ended dildo. He then lifted his leg onto the bed and squeezes one end into his ass!

Shiva: Care to join me?

Blaze: Wow! I never knew you were such a pervert! *pauses* Okay, I’m in, ALL the way in!

The two get onto the spunk-covered bed and position themselves so that they’re sitting down facing each other. Blaze moves closer, and places the other end of the dildo into her ass. They move closer to each other, so that only a small bit of the dildo could be seen in between them.

Shiva: Are you ready?

Blaze: Ready when you are!

They start to grind their asses onto the dildo. A tempo starts to build up between them. Shiva is wanking his cock, Blaze is rubbing her clit. They look into each other’s eyes, and are totally turned on by what they see. Their bodies are dripping with sweat and cum.

Shiva: Mistress Blaze…..I think…..I’ve reached….my limit! I…can’t ….hold on….anymore!

Blaze: Me too….shall we….go…..together?

Shiva: Yes…..Mistress Blaze….I’m gonna to CUM!!

Blaze: I-I’m CUMMING!!

They both climax at the same time, sending a torrent of male and female sex juice into the air, and all over their bodies! They both slumped back onto the bed, their bodies totally spent and covered from head to toe in thick, gooey juice!

Blaze: I’ve…..never….cum so hard…in my entire life!

Shiva: I’ve never….been so…happy in….entire life!

Blaze: You were amazing!

Shiva: I never knew a woman could gush so much juice!

Blaze: That’s because my weekly training sessions focus on ALL the muscles! Even the ones that can’t be seen!

Shiva: I am truly humbled. *looks round* It might take a while to clean all this up though!

Blaze: You know, I could just order YOU to clean all this up, you know!

Shiva: I think in this case, we’re BOTH responsible here! C’mon Mistress!

Blaze: Aughhh! So the role-play is over now is it?

Shiva: Afraid so. Why don’t you come over here and give me a kiss?

Blaze: Yes, Master Shiva!

Blaze crawls over to where Shiva was laying and kissed him on the cheek.

Blaze: So, are we going to make this a regular thing or what?

Shiva: The decision is entirely up to you, Blaze. I’m just grateful that you let me be with you tonight. You’re an amazing woman, do you know that?

Blaze: You’re gonna have to work a LOT harder than that, Shiva!

Shiva pulls Blaze closer to him.

Shiva: I know. Right now, I don’t want this moment to ever end. How about you?

Blaze: That kind of sweet talk doesn’t work on me Shiva…...well….maybe a little bit!


Dragonball Hentai - Pan and Ubb - Part 3

Dragonball Hentai - Pan and Ubb - Part 3

A week passed since Pan and Ubb’s lewd liaison in the cinema toilets. Pan’s birthday was coming up, and plans were being made by the Z Fighters to all go celebrate the event at an amusement park.

Pan was still in contact with Ubb over their cell phones, but they both had to be more careful, because their actions had aroused suspicion of nearly everyone close to them, particularly Pan’s parents.

The day finally arrived, and everyone agreed to meet up at the entrance. Goku, Chichi and Goten arrived first (Goten having decided to bring Aoi with him). Next came Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar, with Krillin, Eighteen and Marron following soon afterward. Then the Briefs Clan, including Bulma, Bra, Trunks and Vegeta, who was his usual stoic self.

Out of no-where, Ubb transported himself in front of everyone. Having learned Goku’s Instant Transmission in a relatively short amount of time, he was eager to test just how far he could travel with it. Once he had mastered transporting himself near to anyone that he could sense over a relatively short distance, one of the first people he tried to teleport a longer distance to was, of course Pan!

Sufficed to say, Pan had been very surprised when, as she was doing her homework, out of no-where she was kissed fully on the lips by Ubb. He then winked at her and then disappeared as quickly as he appeared!

Of course, the downside of this newfound power was that he frequently got asked by the older villagers and kids of his tribe to either run errands for them or quickly transport them from one place to another!

Ubb: Hi guys! Looks like I made it!

Goku: Hey Ubb! Glad you could make it! I see you’re getting a lot of use out of that Instant Transmission I taught ya!

Ubb: Yeah! It’s certainly made life a lot more interesting

Goten: Yeah, I BET it has!!

Chichi: Goten! Don’t be so rude!

Goten: Sorry Mom *snigger!*

Chichi: My-my Ubb, you’ve grown up into a handsome looking young man, haven’t you?

Ubb: Thank you Mrs Chichi! I greatly appreciate that compliment!

Vegeta: Ahh look Kakarrot! Your protégé has arrived! Now the fun can REALLY begin!

Goku: *whispers* Vegeta, not now! I don’t want you ruining this day for everyone, got it?

Vegeta: You’re no fun Kakarrot! I just wanted to compliment the boy on becoming a fine young warrior, and a brilliant potential protector of this planet!

Ubb: Uhhh, thanks Vegeta! To be quite honest, I never thought I’d hear those kinds of words come from you!

Vegeta: Well, after seeing you, for some reason I’m in a very GOOD mood!

Goten: He’s not the ONLY one!

Goku: Guys? Are you alright?

Goten: Well it is a SPECIAL day Dad! Our little Pan is growing up into a fine young WOMAN! And as a fine young WOMAN, she will be very pleased to see our fine young MAN, Mr Ubb here to greet her!

Vegeta: I must say, I believe the young lad is correct!

Krillin: I don’t know what’s going on, but it sure sounds interesting!

Goku: Oh geez… *holds his face in his hand*

Ubb: Uhhhh, okay? ………Has anyone seen Gohan yet?

Chichi: I go a call from Videl saying that they was going to be a little late.

Puar: Here they come!

From around the corner, Gohan and Videl walked towards everyone, followed by Pan. She was wearing the same dress that Ubb had picked out for her again.

Gohan: Sorry we’re late!

Videl: We would’ve arrived sooner, but our little birthday girl took an unusually long time getting ready!

Pan: Well, you know how it is! Us girls have to look our best for the big day!

Goku: So, how old are you now?

Pan: I believe I have just turned 13! This little girl is not so little any more!

Chichi: Well you certainly sound pleased with yourself! I guess that means we can ALL count on you to help out more often, right?

Pan: Ahhh! Don’t get carried away Grandma! I’d still like to cling onto my childhood any longer!

Goten: Is that so?

Pan: Oh, don’t you start Goten! Today’s my birthday, and I intend to make sure nobody ruins it!

Ubb nervously approaches the group.

Ubb: Uhhh, hi Pan! Happy Birthday! I brought you a present. *hands it over*

Pan: Oh wow! Thanks Ubb! I can always count on you to deliver the goods, can’t I? *winks*

Ubb: It’s not much, just a small token of my appreciation.

