Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Pokemon Hentai - Misty & Jessie

This was an old attempt at writing a Pokemon Hentai story. It's been on my to do list for some time, so I'm glad I was finally able to get it finally finished! Overall, I'm quite happy with the results, and may write another Poke-hentai sometime in the future! (I have no idea when though!)

Misty is trying to talk to Ash, who is playing on an arcade machine at the local games arcade in some town.

Misty: C’mon guys! You’ve been on that machine for nearly two hours!

Ash: Sorry Misty, just give me until I complete level 6, then we’ll go and do something fun!

Pikachu: Pi……ka…

Misty: Do you PROMISE?

Ash: Sure, whatever…

Pikachu: ……ka…

Misty: Geez! I’m gonna go find Brock!

Misty leaves the two mesmerized by the hypnotic arcade game. She eventually finds Brock, who’s talking to a couple of cute girls.

Misty: Hey Brock!

Brock: Not right now Misty! I’m in the middle of something! Do you think you could come back a little later?

Misty: But you promised that we’d go and do something fun!

Brock: Well that was BEFORE I met up with these LOVELY young ladies here!

Misty: You know what? Just forget I said anything. I’ll see you later!

Brock: Sure, whatever. Now, where were we?

Girl A: Who was that girl?
Girl B: Yeah, she looked kinda scrawny to be your girlfriend!

Brock: Girlfriend? Hahaha! She’s not my girlfriend! She’s just someone I travel with occasionally! That’s all!

The girls look at each other.
Girls: Ooooohh!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arcade, Team Rocket are also taking time out from trying to steal the twerp’s Pokemon for a two player arcade game. Jessie is not playing.

Jessie: How much longer are the two of you going to take on that stupid game?

James: It wasn’t stupid 5 minutes ago when you were winning! Now you lost, so you’ll have to wait until either me or Meowth losses the next round before you get another turn!

Meowth: Yea!! You were hogging this game for too long anyways, so just keep your mouth shut and wait your turn!

Jessie: Well the way you two play, I’ll be here until I’m an old woman! That, quite frankly is something I’m NOT looking forward to. I’ll see you two clods later!

James & Meowth: Sure, whatever…

Outside the arcade, Misty is sitting on her own looking miserable. She really wanted to enjoy the day, but because of the boys, she was in a really foul mood.

Misty: Auughhh! Those damn guys! They NEVER take my feelings into consideration! They are complete and utter JERKS!

????: I hear ya sister! I hear ya!

Misty: Huh?

She turns round to see Jessie staring at her from the bench directly behind hers.

Misty: Wahh!! Team Rocket!! There is NO WAY I’m letting you anywhere near my Pokemon!

Jessie: Relax, will you? I’m not here to steal your Pokemon, at least not today anyway!

Misty: Well, what are you doing here then?

Jessie: I got bored waiting for my idiot partners to finish gaming in that stupid gaming arcade and came outside for some fresh air. What about you?

Misty: Surprisingly, the same. Why ARE men such jerks sometimes?

Jessie: I’m not totally sure, but as a more experienced woman, I say it’s better to leave them to it. Us girls can find other ways to amuse ourselves, can’t we?

Misty: You’re right! Let’s ditch those guys and go shopping for some fashionable clothes!

Jessie: Now you’re talking MY language! Let’s go!

And with that, the girls went on the mother of shopping sprees. They had lunch together, then shopped some more. Unfortunately, the bought so much, they could barely carry everything!

Misty: Do you get the impression that maybe we bought too much?

Jessie: Perhaps. I’ve just had an idea.

Misty: What did you have in mind?

The two arrived at a cheap hotel that Team Rocket had rented for the night. Jessie struggled, but managed to use their room key to open the door, then dropped all her stuff on one of the beds.

Jessie: There! Problem solved!

Misty: That’s pretty clever, but how EXACTLY is that supposed to help ME?

Jessie: Well, eh, I didn’t say it was a PERFECT plan, did I? Just drop your stuff in the corner, and make yourself comfortable!

*looking bemused* Misty: If you say so…

Jessie: You relax in front of the TV. I’ll get us some snacks. *opens up what looks like a small refrigerator* HOLY CRAP!

Misty: Huh? What is it?

Jessie: I’m not sure you’ll want to see this!

Misty: Well, that just makes me want to see it even more! Let me see!

Misty moves over to where Jessie is standing.

Misty: What the…. Are those SUPPOSED to be in there?!

Jessie: I think so…

The small cabinet was filled to the brim with sex toys, everything from nipple clamps to anal plugs, and the MOTHER of all double ended dildos!

Misty: I think it’s time I left! See ya later!

As Misty heads for the door, Jessie rushes to block her exit by standing in her way.

Jessie: Hold on a second! Aren’t you at least a little bit curious?

Misty: About what?

Jessie: About becoming a REAL woman! Finding out the kinds of things that turn you on. The sooner you find out, the better it will be for you when you eventually find that dream guy, and the two of you want too….

Misty: Stop right there! I can see right through YOU! Are you a lesbian or something?! I’d I didn’t know better, I’d almost think you planned the whole thing from the very beginning!

Jessie: I-I have no idea what you’re talking about! I’m just trying to lend some friendly woman to woman advice!

Jessie stands aside, letting Misty through.

Jessie: I’m not gonna force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You’re free to leave with all of your shopping.

*Misty goes to pick up her purchased items*

Jessie: Just bear in mind that this is a one time deal. If you leave, you and I will be nothing more than enemies from here on out. This advice will probably elude you for the rest of your life. Are you SURE you want to pass up on this GOLDEN opportunity?

Misty pauses for a moment. She slowly turns to Jessie.

Misty: One condition.

Jessie: Name it.

Misty: No one. Must. Find. Out. EVER! Got it?

Jessie: Deal. Welcome to the PLEASURE DOME! A-HAHAHAHAHa!


Meanwhile, Ash met up with Brock outside the arcade.

Brock: Hey Ash, have you seen Misty recently?

Ash: No. I thought she was with you?

Brock: No, I was…eh, busy dealing with some babes. I mean babies. Yeah, that sounds right, babies. Baby Pokemon.

Ash and Pikachu gave Brock a confused look.

Brock: ANYway, we should probably go looking for her. We all need to get up bright and early tomorrow to leave for Busty Town. I mean Titty-vile. I mean…

Ash: Never mind! She’s probably gone shopping or something. Let’s just go to the most likely places she would visit.

Brock: Right.

They were just about to head off when they bumped into James and Meowth.

Meowth: Hey look James! It’s the twerps!

James: You’re right, it is the twerps!

Meowth: Let’s get ‘em!

Brock: Ahh! Look out! It’s Team Rocket!

Ash: Here? Damn it! Pikachu! Electric Attack, NOW!

