Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Muscle Art

The first two pics are of a new villain that I created for episode 10 of the "Streets of Rage: Love Triangle" series called "Thunder Thighs Raiken". She's a real firebrand (you can tell by the colour of her hair!), and she likes nothing more than to dominate others, especially the ones she has an attraction to! I loved the idea of such a strong woman dominating Blaze and Becky, that I just had to do a picture of it!
The second two are of Chun Li and Cammy from the Street Figter series. I love her and Chun Li to death, and I like female muscle too. I was only a matter of time before these two passions of mine came together!

The third pic is Cammy White again. I really did a dynamic pose on this pic, to try to emphasise her dangerous nature as a trained killer (and her sexyness!).
The last pic was a simple doodle I did. I thought it looked so good that I'd add some colour to it. I think you'll agree that Green is definitely her colour!
Stay tunes for more art in the future. ^_^

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