Pan rips of the wrapping paper and opens up what looks like a jewel box, revealing a black leather choker. A heart-shaped ruby was attached to the front.

Pan: I……It……It’s beautiful! I’ve never received anything as beautiful as this in my life! Thank you so much! *glomps Ubb*

Ubb was about to hug her back, but seeing that Goku, Gohan, Videl, Aoi, Goten and Vegeta were staring at him intently, he quickly decided against it!

Pan: I absolutely love it! I’m gonna put this on straight away! *puts on choker*

Gohan: Wow Ubb! That must’ve cost a lot of money!

Ubb: Well…uh…I had to ask Trunks to loan me the money to buy it.

Everyone turns to Trunks

Trunks: What? If you must know, Ubb promised to do some errands for me at Capsule Corp to pay me back!

Ubb: From what he’s told me about the job, I’m gonna be busy for a while!

Pan: You did that for me? I…I don’t know what to say!

Ubb: Think nothing of it. I just wanted to get you a nice gift, that’s all.

Pan: You’re amazing Ubb! *hugs him again*

At this point, Ubb is blushing as he is receiving cold hard stares from Goku, Gohan and Videl, and sniggering looks from both Vegeta and Goten!

Pan: C’mon! Let’s go on one of the rides together!

Ubb: B-But what about everyone else’s presents?

Pan: Don’t worry about that! I can open them later! Let’s go!

Pan grabs Ubb by the hand, and drags him towards one of the rides.

Chichi: My-my! Pan has certainly taken a shine to Ubb hasn’t she?

Gohan: You don’t know the half of it Mom!

Goten: You don’t even know the quarter of it!

Vegeta: From what I can tell, this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Gohan: Are you guy’s telling me you already knew?

Goku: Sorry son, I guess I should own up too.

Videl: Is it really that obvious?

Chichi: What are you guys talking about? The way you’re all talking, it’s almost as if Pan and Ubb were…

…Oh. My. GOD!

Vegeta: I believe the penny has just dropped!

Chichi: How the hell could all of you have known, and not do anything about it?!

Gohan: Well, It’s not that simple Mom! As you know, Pan can be a little headstrong…

Videl: Everytime we tried to talk to her, she would dismiss our concerns out of turn and say that we were being perverted for even thinking such a thing!

Chichi: Well what about Ubb?

Goku: Well, he’s a good kid. He’s so quiet, It’s almost impossible to get anything outta him. I just didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Chichi: Well if all of you won’t do anything about it, I will! *storms off*

Videl: Do you think we should follow her?

Goku: I think so. Thinks could get ugly!

Gohan: Let’s hurry!

And with that, the three family members chase after Chichi, as she chases after Pan and Ubb!

Goten: HA! This is absolutely priceless! This may be the best birthday party I’ve ever been to! EVER!

Vegeta: I think you’re right Goten I think you’re right!

Aoi: I think it’s so cute! In a lot of ways, it’s a lot like Romeo and Juliet!

Trunks: What was that all about just now? Chichi looked pissed as usual!

Vegeta: You don’t know the half of it!

Goten: You don’t even know the quarter of it!


Pan and Ubb were snuggling together on the Ferris wheel.

Pan: I know choosing you as my boyfriend was a good idea.

Ubb: Choosing me? Were there other choices?

Pan: Well, ummm, don’t get mad, but I was considering Trunks for a while.

Ubb: Trunks?

Pan: Yeah, but he’s too tied up with Capsule Corp to be a steady boyfriend anyway!

Ubb: *sarcastically* Well, isn’t that just great for me!

Pan: C’mon Ubb! Besides, Trunks isn’t as kind and as patient as you are. Or as good looking either! *wink*

Ubb: Haha! I just can’t win against you can I?

Pan: Sure you can, with your magnificent man-rod!

Ubb: Sounds like a challenge to me……what the?

Pan: What is it?

Ubb: I’m not sure, but I think I can see your Grandmother heading towards us, FAST!

Pan: Really? D-do you think she knows about us?

Ubb: By the look on her face, I would say yes! I can see Goku and your Mom and Dad too!

Pan: Oh shit! We have to get outta here!

Ubb: Right! Hold on tight!

Pan: What are you…? Oh right! Instant Transmission!

Ubb: Exactly! Here we go!

Meanwhile, on the ground Chichi was getting closer to the ride they were on, and saw them disappear right before her eyes.

Chichi: Goku!! Why did you have to teach that punk how to teleport?!

Goku: Well I didn’t know this was gonna happen, did I?

Chichi: We can’t quit yet! We have to keep searching! Lets go!

Chichi runs off into the crowd.

Gohan: This is gonna turn into a VERY long day, eh Dad?

Goku: Sure looks like it. We’d better hurry after her!

Gohan: Right!

Krillin and family were having Ice-Cream at the café, when Pan and Ubb turned up out of no-where.

Krillin: Whoa there! Where did you two come from?

Ubb: Sorry Krillin! Just still trying to get the hang of Instant Transmission!

Krillin: Don’t worry about it! If I were younger, I would’ve loved to learn that technique as well!

Marron: You know, I’ve only just noticed that you and Pan appear to be awfully close. Did something happen between you two?

Pan: Ahhh! It’s no big deal, really!

Eighteen: I know a little something about love, and I would say you two have got it bad!

Krillin: You’re right Eighteen! It’s written all over your faces!

Ubb: Ahhh! Is it that obvious?!

Eighteen: Do your parents know what you’re doing, Pan?

Pan: Well……

Eighteen: You’re one naughty little girl, aren’t you? *wink*

Pan: Geez! Why is everyone making such a big deal about this? I’m very mature for my age!

Marron: But you’re still underage! My god! It’s like a dirty little secret just bursting to get out! Have you guys done it yet?

Krillin: Marron! They wouldn't do something like that! ……Would they?

Both Ubb and Pan stare at the floor and shift their feet nervously.

Eighteen: I can only imagine that your mother and father are very worried about you.

Pan: Yeah. I know.

Eighteen: All I can say is, if you really love him, be prepared to face the consequences of your actions. Got it?

Pan: Got it! Thanks for understanding Eighteen!

Eighteen: Think nothing of it! I know a little something about forbidden love, don’t I Krillin? *wink*

Krillin: Whoa! Geez! Is it me, or is it getting hot in here! I need some more Ice cream!

Marron: They do make a cute couple, don’t they?