James: WAAAAAIIIITTT! Wait! Hold on a second!

Ash: What is it now?

James: Hey! Let’s not be hasty now! I’m in no hurry to be blasting off just now, right Meowth?

Meowth: I hate to say it, but he does have a point!

James: Besides, all we were doing is looking for Jessie. She’s gone missing, and we can’t find her.

Brock: You too?

Meowth: What’s that supposed to mean?

Brock: We’ve lost Misty. We think she may have gone shopping. For Bras.

Ash: *whispering* I didn’t mention anything about Bras!

James: I have an idea. Why don’t we call a truce until we can find our female counterparts, then we can battle as much as you want.

Ash: No way! You guys will probably betray us as soon as you get the opportunity!

Brock: Well I think it’s a good idea. We’re sure to cover more ground in less time that way.

Ash: Are you nuts? This is TEAM ROCKET we’re talking about here! You can forget it!

Brock: Fine then, you can go by yourself. Let’s go guys!

James: Right.

Ash: Wha? Brock! You can’t just go off with them like that! Brock?!

As the group walked off, Ash was left wondering what the heck just happened.

Ash: Ahh, who needs ‘em. At least I still have you, Pikachu…Pikachu?

Pikachu: ……Pika.

Pikachu gave Ash a “you’re an idiot” look, then went to follow Brock and the others.

Ash: What the? ……Fine. See if I care! I can find Misty all by myself! You’ll see!

Ash decides to go in the opposite direction.


Back at the hotel, Misty was being schooled in the perverted arts by Jessie. They had both taken their clothes off, and were sitting on the bed looking at a number of different sex toys they had found in the fridge.

Jessie: What about this one? *holds up big black dildo*

Misty: That’s way too big! I wouldn’t be able to walk for a month after using something like that! I’d much prefer to use something like this *holds up small pink capsule shaped vibrator*

Jessie: Not bad, but I’d at least use 5 of those in your ass for a better effect.

Misty: 5? You’re nuts! 1 is MORE than enough!

Jessie: Alright then, what about this? *holds up anal plug*

Misty: That’s way too perverted!

Jessie: Look, think about it this way. One small vibrator might be enough for a couple of months, but after that, you’re gonna want something with a bit more KICK!

Misty: …How do you know so much about this kind of thing?

Jessie: Well, being the fully fledged woman that I am, I require more intense stimulation to get me off.

Misty: But don’t you ever find yourself wanting to do it with a real guy?

Jessie: …sometimes, but when you only have the two brain-pans for company, you have to make do. What about you?

Misty: I try not to think about it too much. I would never even consider sleeping with Ash or Brock, those two are far to immature! I normally just finger myself off in the bath and call it a day.

Jessie: Wow. We really are a couple of sad cases, aren’t we?

Misty: Yeah!

The two girls laugh at their shared misfortune.

Misty: Well anyway, how is it you are able to get such large toys inside you anyway?

Jessie: It takes a lot of practice! Do you want me to show you?

Misty: No-no, it’s okay. Really.

Jessie: C’mon! You’ve come this far, you might as well go all the way!

Misty: No Jessie! I don’t want to damage my body by trying to force one of those things inside me!

Jessie: The female body can take a lot more pain than you’d think! How else do you think women can survive childbirth?

Misty: …

Jessie: I promise we’ll go slow and easy, so you can build up your tolerance.

Misty: ……okay.

Jessie: Good girl! Now, let’s start with this bad boy!

Misty: Are you sure about this?

Jessie pulls out a large bottle of sex lube

Jessie: With this much lube, we can’t go wrong!


After 2 hours of searching, Ash was exhausted. He had no idea where Misty had gone, and was quickly losing patience! He went to sit down on a nearby bench, and promptly went to sleep. Meanwhile, Brock and James were walking down the high street to see if they could spot the girls. I few trips into the post popular clothes shops in the city revealed that the girls had been there, but the shop clerks had no idea where they went next. One thing James and Brock knew for certain: Wherever the girls were, they were both together. This fact in itself was strange enough to warrant further investigation!

Pikachu and Meowth had been to the local beauty parlours in a vain attempt to help the guys, but there’s only so much two Pokemon can do in a situation like this (even when one of them has the ability to talk!). Pikachu couldn’t make the shop clerks understand what he was saying, and Meowth’s rude mouth only got the both of them thrown out of every beauty parlour they visited!

Choosing to eventually give up, Pikachu and Meowth ran into Ash, who was still sleeping on the bench. Pikachu gave him a rude awakening with a Thunder Shock attack!

Ash: OwwowowOW! What the hell did you do that for?!

Meowth: While you were sleeping on the job, me and Pikachu here were busting our butts off trying to find the girls!

Pikachu: PIKA!!!

Ash: Huh? What did Pikachu just say?

Meowth: I think he just called you a DUMBASS!

Ash: Wha? Why you little punk! I aughta kick your sorry yellow ass back to Pallet Town!

Meowth: I wouldn’t say stuff like that to him if I were you?

Ash: Why the hell not? He’s my damn Pikachu! I can speak to him however I LiaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHH!

Ash’s sentence had been interrupted by a Thunderbolt attack by a very irate Pikachu! Seconds later, James and Brock ran round the corner towards them.

Brock: How’d it go with you guys?

Meowth: Not good. We kept getting kicked out before we could get any answers.

A quick shock from Pikachu made Meowth correct his sentence.

Meowth: Actually, it was all my fault.

Brock: What about you Ash?

Ash: I, uhhh, couldn’t find them.

A quick shock from Pikachu made Ash correct his sentence.

Ash: Actually I didn’t try very hard, then I fell asleep.

James: Well at least some of us actually tried to find them!

Meowth: What did you find out?

James: Well after dragging Mr. Pervert here away from every lingerie section we saw, we found a few shop clerks that HAD seen Jessie and the girl shopping…together!

Ash: Together? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

Brock: I know! Something is going on, but right now we don’t know what!

Meowth: So you’re saying you don’t know where they are either?

Brock and James looked at each other, then looked at the others.

Brock & James: Not a clue.

Meowth: Dandy. Just fucking dandy!!


Back at the hotel, Misty was slowly losing her inhabitations, as Jessie teased her small pert nipples! A black plastic dildo was buzzing and rotating around inside Misty’s pussy!

Misty: Oh god! I had no idea a Dildo could feel this good!

Jessie: This is only the tip of a very steep iceberg! You have no idea just how much pleasure a woman can have!

Misty: Really? How is that possible?

Jessie: Let’s just say, I’ve been eyeing that cute little ass of yours! I’m wondering how big of a toy we can get in there!

Misty: Wait a minute! I don’t think I’d feel uncomfortable doing something like that! My ass is very precious to me!

Jessie: It may be right now, but when I’m through with it, you’ll be begging to shove anything and everything into it!

Jessie grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a large amount into her hand, before massaging it onto Misty’s anus!

Jessie: Doesn’t that feel good? The squishy noise can be such a turn on!

Misty: It feels…strange, but nice. My body feels like it’s getting hotter and hotter between my legs!

Jessie: Remember to keep using the dildo. The vibrations will make it easier for you to relax your lower muscles!

Misty: O-okay. I’ll try, but the sensations are starting to feel really intense!

Jessie: They’re about to get even more intense!

After making sure Misty was sufficiently lubricated, Jessie slid her little finger into Misty’s butthole!

Misty: Oh!

Jessie: Does that feel interesting?

Misty: I…I can feel it! Your finger is in my ass! I can feel my ass muscles spasming like crazy!

Jessie: Just relax! I’m gonna take it slow, so you can get more used to the sensation.

Jessie began to slide her finger in and out of Misty’s ass.

Misty: I-I can’t believe it! I’m being fingered by a member of Team Rocket!

Jessie: Hey, there are worse things in life you know! Just go with the flow!

Jessie continued to finger Misty’s bum deeper and deeper, until it was right up to the knuckle! She then started twisting it around inside, and was even flexing it back and forth inside Misty’s anus!

Misty: Your finger is driving me crazy! How much more are you going to do to me?

Jessie: Well, why don’t we try with TWO fingers? Let’s see what that feels like, shall we?

Jessie then inserted a second finger in right next to the first. Her manipulation of Misty’s ass was becoming more creative, as she fingered into her anus by alternating between one and the other in a steady rhythm! Misty could feel her heart pounding as both of the holes between her legs were getting hotter and wetter!

Misty: Oh god! I think I’m gonna cum soon! I can feel it!

Jessie: That’s it! Stay with it as long as you can! Once you feel you can’t hold on any longer, let it all out. EVERYTHING!

As Misty felt Jessie’s fingers fingering her ass into oblivion, she felt compelled to push the dildo in her pussy deeper and deeper, until the tip was touching her cervix! With an almighty cry Misty reached climax, which sent shivers down her body! The sexual spasms were so intense, she thought she was going to pass out! And she did!

Minutes later, she came too to see Jessie was fucking herself with a double-dick shaped dildo!

Jessie: How was your first REAL orgasm?

Misty: It was amazing! I’d never felt anything like it in my life before!

Jessie: You may have thought that was good, but I can show you a lot more amazing things tonight!

Misty: Don’t you think the guys will be wondering where we are by now?

Jessie: Who cares? Let’s just have as much as possible right now!

Misty: …Alright then! Hey, how does that double ended dildo feel?

Jessie: Fantastic! You should try it as well!

Misty: Jeez! You really can’t get enough of this stuff, can you?

Jessie: By the time we’re done here, you’ll be exactly the same as me!

As Misty looked on, Jessie continued to fuck herself with the double dildo. With extreme force, she grinded her hips onto the toy in a very aggressive manner! Misty could see beads of sweat all over Jessie’s body. At some point, Jessie changed position, using one hand to rub her clit and the other to fuck herself with the double dildo.

After about a minute, Jessie let out a loud moan which told Misty she had just reached orgasm! As she pulled the double dildo out of her pussy and ass, she squirted a clear odourless liquid out of her urethra into the air! The liquid went all over the bed, on Jessie, and some even landed on Misty’s leg!

Misty: Eww! Why did you just pee all over the place? Don’t you think the hotel manager will kick us out when he finds out?

Jessie: *panting heavily* That’s…not pee! That’s female…cum!

Misty: Female…cum?

Jessie: Yes! Just like…when a man cums…he squirts his man sauce out of his dick. Women…can do something…very similar!

Misty: Really? I had no idea! Does it feel good?

Jessie: Hell yeah! But don’t just take my word for it! Why don’t I show you how it’s done?

Misty looked on in apprehension at what Jessie had said, but at this point was far too curious to quit so early.

Misty: Alright! I’m in! What do I have to do?


After more hours of searching, the guys were just about to give up on trying to find the girls.

Ash: This is ridiculous! How could they have just disappeared together like that?

Brock: Well to be honest, we did kinda blow Misty of earlier at the arcade. Maybe she’s doing this just to get revenge?

James: That certainly sounds like Jessie! She’s such an attention whore, she would do something just like this just to get our attention! But she probably would’ve come back by now! I don’t understand it either!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Meowth: Jeez! How hard can it be to find one short girl with ginger hair, wearing hotpants and a yellow t-shirt, and another girl with magenta hair that comes down to her knees in the shape of a claw, wearing a dark boots, a white miniskirt and a white jacket with the letter “R” on it!

????: Um, I think I saw those ladies you just described!

Everyone turned round to see a small, old looking man with a balding head and a white moustache.

Ash: Wait, what?

Brock: Are you saying you saw the girls that Meowth just described?

Old Man: I think I did. My eyesight may not be what it used to be, but I’m sure I saw two girls that fit description your Meowth over there just gave. They were both carrying a ton of shopping with them. Pretty strange thing, I thought!

James: Did you see where they went?

Old Man: Well now…let me think…. Didn’t the girl with the claw-shaped hair mention something about the Emerald Hotel? I’m pretty sure one of them mentioned the Emerald Hotel. They were certainly heading that way…

Meowth: That’s where we’re staying!

James: Yes it is! But why would Jessie take the twerp to our temporary base of operations?

Ash: Thanks old guy, you’re a life saver!

Old Man: Think nothing of it. I’m just glad I was able to remember anything today! Those girls were really something, with their silky soft skin and long, slender legs…

Ash: Umm, okay thanks. Let’s go guys!

Old Man: And the rack on the red-haired one! Damn! Makes me wish I was 40 years younger! Hell, I’d even hit that now!

Ash: …seriously dude, you’re freaking us out…

Brock: He doesn’t seem so bad! Wanna come with us, old geezer?

Old Man: Sure! Got nothing else better to do! My wife’s gonna kill me when I get back anyway!

James: Wow. This old man is even more of a pervert than Brock here!

Brock: Ain't nothin’ wrong with that! What’s your name, old timer?

Old Man: My name? To be honest, I can’t remember for the life of me! Most people jus call me Geezer!

Brock: That sounds fine with me! Let’s go, Geezer!

Geezer: Right behind ya!

The others look on as Brock and Geezer walk down the street next to each other. They were walking in the exact same way, with exaggerated steps as if they were power walking. They were both stopped in their tracks as a beautiful blond woman with big boobs walked right past them. Without even thinking, both men changed direction and followed the woman.

Ash: This day just seems to be getting stranger and stranger…

James: You can say that again!

Meowth: Well then, what the heck are we waiting for? Let’s get down there!