Krillin: They sure do. Gohan and Videl may probably come around over time, and I think even Goku wouldn’t have too many objections, but I would be scarred as hell if Chichi found out!

Chichi: You’re damn right to be scared!!

Everyone turned round to see Chichi right behind them, ready to pounce!

Ubb: Oh crap! We’ve gotta go, NOW

Pan: You’ll get no arguments from me!

Chichi: Get back here, you two!

As Chichi charged towards the couple, Ubb and Pan Jumped under the table Krillin, Eighteen and Marron were sitting at. When Chichi pulled up the tablecloth, they were gone.

Chichi: Teleported again?! GOKU!!

Goku: Owww! My ears!

Gohan: Looks like they got away again!

Krillin: Hey guys! What’s all the hubbub?

Chichi grabs Krillin by the scruff of his shirt.

Chichi: Where did they go?! Did they tell you anything?!

Krillin: I……don’t……know…anything!

Goku: Chichi! Let Krillin go!

Eighteen: He’s telling the truth! Let him go Chichi!

After a moment, Chichi releases her grip on Krillin. Krillin promptly straightens himself up.

Chichi: Do you know anything Eighteen? Did they say anything?

Eighteen: Only that they were madly in love with each other. You can understand that, can’t you?

Chichi: Are you crazy? Pan is too young to be having sex! Simple as that!

Eighteen: Even if they have true feeling for each other?

Chichi: I’m not sure where you’re going with this Eighteen, but I suggest you stay outta my way! I’m in NO mood for such talk!

Chichi turns to the others.

Chichi: This isn’t working! We need to try something different!

Gohan: Well now that I think about it, can’t he only teleport to some he knows?

Goku: You’re right! If he stays within the park area, he can’t get very far!

Videl: Does that mean that, if we just hang around all our friends and family, we can catch them?

Goku: Yeah! We might have to split up to cover more ground though.

Chichi: Right! I’ll take Master Roshi, Puar and Oolong, Goku takes Yamcha, Tien and Chaosu, Gohan take Vegeta and Trunks, and Videl takes Goten and Aoi. Let’s go guys! We can’t let them get away!

And with that, Chichi charges off into the distance.

Goku: I hate to say it, but I kinda feel sorry for those two.

Gohan: Regardless Dad, they have to be stopped before more people get hurt!

Eighteen: Are you so sure about that Gohan?

Gohan: What do you mean Eighteen? Are you saying that what they’re feeling right now about each other is NOT just teenage hormones running wild?

Eighteen: Why don’t you sit down with the two of them, and find out?

Gohan: I intend to! Let’s go!


Puar and Oolong were quietly enjoying their candy floss, while Master Roshi was trying to hit on a couple of cute girls. His pursuit was interrupted however, when Ubb and Pan appeared directly in front of him. This freaked the two girls out, and they ran off.

Roshi: Whaaa? Ubb? Is that you?

Ubb: Uhh, yes Master Roshi. Sorry to have interrupted you like that!

Pan: Yeah, sorry!

Roshi: Pan too! Well isn’t that a sight! And she’s wearing a dress too!

Pan: Sorry Master, but we can’t stay for long! We have to hide, quickly!

Roshi: Hide? On your birthday? What’s happened?

Ubb: All you need to know, is that Chichi is after us, and she’s mad as hell!

Roshi: Chichi? Well why didn’t you just say so! I know what it’s like to get on the bad side of that lady! She scares the heck outta me too!

Pan: Let’s go Ubb!

Ubb: Right! This way!

The couple run round the corner, only to back-peddle as they are confronted by Chichi!

Chichi: You thought you could get away, didn’t you? Well the party’s over for you two!

Pan: Grandma! Be reasonable! It’s not like you don’t know who Ubb is, is it? He’s a nice guy, and a great fighter. That’s why I like him!

Chichi: That doesn't matter! The fact of the matter is, you’re under age, and sleeping with anyone at your age is against the law. MY law!!

Chichi lunges at Pan to grab her, but Ubb steps in at the last second and teleports them both to safety. Chichi ends up with a face full of candy floss that was dropped on the floor by Puar!

Unfortunately, no sooner had the two come out of Instant Transmission, Ubb was grabbed from behind by Gohan!

Gohan: Gotcha!

Ubb: Ahhhh! Gohan?!

Pan: Dad, NO!! Let him go!

Gohan: Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt him! I want to talk, that’s all!

Pan: R-really? You‘re not gonna hurt him?

Gohan: Just as long as he promises not to teleport you away again. Do you swear you won’t do that Ubb?

Ubb: ……you have my word, on one condition.

Gohan: Name it.

Ubb: You won’t punish Pan. If you do that, I will take full responsibility.

Pan: Ubb, NO!!

Ubb: I forced her to have sex with me. I’m the worse scum ever.

Pan: It’s not true! I’m the one who forced him! I’m the one who should take all the blame!

Gohan: Geez! You guys really like each other, don’t you?

Just at that moment, Goku and Videl arrived.

Goku: Ah HA! So you caught him! Good Job Gohan!

Videl: Wow. For a while there, I really didn’t think we’d be able to catch them!

Gohan: Well, to be honest, he didn’t put up much of a fight. It seems he was more willing to sacrifice himself to protect Pan here.

Videl: Really? Double wow! I’m impressed!

Goku: Looks like I taught you better than I thought, eh Ubb?

Ubb: Looks like it! Um, Gohan? Can you let me go now?

Videl: Gohan! Can we really trust him?

Gohan: I believe above all else, that Ubb is a man of his word.

As Gohan let Ubb go, Pan ran up to him and hugged him. Ubb hugged her back, showing everyone his devotion to her.

????: Stop that…right NOW!!

Everyone turned around to see Chichi standing behind them, with bits of candy floss covering her face and hair!

Chichi: There is…NO WAY…that I’ll…allow…my granddaughter…to be INTIMATE with someone TWICE HER AGE!!

Goku: Now-now, Chichi dear! Take it easy! You don’t want to give yourself a heart-attack or something…

Chichi: One more word out of you Goku, and make sure you can never go Super Saiyan ever again!

Goku: Sorry. My bad. *quietly slips away*

Pan: If you don’t like the fact that me and Ubb are together, why don’t you just leave us alone and go bother someone else?

Chichi: How can I stand idly by and allow this to continue? You’re not even out of school, and you’re fraternising with an older man!

Pan: But don’t you understand that I love him?

Chichi: You THINK you love him! I bet he whispered sweet nothings in your ear, promising you a ton of the things just so that he could get into your panties!

Pan: I was the one who made the first move! And the second and third! I made sure there was no way he could resist me!