James: Let’s just head for the Emerald Hotel!

Pikachu: Pika-CHU!!


By this point, Misty was receiving a squirting lesson from Jessie. As Misty lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, Jessie kneeled down in front of her, rubbing her clit.

Misty: Are you sure this is going to work?

Jessie: It will, but in order for it to work, you need to relax and let the sexual energy build up between your legs.

Misty: I-I don’t think I can! I’m just too self conscious!

Jessie: Don’t, worry! What I’m about to do will change that!

Using her two middle fingers, Jessie inserted them into Misty’s pussy, towards the roof of the vagina. She was feeling for a soft spongy spot about an inch from the opening of her vaginal opening. Once she found it, she began to rub it in a circular motion.

This specialised stimulation was really starting to take effect on Misty, as she could feel the spot that Jessie was rubbing becoming bigger and more swollen!

Misty: W-What is this? It feels amazing! My pussy is going crazy!

Jessie: That’s what happens when you target the G-spot! Just by my stimulation of this spot, I will unlock a powerful door into your womanhood!

Misty: I-I’m getting so hot! M-My nipples and clit have grown out like little bullets!

Jessie: That’s right. You are finally experiencing true sexual energy at its most intense! Your body is being transformed from a timid little bud into a full grow flower!

Misty: I-I-I feel like I want to pee!

Jessie: Don’t worry. I asked you to go to the toilet before we started, right?

Misty: Y-yeah.

Jessie: Then you can relax! What your body will release next will be a fluid created by your own body!

Misty: My…own…body?

Jessie: Correct!

As the sensations in Misty’s body intensified, Jessie stepped up the game. Using the same two fingers, Jessie began jabbing on the G-spot repeatededly and quickly! This added pressure caused Misty to reach orgasm, squirting small droplets of pussy juice out from her urethra onto Jessie’s hand!

Misty: Oooohhh! That was soooo gooood! I never knew a woman’s body could do something like that! I’m still buzzing!

Jessie: You’re finally starting to see what I’ve been talking about, aren’t you?

Misty: Yeah! I don’t think I’ll ever think about sex in the same way again!

Jessie: You know, just getting you off has made me so horny as well! Why don’t we finish off this crazy night together?

Misty: What do you have I mind?

Jessie quickly rummages inside the cabinet full of sex toys. She finally pulls out a giant black double ended dildo!

Misty: I-It’s so big! I’d have enough trouble just fitting one end into me!

Jessie picked up the bottle of lube and squirted a large amount on both ends of the dildo. The right in front of Misty, she squeezed one end of it into her pussy! Slowly but surely, she managed to get just under half of its length into her. She wasn’t finished however, as she then grabbed an anal beads toy, lubed that up and squeezed this toy one by one into her ass! Misty looked on in utter astonishment.

Misty: Wow! You really are an expert at this, aren’t you?

With the dildo still hanging down between her legs, Jessie walked towards the bed, climbed on, and held the other end of the dildo towards Misty.

Jessie: Think you can take care of the other end for me?

Misty: You don’t have to ask me twice!


By this time, the guys had arrived at the Emerald Hotel. When they got into the lobby, James went up to the to the front desk rang the bell. An attendant soon came to see him.

James: Hello there, I need the spare key to room 204 please.

Attendant: What’s the name?

James: Mr and Mrs…Rocket?

Attendant: Ah yes! Room 204. Here you go, Mr Rocket! I believe your wife has already returned to your room?

James: Ah yes, I believe she has.

Attendant: If that’s the case, why do you need the spare key?

James: Well…we’ve had a…little disagreement! She probably won’t let me in if she knows it’s me, so…do you think you could help me out?

Attendant: Of course sir! Here you go!

James: Thank you very much!

Meowth: That took longer than expected!

James: I had to get my story straight so he wouldn’t get suspicious! I have the key now, so let’s just go already!

Ash: I wonder what the girls have been up to all this time? It’s been like 4 and a half hours since we last saw them!

James: Knowing Jessie, they probably went crazy on facials, pedicures and steam sessions in the nearby spa! By the time they’re done, the bill will no doubt be astronomical!

Brock: What if they’ve been up to…something else?

Ash: Huh? What the hell are you talking about Brock?

Brock: I, ahh…never mind! It’s just my stupid imagination!

Geezer: Well if your imagination is stupid, mine must be the same. Just the thought of those two girls in a room alone together send blood rushing to my…

Ash: Shall we just hurry up and go? I’ve a bone to pick with Misty fro making me worry about her skinny ass all afternoon!

James: Right! I too have a few words to say to Jessie as well!

Meowth: Who are you kidding James? You won’t say a thing!

James: I will too! I really mean it this time!

Meowth: Sure, sure! Whatever you say champ!

The guys all bundled into the lift, which was a very tight squeeze indeed! When they got to the correct floor, they stepped out to the muffled sound of yelling and moaning from all the way down the corridor.

Brock: Can you…hear that?

Ash: Hear what?

Brock: It sounds like…yelling and moaning.

James: It’s probably one of the other rooms. Our room is this way guys.

As the group walked down the corridor, the moaning and yelling was getting louder and louder.

Ash: I think Brock was right! I can hear it too!

Brock: I think it’s coming from that room over there!

James: That can’t be right! That’s…OUR ROOM!

Meowth: Maybe the old geezer’s suspicions were right after all! This could be interesting!

James: Keep it down! I want to hear what’s going on!

As the guys pressed their heads against the door of room 204, they could hear the familiar voices of Misty and Jessie!

Misty: Oh GOD! This is the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life! I never want it to end!

Jessie: Me too! You’re so amazing Misty! I wish we could do this more often!

Misty: Ahh! That’s it! Deeper! I want to go deeper!

Jessie: How…deep…do you…want…to go?

Misty: I want it…I want it all the way inside me!!

The last statement made all the guys get a nosebleed and an erection at the same time!

Brock: Oh my god! They’re actually doing it! This might be the happiest day of my life!

Geezer: Me too!

Ash: Let’s not jump to conclusions now guys! This could just be a misunderstanding!

Brock: Are you kidding me? Did you not hear Misty say the word “FUCK”?! You know, for a Pokemon trainer you’re not very observant, you know that?

Ash: What’s that supposed to mean?!

James: Shhh! We don’t want them to know that we’re here!

Meowth: Okay! Let’s open the door and sneak in to get a peek of what’s going on!

Brock: Good idea!

Ash: I tell you, they’re not gonna be doing anything!

Brock: Then you can stay here! Let’s go guys!

As James opens the door and sneaks inside with the others, Ash chooses to stay outside for a bit, until he realises he would be an idiot if he missed out on the hot action as well!

The guys snuck right up to the door of the bedroom and peeked inside. Right there on the bed, in all it’s glory, as a naked Misty and Jessie! They were fucking each other with a double-ended dildo inside each other’s pussies! The guys tried their hardest to keep their voices to a whisper, so they wouldn't be heard!

Brock: Holy shit! This is totally hot!

Geezer: I think…I may pass out…and die a happy…happy man!

James: And to think! I had no idea what Jessie was up to while I was asleep!

Meowth: I knew!

James: You did?! Why didn’t you tell me?!

Meowth: A cat’s gotta have his secrets!

James: Not something like this, you lousy moggy!!

Ash: I-I can’t believe it! Misty looks so…fuckable!

Brock: I know!

As the guys looked on in complete awe, the girls continued to grind and gyrate on the bed as if they were possessed! As they fucked each other with the giant black dildo, they were both rubbing their clits vigorously!

Jessie: I can feel the tip of it pressing up against the wall of my cervix! If I push any harder, it just might go in!

Misty: I-is that safe?

Jessie: To be honest, right now I just don’t care! I can feel myself about to cum!

Misty: Me too! Shall we come together?

Jessie: Yeah! Let’s scream the whole hotel down!

As both girls reached orgasm, they both let out a ear-shattering scream as they sprayed each other with their pussy juice! The spray was so spectacular, they not only covered each other, but the entire bed as well!

After their bodies were entirely spend, they both slumped onto the bed, utterly exhausted! The looks on their faces was that of complete bliss, as the sexual backwash from their combined orgasms spiralled and cycled around their bodies, causing them to shudder uncontrollably!

After what had seemed like an eternity, Jessie got up on her knees. She first pulled out her end of the double-ended dildo from between her legs, causing more pussy juice to splash onto the bed! She then crawled on top of Misty and kissed her fully on the lips.

Jessie: I want to thank you for making my day Misty! I had more fun today than I’ve had in a long time!

Misty: I should be thanking you Jessie! You opened my eyes to a whole other world of sexuality! If it weren’t for you, I probably would’ve carried on living my life like a sexually repressed cold fish!

Jessie: It was my pleasure! It’s just a shame we can’t tell anyone what we’ve been up to! It’ll just have to be our little secret!

Misty: You’ll have no argument from me!

????: What the hell is going on here?!

The loud voice made everybody in the room nearly jump out of their skins! The guys all fell through the bedroom door onto the floor in front of the girls, as they desperately tried to cover up with the cum-soaked sheets!

Officer Jenny walked through the door behind the guys, followed by two other officers.

Jessie: W-W-What are the police doing here?!

Jenny: Don’t you think your little playtime was a bit on the loud side? We got a call from the Hotel Management, stating that their customers are complaining about a huge amount of noise coming from room 204!

Misty: Were we…that loud?

Jenny: No less than 12 other rooms have complained about the noise! I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you all down to the station for questioning!

Jessie: B-But we haven’t done anything wrong!

Jenny: The Management have pressed charges on the both of you for disturbing the peace! Guys? Get these Peeping Toms outta here!

James: But we didn’t do anything wrong! This is my room too!

Jenny: Tell it to the judge! Get these knuckle-heads outta here!

Brock: Officer Jenny! This is all just a little misunderstanding! I’m sure we can come up to some sort of agreement…over dinner maybe?

Jenny: Stow it, lover boy! You’re going with the rest of the trash!

Brock: Auuuhhh maaaaan! This totally blows! I thought all Officer Jenny’s were cute, but you just made my “Frigid Damsel” list!

Ash: Misty! You have to bail us out!

Misty: Are you kidding me? I don’t bail out “Peeping Toms”, you pervert!

Ash: I’m not a PERVERT!!

Meowth: What a revoltin’ development!

Pikachu: Pi…ka…CHUUUUU!!!!

After the guys had been escorted out of the room by Jenny’s men, Jenny turned to the girls as they started getting dressed.

Jenny: Hold on second girls. I want to ask you both a question before we leave.

Misty: We know! We’re really sorry Officer Jenny, it was totally a one-off thing! We promise we won’t do it again!

Jenny: That’s not what I wanted to ask you about, in fact there aren’t even going to be any charges brought against you two if you can both do something for me.

Jessie: And what would that be, Officer?

At that moment, Officer Jenny ripped open her shirt to reveal a cup-less purple bustier! She then undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground to reveal a giant two headed strap-on dildo!

Jenny: Will the both of you be willing to take it in both holes?

A look of shear surprise and excitement crept across both girls faces! Jenny beckoned them towards her by using her index fingers in a curling motion. Jessie and Misty wasted no time in stripping down again and moving over to the sexy officer!

Jessie: How do you want to proceed, Officer?

Jenny: I want you to suck on my cocks! You’re gonna be the first to receive them!

Jessie: Yes ma’am!

Misty: What about me, Officer Jenny?

Jenny: My tits need some loving! Suck on them!

Misty: Gladly!

Misty began to lick and suck on Jenny’s nipples, while Jessie went to work on her dildo. After a couple of minutes of licking and sucking, Jessie said:

I can’t take it any more! Please Officer! Drill my holes into submission!

Jenny: Well, it seems you’ve done a good job of lubing up my big toy here! Bend over, so you can receive your reward!

Jessie: Yes Officer!

As Jessie bent over in front of Jenny, her pussy and anus eagerly accommodated the size and length of both dildos! As Jessie enjoyed the rapture she was about to enjoy, Jenny and Misty gave each other a full-on kiss on the lips, playing their tongues around each other’s mouths as if it were chocolate ice cream! As Jenny and Misty played with each other’s erect nipples, Jessie wasted no time thrusting her hips deeper and deeper onto the thick and long dual shaped toy!

The guys had about as much fun as they were going to get that evening, but for the girls, the party was only beginning!

The End!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sexy She Hulk!

This is my second She Hulk artwork. Funny thing is, I wasn't gonna add muscles on this one, but before I knew it, I'd already added some on her abdomen. I had no choice but to continue, and the rest is history. She Hulk is a really cool and sexy character, I know I'll definately do another one of her in the future!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dragonball Hentai - Goku and Pan - Episode 3

It had been two weeks since the incident with Goku and Pan at Pan’s home. Luckily things had settled down afterwards, allowing Pan to concentrate on her exams. She had just barely managed to pass! Goku however, failed to get the Postman job, and Chichi punished him by refusing to have sex with him until he did get a job (which in hindsight ended up being harder on her than him!).

The two had never spoken to each other about what had happened, acting very distant with each other whenever they were around the others.

As a way of apology, Goku took Pan to the beach to spend some family time.

Goku: Hey Pan! Are you ready yet?

Pan: I’ll be out in a second! Let me just get my hat!

As Pan finally walked out of the changing room, Goku noticed that Pan was wearing a cute white one-piece bathing suit and a straw hat.