And with that comment, Chichi slapped Pan across her face.

Chichi: How COULD YOU!! How could you be so stupid! No granddaughter of mine should EVER act in such a slutty and perverted way!

Goku quickly stepped in to prevent things from getting any worse!

Goku: Chichi that’s ENOUGH! You’ve made your point! Just leave it to Gohan and Videl to deal with Pan in their own way!

Ubb leapt towards Pan to comfort her as Goku lead Chichi past Gohan and Videl.

Chichi: You’d better make sure you punish Pan for this, Gohan and Videl! And make sure those two can NEVER see each other again or there’ll be hell to pay! You understand?

Gohan: Uhh, sure Mom. I’ll make sure Pan gets the message.

As Goku and Chichi walked off further into the amusement park, Gohan and Videl approached the couple as the rest of the gang looked on, eager to see what the outcome of this situation would be. Pan was still rubbing the side of her face as she looked up at her parents. Ubb hugged her close, as if to protect her from another assault.

Videl: What are we gonna do with you two, eh?

Pan: I guess this means my pocket money won’t be as much this month, eh?

Ubb: Don’t worry Pan! No matter what happens, I will do whatever it takes to protect you!

Videl: Look Ubb, we know you mean well, but it’s just not okay for you to be doing this kind of thing with Pan! Especially since pretty much everyone knows now!

Gohan: One thing’s for sure, we can’t be seen to be going easy on our only daughter, can we? If we do, my Mom’s gonna see to it we ALL suffer the consequences!

Pan: But I can’t give this up! I love Ubb!

Gohan: I know Pan, I know…


Later that evening, Pan and Ubb were sitting on a secluded beach near his home island. They both looked on as the sun set before their eyes, trailing a beautiful shimmering effect across the water. Unfortunately, the calm noise of the sea could not quieten their troubled minds.

The decision had been made that after today’s events, the two were to never be allowed to spend time alone together again. This was to be the last few hours before they were to not see each other again for a very long time.

Pan: Well, it looks like you were right all along Ubb.

Ubb: Yeah, but to be honest, I wish I’d been wrong. This is the last few hours we’ll be able to spend together.

Pan: I know.

There was a long pause, as they both admired the view.

Pan: Ubb?

Ubb: Yeah?

Pan: If I was older, you know, a lot older, would you still want to go out with me?

Ubb: Definitely. You’re the first girl to make me not worry about the responsibilities of having to save the world from some crazed uber maniac! You showed me how to have fun. You showed me how to fall in love. That kind of thing is much more powerful than I ever realised.

Pan: Its stuff like this that makes me love you so much! You’re so deep and wise for such a young guy! And you’re strong and brave and selfless. I really enjoyed myself every time we spend time together, which makes it all the worse when I know that we may never see each other again!

Pan starts to cry.

Ubb: Please don’t cry Pan! I can’t stand to see you so upset!

Pan: Hold me Ubb. Hold me close and never let me go!

They share a close embrace.

After a while, Pan felt Ubb’s hands travel up to her shoulders, and then pull the straps of her dress down over her shoulders.

Pan: Ubb…

Ubb: Don’t say anything, please. Just let me have you…one last time.

Pan: I love you so much. I want to do it too…one last time.

Ubb pulled Pan’s dress down to reveal the youthful innocence he fell I love with. Pan was blushing, but her face showed a blissful acceptance. They kissed, and the world fell away around them…

As Ubb lay on top of her, Pan pulled his shirt away to reveal his rock hard physique. They kissed again, this time a passionate lusty kiss, with lots of tongue play.

They rushed to take each other’s clothes off, until they both lay naked on the sand. Ubb’s cock was full erect and twitching, ready to plunge into Pan’s tight pink holes.

Ubb: Can I stick it in?

Pan: My ass, stick it in my ass!

Ubb: Why?

Pan: It’s more fun that way! See if you can get your whole cock into my ass!

Ubb: Okay! Here I come!

Ubb pressed the head of his penis against Pan’s anal bud. He pushed deeper until he got the tip into her ass, causing her to moan deeply!

Pan: I…can feel it! Your giant throbbing veiny cock inside me! It’s so amazing!

Ubb: Are you okay? I hope I wasn’t too quick for you.

Pan: I’m okay. I want you to thrust into me deeper and deeper until I pass out!

Ubb: Okay!

From a slow and steady pace, Ubb began to speed up his thrusting into Pan’s ass. As he was fucking her, Pan was stimulating her clit until it became a throbbing nub. Her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter as she started using two of her fingers to stimulate the inside of her vagina.

Pan: Oh god! My body feels so hot! You’re driving me crazy!

Ubb: Me too! It feels like your ass is sucking me in!

Pan: You’re so good……you’re so good at this!

Ubb: You haven’t seen anything yet! I’m gonna take you to heaven and back!

While still inside her, Ubb lifted Pan off the ground towards his chest. With is muscular arms clamped around her waist, he started sucking on her nipples and pumping into her ass. Pan could feel the intense sensations running through her nipples, pussy and ass.

Pan: So hot! My body feels so hot!

Ubb: I’m about to shoot my load in your ass!

Pan: Do it! Spray all your juice into my ass!

As Ubb’s body tensed up, he could feel his cum flowing through his cock and blast into Pan’s ass! Pan could feel so much warm, sticky liquid filling up her ass, she thought it would never end! After Ubb had finished, he slowly pulled his cock out of her ass, leaving Pan feeling very full indeed!

Pan: Y-you filled me up with your man-seed! My stomach hurts!

Ubb: I’m sorry. I had no idea I could cum so much!

Pan: I can feel it coming out! I think I need to shit it out!

Ubb: Sounds embarrassing! Should I turn away?

Pan: No, wait. I WANT you to watch me poop your cum out of me!

Ubb: You really are a dirty girl, aren’t you?

As Ubb looked on at the perverted display, Pan turned her back, knelt down on the ground and aimed her anus towards him. Her anus began to bulge outward, and a ton of white creamy liquid spewed forth, dribbling down between her ass cheeks onto the ground between her legs! To make things even more interesting, Pan began to pee at the same time! The pervertedy satisfied look on her face was enough to get Ubb’s cock hard again!

Ubb: My god! It’s so disgusting, but I can’t look away!

Pan: So warm…your cum feels so warm!

After all the cum had been expelled from Pan’s ass, the couple lay together on the sand and began kissing and stroking each other.

Ubb: I wish I could fill your pussy with my cum.

Pan: Why do you say that?

Ubb: You’re still a virgin right?

Pan: Well yeah, but you can do it if you want. I wouldn’t mind losing my virginity to you, Ubb.