Goku: Wow Pan! You look really cute!

Pan: Thanks Grandpa! It took me a while to find something I liked, so I eventually just went for something simple! Yours is pretty cool too!

Goku was wearing a pair of orange boxers with his emblem on one side.

Goku: Thanks! I just went for my favourite colour! Stick to what you know, that’s what they say, right?

Pan: Ummm, sure. Let’s get out there and have some fun!

Goku: Yeah!

After a couple of hours, Goku and Pan managed to build a sand castle together, which was going to be quite impressive looking. That is, until a couple of kids playing Frisbee accidentally knocked it over!

Pan: What the hell?! We spent ages on this castle!

KidA: Sorry! My brother has a hard time throwing straight!

KidB: I do not!

KidA: Yes you do!

KidB: NO I DON’T!!

Pan: Will the two of you shut the hell up?! I’m so mad right now, I feel like knocking the two of you into the middle of next week!

Goku: Now-now Pan! Let’s not get worked up over such a silly thing, eh? Let’s just go play in the sea for a bit! It’s bound to cool you off a little bit!

Pan: I suppose so. But by the time I get back, I expect that castle to be fixed, got it? If you don’t, there will be hell to pay!

KidB: O-Okay!

KidA: *gulp* Yes Ma’am!

While the kids desperately tried to fix what they had ruined, Goku and Pan splashed around in the salty sea water for a bit.

Pan: Ha! Take that Grandpa! *Splashes Goku*

Goku: Hey! That’s not fair!

Pan: What’s not fair?

Goku: I just saw you use a Ki blast to make your water attack more powerful!

Pan: Did I? I must’ve done it without realising! ~_^

Goku: Oh yeah? Well I’m not gonna let you get away with it this time! Ka-me-ha…

Pan: Huh? Wait a minute! Aren’t you taking this a little too far? Grandpa!!

Goku: …ME- HAAA!!!

Goku launched a huge amount of water at Pan knocking her into the water!

Goku: Ha! I got you good this time Pan!......Pan? Are you alright?

A few seconds later, Pan resurfaced. She was okay, but the same couldn’t be said for her swimsuit! Goku’s water blast had torn holes exactly where here nipples and pussy were on her costume! The white fabric was also soaked through, revealing the delicate skin underneath!

Pan: M-my costume! Look what you’ve done Grandpa!

Goku was too busy trying to hide a small erection that he was getting in his pants!

Goku: Ummm, sorry Pan! Why don’t we take you back to the changing rooms and find you another costume, eh?

Pan: *covering her nearly naked body* This costume cost a lot of money Grandpa! You’re gonna have to buy me a new one when we get back!

Goku helped Pan towards the changing rooms, shuffling along in front of her so that no one could see her exposed parts! (Even though her butt was still showing!)

When they got back to the changing rooms, all Pan could find was her white towel, which she decided to wrap around herself as a makeshift swimsuit. Goku promised to buy her an Ice Cream to make up for ruining her swimsuit!


The sun was starting to go down as Goku and Pan sat together under the pier, eating their Ice Cream.

Goku: …

Pan: Well?

Goku: Well what?

Pan Aren’t you gonna apologise for taking advantage of me when I was vulnerable?

Goku: Vulnerable? You were pretty much demanding to have sex with me!

Pan: I clearly wasn’t myself, and you knew it!

Goku: Alright already! I’ve already apologised enough, haven’t I?

Pan: Actually, no! I don’t think there is enough grovelling you can do to make up for it!

Goku: You know what? I’m getting pretty tired of this Pan! You know I would never intentionally hurt you! You realise that, don’t you?!

Pan: …

Goku: Are you…crying?

Pan: …no.

Goku turned to see tears streaming down Pan’s face.

Goku: Oh Pan. My sweet innocent little Pan. Come here.

Unable to hold back any longer, Pan leapt into the arms of her grandfather. As they embraced each other, the world seemed to slip away around them.

Pan: You know what the funny thing is? I’m far angrier at myself than I am at you.

Goku: Why’s that?

Pan: Well, after that day, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you!

Goku: Really?

Pan: Yeah. I can’t even remember what that guy I had a crush on looks like any more, because all I see in my dreams is…you.

Goku: Pan…you shouldn’t. It’s wrong.

Pan: I know, but I want to so badly! I don’t think I care any more!

Goku pulled Pan away from him and looked directly at her face. He could see her face was flushed, and that she was breathing heavily.

Goku: You can’t be still suffering from the astral link with Chichi, can you? She hasn’t been sexually active for weeks!

Pan: It must be just me then!

Pan moved close to Goku’s chest, and began licking his nipple!

Goku: Pan…stop it.

Pan pulled back for a moment, then unfastened her towel. She let it fall, revealing her innocent naked body. Goku could see her small rosy pink nipples sticking out like small hard bullets!

Pan: Make. Me.

Goku: Pan, I wanna help you, but not like this! Do you know how much trouble we’d get into if we do this?!

Pan’s advances began to get more aggressive, as she tries to seduce Goku!

Pan: I can tell you feel the same way I do! You were thinking of fucking me when you were fucking Grandma, weren’t you?

Goku: I wasn’t! Pan, you’re my granddaughter! I could never look at you like that!

Pan: Really? Then why do you have a massive hard-on in your swimming trunks?

To emphasise her point, she reached into Goku’s trunks and pulled out his penis. It was rock hard and twitching! Pan began to rub the tip of his cock on her tiny breasts!

Goku: Pan…please…don’t do this!

Pan: How can I stop now? Your cock has already made my nipples erect! See? Look how your pre-cum is making my nipples glisten! They’re all hot and sticky!

Goku: Oh god! You’re driving me insane!

Pan: Now you know how you’ve been making me feel! Shall we see just how much you can take?

Pan placed the tip of Goku’s penis to her lips and started licking and sucking on it!

Goku: Pan…this isn’t right! If we do this, we’ll be hurting so many people! Your mom and dad, your grandmother, all our friends! Are you willing to ruin everything just to satisfy your lust?!

Pan: Well you’re the adult! If you don’t want me to do this, just stop me! You ARE the strongest fighter in the world right? It should be nothing for you to just knock me away or something, right?

Goku: ……Pan…

Seeing that it was unlikely that Goku would put up a fight, Pan proceeded to take his cock into her mouth!

Goku’s mind was spinning, his thoughts a jumble of contradictions. Every rational and logical thought in his head was telling him to stop this entire perverted encounter! Unfortunately, the irrational, primal instincts that drove his Saiyan blood through his body was screaming for satisfaction!

Pan’s sucking was getting faster and deeper, and before Goku knew it, she had most of his manhood in her mouth! He could feel the tip of his cock touching the roof of her throat!