Ubb: Thank you Pan, but I want you to remain a virgin. It wouldn’t be fair on the next guy you fall in love with to know that you’ve already been “taken”.

Pan: Who says I’ll ever fall in love with anyone else?

Ubb: You will. I know you’ll make some other guy really happy some day.

Pan: ……Ubb.

Ubb: I know. I’m a really nice guy, right?

Pan: Yeah. Can you do me one last favour?

Ubb: Name it.

Pan: Rape my ass until it’s raw!

Ubb: I think I can do that!

For the last time, Ubb lifted up her leg and plunged his huge hard on into her slack anus.

Ubb: It’s going in easier than last time!

Pan: That’s because your big ‘ol cock stretched it wider!

Ubb: Do you think I’ll be able to feel your womb through the wall of your anus?

Pan: Wha? What does that mean?

Ubb: Well, if I come in at the right angle, I bet you’ll be able to feel the tip of my cock rubbing against it!

Pan: Really? I thought I was perverted, but I guess I don’t know as much as I thought I did! Go ahead and do it, Ubb!

Getting into position, Ubb pressed the tip of his penis against the wall of Pan’s anus. Pan could feel the pressure of his cock squeezing against her womb, which in turn was squeezing against her bladder!

Ubb: It may be looser, but your ass is still a tight little hole!

Pan: Look! Your cock is making my belly bulge outwards!

Ubb: Does it hurt?

Pan: Not really, I just feel like I wanna pee!

Ubb: Well I’d love to see that! Let’s see if we can!

Grabbing her arms, Ubb pushed deep into Pan’s ass, pushing hard against her womb and bladder!

Pan: I-I can’t hold it in any more! I’m gonna pee!

Ubb: That’s it! Let it all out!

Ubb pushed as hard as he could, causing a flood of clear liquid to erupt from Pan’s urethra all over the floor! Pan’s body had tensed up from the intense feeling that had flowed through her loins, and then her body went limp soon afterwards.

Ubb: Are you okay Pan?

Pan: So…good…I’m still…cumming…

Ubb: Wow. I’ve never seen anything like that before…

Pan: Just…give me…a moment.

Pan’s body was still spasming from the orgasm that was rushing through every inch of her. Ubb went to look at her face, and saw that she had a big silly grin on her face. She looked really happy and contented.

Pan: Oh Ubb, I love you so much! I wish this moment would never end!

Ubb: I love you too Pan. I’m glad I was able to give this gift to you before we were separated.

Pan:……do you think we’ll ever be able to be together in the future?

Ubb: Who knows? There is one thing I know for sure.

Pan: What is it?

Ubb: I’ll never forget you. Not in a 100 years, not in a thousand, not even in a million!

Pan: Oh, Ubb!

And with that, the star-crossed lovers continued to enjoy each other until the sun disappeared over the horizon.

The End!

Dragonball Hentai - Pan and Ubb - Part 2

Dragonball Hentai - Pan and Ubb - Part 2

Pan was doing some homework in her room, but for some reason, she couldn’t concentrate. She kept thinking about Ubb, and the kiss they had in the changing room cubicle. She pulled out her cell phone and scrolled through the files stored on it until she found the topless pics of Ubb she had taken before.

She fantasised about what she would do if she ever got the chance to be alone with him. As she held the phone up with one hand, she slipped her other hand into her pants. She slid her fingers into her panties and started to stroke and tease her clit.

As she flicked between the pictures of Ubb, all buff and rippling, she was getting wetter and wetter in her panties! She could feel her clit getting bigger and harder as she stroked it. After a while, she pulled out her hand to see it was covered in a clear, sticky liquid. It was her own pussy-juice. She popped her sticky, pussy-juice covered fingers into her mouth and sucked every inch of liquid off of her hands.

Pan decided to call him on her cell phone.

Ubb was teaching some of the youngsters of his tribe martial arts when he heard his cell phone go off.

KidA: Um, Ubb? I think I can hear your cell phone going off!

Ubb: Huh? Oh right. You kids keep practicing until I get back, okay?

All: Yes boss!

Ubb went over to the landing of his hut, and picked up his phone.

Ubb: Hello? Who is this?

Pan: UBB! It’s me! Pan!

Ubb: Pan? Wow, I’m so glad to hear from you!

Pan: Really?

Ubb: Yeah!

Pan: Wow! I didn’t think I hear you say something like that, but I’m glad you did!

Ubb: Really?

Pan: Yeah! So…um…what are you doing right now?

Ubb: Well, actually I was in the middle of training some of the local kids martial arts.

Pan: Really? I’m sorry I interrupted you when you were in the middle of something important.

Ubb: Don’t worry about it. I was gonna take a little break anyway.

Pan: I bet you you’re a really good teacher!

Ubb: Maybe, but probably not as good as your grandfather!

Pan: Are you kidding me? He’s hopeless! Whenever I ask him to teach me a new technique, he can never explain it to me properly!

Ubb: Really? That’s too bad.

Pan: Maybe I should get YOU to teach me instead!

Ubb: Me?

Pan: Sure. I bet you can teach me all sorts of things!

Ubb: W-well I don’t know about that!

Pan: Ahhhh c’mon! You’re being too modest!

Ubb: You think so?

Pan: If you keep on being modest like that, I might not let you kiss me again!

Ubb’s face went flushed.

Ubb: W-w-what are you saying?! You want me to kiss you again?

Pan: To be quite honest, I want you to do a lot more to me!

Ubb almost dropped his cell phone!

Pan: Ubb? You still there?

Ubb: I-I’m still here!

Pan: Good. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about that moment in the changing room for a while now. I can’t get you outta my head.

Ubb: M-me too. I’ve never felt like that before in my life. I-I kinda liked it.

Pan: Just thinking about you makes me so hot and wet in my panties!

Ubb gulps.

Pan: I want to see you again Ubb. Tomorrow. Just the two of us.

Ubb: But what do if anyone asks where we’re going or what we’re doing?

Pan: I’m not sure. Maybe we could go to the cinema or something?

Ubb: Is there anything good on?

Pan: Does it matter?

Ubb: You have a point. Okay, that sounds good, I haven’t got anything important on tomorrow anyway. Should I come and pick you up?

Pan: Bad idea. My Mom & Dad might get suspicious. Just meet me in the park on the other side of town.

Ubb: Alright. …do I need to…bring anything else?

Pan: Just your gorgeous bod!

Ubb: Hahaha! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this!

Pan: What? You don’t like it when I give you a compliment?

Ubb: It’s not that, it’s just I’m not used to getting compliments from cute girls, that’s all.