The intense sensations were becoming too intense. Goku couldn’t hold on any longer, as he felt the pressure building up in the base of his cock! As his body stiffened, he shot an entire load of his cum into Pan’s mouth!

The amount of sperm coming out of Goku’s cock was so much that Pan nearly choked on it! She had to pull his cock out of her mouth, which caused the rest of his load to spray all over her face!

Pan tried to swallow as much as she could, but in the end she just let the rest flow from her mouth into her open hands!

Pan: Mmmm! There…there’s so much! And it’s so sweet!

Goku: Oh Pan! I’m so sorry! What have I done to you to make you act like this?

Pan: I think this would’ve happened sooner or later anyway Grandpa! I’ve always adored you since I was little!

Pan starts to rub Goku’s cum all over her body, on her nipples and on her crotch!

Pan: There’s plenty of lubrication here to last us the night! Shall we keep going?

Goku: …?!

Before he could object, Pan was already placing her asshole on the tip of his penis! As she gently lowered herself onto his cock, she could feel its immense length and girth sliding deeper and deeper into her!

Goku: Pan! Your…your ass is so tight! I don’t know how much more I can take!

Pan: Your cock, is sooo big! It’s pulsing and twitching inside me like its alive or something!

Goku: It’s too much for you! You shouldn’t force it, or you’ll end up getting hurt!

Pan: Is that…a challenge Grandpa? Are you saying…I can’t take the entire length of…your cock in my ass?

Goku could feel his penis going deeper and deeper into her anus! Pan was determined to succeed at all costs, even though at this point, she could feel his cock pressing up against her bladder!

The pressure of his cock was so much that Goku could see first hand that her pussy was spasming like crazy! Her urethra was leaking out a clear sticky liquid that was dripping down her pussy onto his belly.

Pan: Oh god! This is so intense! I think I’m gonna cum, I think I’m gonna cum, I think I’m gonna CUM!!

As Pan made one final effort, she pushed Goku’s penis all the way into her ass, until her butt was touching his crotch! A load of pussy juice sprayed from her urethra all over Goku’s chest!

They both were being driven wild by the hot and steamy passion that was flowing through their bodies! Pan’s cute little body was arched backwards as she let the pent up sexual energy pulsate from the top of her head, to the tips of her fingers and toes!

Goku was also engulfed in the rapture, as he felt his cock pumping pint after pint of his Saiyan seed into his granddaughter’s ass!

Once he was spent, Goku gently lowered Pan onto the sand, and slowly pulled his cock out of her anus. Pan looked up to see that her belly had swollen outwards from all the sperm Goku had sprayed into her ass!

Pan: Grandpa, my tummy feels weird! It hurts a lot!...I…I feel like I wanna go to the toilet!

Goku: Didn’t I warn you it would be…too much for you to handle?

Pan: Ahh! I can’t hold it! It’s coming out!!

Right before Goku’s eyes, Pan unleashed a wave of hot, sticky sperm onto the sand from her ass! She felt her stomach return to normal size as the copious amounts of liquid sprayed out of her anus!

As she looked into his eyes, she felt embarrassed by doing such a perverted act in front of her grandfather, but her embarrassment only made her more turned on! Goku also couldn’t believe how turned on he was, his flaccid penis quickly becoming erect again!

Pan: Grandpa…how can something that’s so wrong, feel so good?!

Goku: I wish I knew Pan. All I know is I wanna fill your ass with my cock right now!!

Pan: Again? You must really love anal!

Goku: It’s the only way for you to keep your virginity, right?

Goku lifted Pan’s butt up to his face, and planted his mouth right onto her anus! As he used his tongue to probe deeply into her ass, Pan spread her legs as wide as she could and started rubbing her clit until it became a rock hard nub!

Completely focused on each other, Goku and Pan didn’t realise that a group of perverted onlookers had gathered underneath the pier to watch the show!

Goku and Pan were too blinded by lust to notice. Once he was satisfied that her ass was ready, he lowered her butt down to his crotch and pushed his cock into her ass! She could feel its immense size and length squeezing deeper into her ass, until it was right up to the hilt!

Goku could feel her ass muscles compressing around the length of his cock, twitching and pulsing like a living entity! He started to slowly thrust back and forth into Pan’s ass. As she began to get more into it, Goku’s thrusts became more powerful!

To gain more leverage, he lifted Pan’s legs over her head so that her ass was facing skyward. As he lay over her in this awkward position, his legs were stretched out behind him as if he was doing push ups, only it was his hips that were getting a workout this time!

Pan was really getting into it, until she realised that she was being watched from the shadows! Her enjoyment quickly turned to embarrassment as the strangers watched her being fucked in the ass by her grandfather! Her embarrassment then turned into perverted passion, as she lay on the sand with her legs spread wide for all the world to see! Entirely oblivious to their spectators, Goku continued to pound away on her ass!

Pan: Grandpa…I think…we’re being watched!

Goku: …

Pan: Grandpa? People are watching us fucking!

Goku: …I…don’t…care…anymore!

Pan: But…it’s so embarrassing!

Goku: I know. Doesn’t it turn you on even more?

Pan looked at the strangers in the shadows. They were grinning manically, like demons. Some even had their cocks out, and were masturbating to the perverted display!

Soon the perverted spectators began to shout and holler encouragement at the couple! Goku’s thrusts were getting faster and deeper. Unable to take any more, Pan began to finger her pussy in time with his thrusts. The men cheered as, in no time at all her pussy was squirting a load of pussy juice all over the place!

To finish up, Goku reached climax! He pulled out of Pan’s now gaping anus, and sprayed another superhuman load of sperm all over Pan’s body!

Exhausted, Goku lay beside Pan on the sand, as the men whistled and cheered: they had put on quite a show!


The next day, a very tired Pan came down to the kitchen for breakfast to find her mom and dad already at the kitchen table, also looking very tired!

Pan: Hey mom. You look tired.

Videl: So do you. What were you doing with your Grandpa last night?

Pan: Umm, well…he was making up for ruining my swimsuit while we were at the beach yesterday.

Videl: How was he doing that, dare I ask?

Pan: I made him help me build the biggest sand castle we could! It took us at least 4 hours to complete!

Videl: Wow! That sounds impressive! Did you take a picture?

Pan: Ahhh……ummm…the tide came in and knocked it over just as we were about to take the picture!

Videl: Really? That’s too bad!

Pan: What about you guys? What were you up to that was so tiring?

Videl: Us? We…umm…we were…

Gohan: Sparing! We were sparing! It’s been a long time since me and your mother had done any martial arts, so we…spared with each other until late into the night!

Pan: But you don’t have any marks on you! Either of you! Are you sure you don’t wanna try a better excuse?

Videl: Nice going Gohan! Even a two-year old could see though that excuse!