Pan: So you think I’m cute?

Ubb: Yeah, actually I do.

Pan: Wow. Keep saying stuff like that, and you may just get more than you bargained for!

Ubb: I’ll……take that as a compliment! I’ll see you tomorrow Pan!

Pan: See ya! I’m looking forward to it! ~_^

Ubb finishes the call on his cell, only to find his class of young upstarts had been behind him the whole time! Ubb became VERY flushed indeed!

KidB: Who were ya talking to?

Ubb: N-none of your business! I thought I told you guys to keep practicing?!

KidC: Was it a girl?

Ubb: S-she’s just a friend! And besides…

KidA: Is she really cute? I heard you say that she was cute!

KidB: Are you in love with her?

KidC: You’re going to meet her tomorrow, aren’t you?

KidD: What’s that bulge in your pants?

Ubb: Ahhhhh! That’s enough!! All of you, 10 laps around the village! NOW!! Move it!

Kids: Auuuugh!

As the kids started running laps, Ubb wondered what would possibly happen tomorrow. He could barely contain his excitement!

In equal measure, Pan could barely contain her excitement. As she lay on her bed, she started to finger her crotch until it became sopping with her juices. She pulled her hand out of her pyjama pants and licked her pussy juice from her fingers. With a satisfied look on her face, she said to herself:

Pan: Ubb will be MINE!


The next day, Pan was waiting for Ubb to arrive at the park the agreed to meet at. She had decided to wear the dress that Ubb had picked out for her at the clothes shop before.

After what seemed like ages, Pan could see Ubb running towards her. He was a little out of breath so he took a moment to compose himself.

Pan: I almost thought you weren’t coming!

Ubb: I’m…so sorry! A little crisis broke out at the village that I had to take care of! As soon as I was done, I rushed over here as fast as I could and…

Pan: It’s all right Ubb, I believe you! I’m just glad you’re finally here! If we hurry, we can catch the start of the movie!

Ubb: Right! Let’s go!

The two of them headed towards the cinema. Pan took the liberty to cling onto Ubb’s arm as they walked. As Ubb looked at her face, he could see that she was blushing.

Ubb: I just realised, If I had had more time, I would’ve gotten you something.

Pan: Like what?

Ubb: I don’t know, maybe chocolates?

Pan: Not the best thing to give a girl who’s trying to look after her figure!

Ubb: Oh…right. Sorry! Maybe flowers?

Pan: Nice, but I think they would raise too much suspicion if my Mom and Dad saw them!

Ubb: Ahh. I see your point. How about……a cuddly toy?

Pan: I’m not a kid you know!

Ubb: ……sorry. I guess I’m just not good at this.

Pan: ……although, a cuddly toy would be quite nice to get. Especially if it’s something REALLY cute!

Ubb: Really cute, huh? That settles it then! After the movie, we’ll go to a toy store and I’ll get you something REALLY cute!

Pan: Yay!! You’re the best Ubb!

Pan clings on tighter to Ubb’s arm. He can feel on of her nipples through the fabric of the dress she is wearing. Realising he was getting hotter, he decided to change the subject a little.

Ubb: I see you decided to wear the dress I picked out! I knew it would look good on you.

Pan: Thank you! I picked it out especially for this date, because I knew you would instantly recognise it!

Ubb: Well it’s kinda hard to miss such a cute looking girl in a cute looking dress!

Pan: I……can’t believe you just said that in public! It’s so embarrassing! *blushes*

Ubb: Oh! Sorry! I didn’t mean to embarrass you like that! I couldn’t help myself!

Pan: It’s okay! Don’t worry about it! Actually, what you just said really turned me on!

Ubb: Really? I’d better not get carried away, or we may not even make it to the cinema!

Pan: You’re right! Let’s hurry!

When they got to the cinema, they were about to go through the doors when they bumped into another couple. Ubb and Pan’s faces turned from joy to despair when they realised who it was they had just bumped into. It was Goten.

Goten: Well-well-well! What do we have here?

Ubb: Goten?! What are you doing here?

Goten: What else? I’m going to see a movie with my friend here!

Girl: Goten? Are these two friends of yours?

Goten: This here’s my little niece Pan. And she appears to be going on a date with my grandpa’s protégé Ubb! My-my Pan! You’re getting into awfully risky business for your age!

Pan: What?! Hold it right there wise guy! It’s certainly not what it looks like! We’re just two friends going to see a movie together! That’s a perfectly normal thing for two friends to do, so zip it Goten!

Goten: You may say that, but that dress says different! You don’t realise that I know you very well Pan! You hate dresses, and I’ve never seen you wear one since you were 2 years old! The fact that you’re wearing one now is astonishing to say the least! What did Ubb do? Catch you naked in the changing rooms?

Both Ubb and Pan went bright red!

Ubb: I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Pan: Y-y-your way off Goten! Ubb? L-l-lets go get our tickets!

Ubb: R-r-right!

The both nervously shuffle off towards the ticket booth.

Girl: Wow. Those two make a really cute couple!

Goten: This is absolutely classic! Wait til everyone hears about this!

Girl: Shouldn’t we just leave them alone?

Goten: But where would the fun be in that?

As everyone entered the auditorium, Pan dragged Ubb by the hand to the very back seats, right in the corner. From there they were sitting, the view of the screen wasn’t very good, but considering what Pan’s plan was, that wasn’t going to be a problem!

Ubb: This is terrible! What are we gonna do? You can be sure that Goten is gonna blab to everyone that he saw the two of us!

Pan: Don’t worry; I already plan to gain his silence after the movie is over! He’s gonna regret messing with me! *fuming*

Ubb: Uhh, Pan? Are you okay?

Just when things seemed like things couldn’t get any worse, Goten and his girlfriend show up right next to them!

Goten: Mind if I join you guys?

Pan: Are you kidding me?! Go sit somewhere else you idiot!

Goten: Ha! Fat chance! Frankly, as your uncle, I feel it’s my duty to keep an eye on you, to make sure you don’t get up to something!

Ubb: Is that the only reason you decided to sit next to us?

Goten: Actually, I just wanted to see the two of you squirm a little!

Pan: But what about your girl over here? Won’t she be pissed you’re not paying attention to her?

Girl: Oh don’t worry about me! I’m just happy to be here! My name is Aoi by the way!

Pan: Great……nice to meet you. Ubb? Can you sit between me and Uncle blabbermouth here?

Ubb: I…suppose so.

Pan: Take your jacket off and put it on your lap!

Ubb: Why?

Pan: Just do it!

Ubb removes his jacket and places it over his lap as Pan requested. After the remaining trailers had finished, the movie started.

Ubb: Uhh, Pan? Why are we sitting in such bad seats?

Pan: Don’t worry about it! I heard this movie’s kinda lame anyway! Just relax!

Pan slowly moves her hand under Ubb’s jacket towards his crotch.

Ubb: *whispers* Pan?! What are you doing?!

Pan: What do you THINK I’m doing?

Pan slides her hand into Ubb’s pants.

Ubb: A-are you crazy?! Goten is right next to us!!

Pan: I know. Exciting, isn’t it?

Ubb: NO!

Goten: You say something dude?

Ubb: Nothing! Nothing at all!

Ubb had to keep as quiet as he could, while Pan continued to stroke and tease his manhood! Beads of sweat began to trickle down his head.

Goten: You alright man? You don’t look well!

Ubb: Actually, I think I need to go to the toilet! Excuse me!

Ubb slides past Goten and Aoi, and heads back up the aisle.

Pan: I’m kinda worried about him. I think I’ll go and check up on him.

Goten: Ahh hah! So THAT was your plan eh?

Pan: Shut up Goten! If you keep it up, I’m gonna so kick your ass!

Goten: Ohhhh! Scarry!

Aoi: Take good care of him, okay?

Pan: *blushes* Right. See you guys in a bit.

Pan also slides past the couple and heads up the aisle.

When she got out side, she couldn’t see Ubb anywhere. She realised he must’ve gone into the men’s toilet, and headed that way.

Pan: Ubb? Where are you?

Ubb: Go away! I’m busy!

Pan: What’re you doing in there?

Ubb: If you must know, thanks to you, I have to relieve some tension!

Pan: Want me to help ya?

Ubb: No thank you!

Pan decides to sneak into the men’s toilet while no one was looking. She heard Ubb making a lot of noise in the cubicle at the very end of the row. She moved over to the end cubicle and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t move. She then levitated herself through the gap in the top of the cubicle, so that she was directly above Ubb. She could see that he was masturbating into the toilet bowl!

Ubb had been oblivious of Pan until he saw a shadow floating above his head!

Ubb: A-ahhh! Pan!! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Pan: I was concerned, so I decided to see if you needed any help!

Ubb: I’m fine thanks! And don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious for you to follow me into the men’s toilet?!

Pan: *floats down* To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking that I could help you with your problem, and maybe you could help me with MY problem?

Pan reached over to the straps on her shoulders, and pulled them down to reveal her pert nipples.

Ubb: Oh…shit.

Pan: What’s all the fuss about Ubb? *rubs nipples with fingers* You’ve already seen them before, right?

Ubb: I’m going to jail. I am going to go to jail for a very long time.

Pan: Not if anyone finds out silly! It’s just our little secret! ~_^

Ubb: Pan…you know I like you a lot, right?

Pan: You do?

Ubb: Yeah, but it’s just too dangerous for the two of us to be doing stuff like this! There are far too many people that we know that would be hurt. I……I think we should…stop this before it gets out of hand!

Pan: Wow……I’m amazed you were able to say all of that while still having your cock out with a raging hard-on.

Ubb: I’m being serious! You’re underage, and I don’t even want to imagine what could happen to us if everyone found out!

Pan kneels down in front of Ubb, grabs his already erect penis and starts to fap it back and forth.

Ubb: Ahhh! What are you doing?! Have you even listened to a word I’ve said?

Pan looks up at Ubb.

Pan: I need this Ubb. Please, just give it to me.

Ubb: Why? Why are you so ready to risk everything for this?

Pan: It’s because I think I have a problem. I constantly get hot, between my legs. It gets worse whenever I see a guy I like. I like you Ubb, a lot. If I don’t do this, I’ll go crazy!

Ubb: Is…is it some kind of medical condition?

Pan: I think so. Just let me do it Ubb, just this once. After that, I promise I’ll never bother you again.

Ubb paused for a moment, but with Pan still stroking his throbbing cock, it was getting harder and harder for him to say no to the proposition!

Ubb: Alright Pan, but just this once okay?

Pan: You’re not gonna regret this!

And with that, Pan placed Ubb’s cock in her mouth and started sucking! All Ubb could do was stand there, as he was being sucked off this pubescent cutie!

Just then, they heard someone enter the toilet!

Ubb stopped dead, hoping that the person couldn’t hear the two of them in the cubicle. Unfortunately Pan didn’t stop, and was still sucking him off! Ubb could feel the pressure building up in his cock, and was getting closer and closer to cumming. He looked down and gave Pan a “please stop!” look, but as Pan looked up at him, her facial expression seemed to say “isn’t this exciting?”. Ubb looked up at the ceiling, then closed his eyes, praying that he could hold on until the person left. But it was already too late.

Ubb climaxed in Pan’s mouth, releasing a torrent of juice deep into her mouth! Pan’s face had a look of shock, the pupils of her eyes shrunk in size. After a moment, she pulled away from Ubb’s cock.

Her mouth was still full of his sperm, and she slowly spewed it onto her hands.

Then, much to Ubb’s embarrassment, Pan rubbed her hands together, then applied his sperm onto her chest as if it was a lotion. By then, the person had finished up what he was doing, and walked towards the door.

Ubb: *whispering* Is…is he gone?

Pan: I thinks so.

Ubb: Oh man! That, was WAY too close!

Pan: THAT was the hottest thing I’ve ever done in a toilet! Let’s do it again!

Ubb: NO! Besides, didn’t you just promise this would be the last time?

Pan: You’re…not gonna hold me to that, are you?

Ubb: ……You made up that thing about the medical condition, didn’t you?

Pan: Yup!

Ubb: Lets just get back before anyone ELSE starts asking questions!

Pan: Okay. Say, did you like what I did when I spread your love juice all over my nipples?

Ubb: Not particularly.

Pan: Auuuhhh! But that was the best part!

After the movie finished, everyone started to leave the auditorium.

Goten: Man! That was a pretty good movie, wouldn’t you agree Pan?

Pan: Bite me!

Aoi: You and Pan were gone for an awfully long time Ubb. Was something wrong?

Ubb: Ahhhh, it was a minor technical problem. Nothing to worry about! *sweating*

Aoi: Ah, I see. Good for you! ~_^

Ubb: Uhhh, thank you?

Pan: Goten? Can I speak to you for a moment?

Goten: Sure! Aoi, I’ll meet you outside in a minute, okay?

Aoi: Sure. I’ll just hang with Ubb for a bit! He’s so cute!

Ubb, Pan and Goten looked at each other for a moment, then at Aoi.

Ubb: …ooooookay. I’ll see you outside Pan.

Pan: Riiiiiight.

Ubb walked towards the exit, with Aoi in tow.

Goten: I bet I know what this is all about!

Pan: Look Goten, I really like Ubb okay? I really think that he could be the one!

Goten: But he’s older than you Pan! How is he the one?

Pan: I’m gonna do something I don’t normally do. I’m pleading with you not to tell anyone. PLEASE Goten?

Goten: You know what? I wasn’t planning on telling anyone anyway! The way I see it, the way you’ve been behaving recently, it’s only a matter of time before EVERYONE finds out. And I’m gonna be there when it happens!

Pan: …uh, okay then. So you promise not to tell?

Goten: Sure. Have fun! While it lasts!

Everyone met up at the exit, then went their separate ways. Unfortunately, the day wasn’t over for Pan and Ubb!

????: PAN!! Is that you Pan?

Pan: *Whispering* Oh god! Who’s that?

Ubb: *whispering* Don’t look now, but I think we’ve been busted!

The two of them turned round to see Goku, Gohan and Vegeta coming out of the local gym.

Goku: Hey guys! Fancy seeing you guys here!

Gohan: Yeah, that’s quite a coincidence! You having fun with Ubb here?

Pan: DAD! You’re embarrassing me! Knock it off already!

Ubb: D-don’t worry about it Gohan! Me and Pan just went to the cinema today! T-that’s all!

Vegeta: What’s the point in that? It was probably rubbish anyway. You should’ve come training with us instead!

Goku: Now-now Vegeta! They’re just kids you know! There’s plenty of time for them to worry about training when they’re older!

Vegeta: Geez, Kakarrot! If we left it up to you, which we HAVE on a number of occasions, the world would once again be doomed because we didn’t adequately prepare for the next super-powered bad guy to show up!

Goku: Well, you know me! I’m a sucker for a good challenge!

Vegeta: ……You may be a good friend Kakarrot, but you’re still an idiot!

Gohan: ANYway…Ubb, how was it? Did you have a lot of fun babysitting Pan for the afternoon?


Ubb: Heh-heh! It wasn’t all that bad really! I had a lot of fun.

Gohan: Really? Well maybe Videl and I will get you to look after Pan more often! How does that sound?

Pan: Really Dad? That’s awesome!

Goku: Wow you two! I gotta say, you look like the perfect couple!

Gohan: Now-now Dad! The last thing we need to do is give these two ideas about becoming boyfriend and girlfriend! I mean, how ridiculous does that sound? What do you think you two?

Ubb and Pan shift nervously on the spot.

Pan: Heh…heh…don’t be so silly Dad? We’re just good friends!

Ubb: T-that’s right! J-just good friends!

Vegeta: *whispers* Yeah, right!

Goku: You know, now that I think about it, Ubb! Didn’t I promise to teach you Instant Transmission?

Ubb: Uhh, yeah Goku. Is that offer still on?

Goku: Well considering how well you’ve looked after my little grand-daughter here, I don’t see why not! Shall we start tomorrow?

Ubb: That sounds great! ……but can we wait a little bit? There was a little crisis at my village earlier today, and I want to make sure that everyone is safe before I begin training. Is that alright?

Goku: That’s fine by me! Just let me know whenever you’re ready!

Ubb: Thanks a lot Goku! Considering the time, I should probably head back now anyway. I’ll see you guy’s later!

Gohan: All right then! Take care! We’ll talk about our little deal later!

Ubb was just about to fly off when Pan grabbed his leg.

Pan: Aren’t you gonna say good bye to me?

Ubb: Ahhh……of course! Good-night Pan!

Pan: I had a really nice time today! I hope you will come to my birthday party next week!

Ubb: I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Pan: Take care! *kisses him on the cheek*

Ubb: Ummm……okay then. See you guys later! *Flies off*

Pan turned round to see Gohan, Goku and Vegeta all staring at her. Blushing, she quickly brushed the awkwardness off.

Pan: He was a complete gentleman today! And very sweet, so that’s why I kissed him on the cheek! That’s all!

Gohan: ……okay Pan. Let’s head home. See you guys later.

Goku: Uhh, sure thing Gohan! Catch ya later!

Gohan and Pan head down the street towards home, while Goku and Vegeta flew off in the opposite direction.

Gohan: Umm, Pan? Can I talk to you for a sec?

Pan: Sure dad. What is it?

Gohan: It’s nothing major, it’s just…

Pan: Geez dad! Just spill it out already!

Gohan: Well it’s just that, don’t you think you should cool it a little around Ubb? I think you’re making him a little uncomfortable!

Pan: For your information, he likes it when I’m nice to him! In fact, he and I……

Gohan: Huh? You and Ubb what?

Pan: It’s nothing! Just forget I said anything!

Gohan: Pan? Are you alright?

Pan: I’m fine Dad! Really! You have nothing to worry about!

Gohan: When you say it like that, it makes me more worried! Did Ubb…do…anything…to you?


Gohan: SORRY!! Sorry! I’ll shut up now, okay? Geez Pan! I used to be able to ask you anything when you were younger, now, nothing!

Pan: Dad? I love you. But if you say anything bad about Ubb, I’m gonna kick your ass!

Gohan: Gotcha! Wow, he must’ve REALLY made an impression on you, if you’re willing to kick my ass for him!

Pan: What can I say? He’s a really special kinda guy!

Gohan: ……Do you smell something?

Pan: Like what?

Gohan: …it’s kinda like…hot sticky sex?

Pan: o_0, (does he know?!)

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta were flying back home.

Vegeta: You know that girl’s got it bad for your student, right?

Goku: What are you talking about Vegeta?

Vegeta: Well, it seems to me that he and Pan seem to getting along famously.

Goku: I……don’t follow.

Vegeta: Cloud 9 must be an awfully wonderfully nice place to live in, eh Kakarrot?

Goku: Auuhh c’mon Vegeta! Just spit it out already!

Vegeta: Let me put it another way……………I could smell him…on her.

Goku: T-that’s not funny Vegeta! You’d better quit it. I don’t want Gohan hearing crazy stuff like that! You hear me?

Vegeta: Fine Kakarrot. Suit yourself. To be quite honest, I couldn’t care less what your grand-daughter gets up to with your little protégé, but if I were you……I would be.

As Vegeta flew off towards Capsule Corp, Goku pondered what he had heard come out of Vegeta’s mouth.

“……I could smell him…on her.”

“Was he right?” Goku thought to himself.

To be Continued……