Gohan: Well what did you expect me to say? That we were having mad passionate sex all over the house, because you felt uncontrollably horny?

Pan: …that…was more than I wanted to know about my parents! At least I know where I get it from now.

Gohan: Get what from?

Pan: My…uhhh…stamina?

Both Videl and Pan looked at their daughter.

Pan: Look, if you don’t wanna tell me what you’ve really been doing, then I should be allowed to do the same!

Gohan: …Fair enough. Anyone for toast?

Videl gave Gohan a very disapproving look which seemed to say “This isn’t the end!”.


Meanwhile, Goku was woken up by a very angry looking Chichi!

Chichi: Why did you come back home so late last night? I was waiting for you!

Goku: I sorry Chichi! I was caught up playing with Pan at the beach. Before we knew it, it was already dark!

Chichi: Oh, is that it? Fair enough. If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost think you were having an affair or something!

Goku looked at Chichi for the longest time. A bead of sweat slid down his face.

Chichi: Huh? Oh, I was just kidding! I know you would never do that to me!

Goku: Heh, nice one Chichi! REALLY funny…

Chichi: Anyway, I’ve arranged another job interview for you. Do your best, okay?

Goku: Sure, sure. Just give me a minute, okay?

Chichi: You have 2 minutes. If you get the job, I’ll have a nice reward waiting for you when you get back!

Chichi opened her dressing gown to reveal a cupless black leather bustier, sheer black stockings and red stiletto heels!

Goku thought to himself:

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I don’t think I’m gonna want to have sex for a VERY, long time!!

The End!

Dragonball Hentai - Goku and Pan - Episode 2

Episode 2 of Goku and Pan. More pervertedness continues!

Goku was ready to head out to the city. Chichi had already made the arrangements for him to have an interview with the local postal service, to try and get him a job as a postman. Last night’s sex session had been as intense as the last, and now more than ever, Goku was worried about his granddaughter’s little “Astral Projection” problem!

As soon as he opened the front door, a exhausted looking Pan stumbled into the house, and slumped down on the couch.

Goku: Pan? Are you alright?

Pan: You promised me Grandpa. You promised me you wouldn’t have sex with Grandma, but you didn’t listen, did you?

Goku: Why are you blaming me? It’s not like I had a choice in the matter! Anyway, how did you do in your exam?

Pan: Terrible! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t concentrate! I ended up sneaking off to the bathroom to masturbate!

Goku: I’m sorry. One thing that has been bothering me though.

Pan: What is it?

Goku: If you’ve been getting turned on when Chichi was turned on, has she been getting turned on when you’ve been getting turned on as well?

Pan: How should I know? Has she said anything?

Goku: Yeah, she’s mentioned that she’s been feeling a lot hornier recently! Maybe you’re affecting her in the same way she’s affecting you?

Pan: Wha? You’re blaming me now? Oh great! My puberty is turning my grandmother into a horny slut! Things just can’t get any crazier, can they?

Goku: So who is it? A cute guy at school?

Pan: Grandpa!

Goku: Why are you acting shy again all of a sudden? You might as well tell me who he is!

Pan: He’s in my year. He’s really smart and athletic, and every time he takes his shirt off after soccer practice…

Goku: Gotcha. Have you asked him out yet?

Pan: Are you crazy? He’d shoot me down for sure! I couldn’t handle that level of rejection right now!

Goku: Maybe you can ask him after you pass your exams?

Pan: At the rate things are going, I won’t even pass my exams! Not if I can’t figure out what’s happening to me!

Goku: Maybe all you need to do is relieve the pressure before the exam, so you can concentrate on it more easily?

Pan: THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING!! It works for a bit but then I get horny again, right in the middle of the exam!

Goku: Really? That’s a pain. You know, there’s one thing that just doesn’t make any sense. If this astral thing creates a psychic link, shouldn’t the link be happening between you and Videl, your mother?

Pan: I was thinking the same thing…

Just then, Chichi walked in.

Chichi: Pan? What are you doing here?

Pan: Oh! Hey Grandma. I was just chatting to Grandpa about…my…EXAMS! Yeah, exams.

Goku: Yeah……exams. I hate exams. All those numbers and letters drive me crazy! A fight against a powerful villain is easier for me than exam paper!

Chichi: Well it’s just as well Pan hasn’t been asking you for help with revision! If she did, she’d fail for sure!

Pan: Heh, that’s funny Grandma! -_-, Seriously though, the amount of revision I have to do these days is killing me right now!

Chichi: It certainly looks like it! You don’t look well Pan! Maybe you should go home and rest up. Do you have any exams today?

Pan: Umm, yeah. I’ve got one in the afternoon. Taking a break before the exam does sound like a good idea though.

Goku: Maybe I should take her home?

Chichi: Okay Goku, but as soon as you’ve done that, you still need to go to that job interview, remember?

Goku: Don’t worry Chichi, I haven’t forgotten! Let’s go Pan!

Pan: See you later Grandma!

Chichi: Bye Pan! See you later Goku! I’ll be expecting good news when you get back!


Goku and Pan were flying back to her home, when she suddenly stopped.

Pan: Ahhh! Oh no! Not again!

Goku: Huh? Now?!

Pan: Yeah! Once it starts, I can’t stop it!

Goku: It must be Chichi! I can’t believe she’s masturbating at home right now!

Pan: I need to land somewhere where no one can see me!

Goku: But we’re in the middle of the city!

Pan: Find a back alley or something, quickly!

Goku: Alright! I’ll help you!

They flew through the city streets until they found some tall buildings with dark alleys to hide in. As soon as they landed, Pan desperately took her shorts and panties off. She crouched down and began rubbing her pussy like it was on fire!

Pan: Oh god! I feel so hot! It just won’t stop!

Goku: I can’t stand to see you like this, Pan! What should I do?!

Pan: Don’t…look at me! It’s…embarrassing!

Goku: Sorry! I won’t look!

Goku turned to face away from his granddaughter. Even though he couldn’t see what was going on, he could still hear her, as she continued to masturbate as if her life depended on it!

Within a minute, she had reached already climax and let out a very loud moan as her whole body tensed up. She slumped onto the floor, utterly exhausted.

Goku thought it would be better to carry her home then leave her just laying in the gutter for any pervert to take advantage! He lifted her off the ground and carried her in his arms as he flew off.

By the time he got back to Pan’s home, she had mostly recovered.

Goku: Glad to see you’re okay! I was really worried about you for a second!
Pan: Thanks Grandpa. I think I should be okay now.

As the entered the empty house, Pan noticed she wasn’t wearing her shorts and panties!

Pan: Grandpa? You didn’t forget to bring my shorts and panties, did you?

Goku: …oops! I was in such a hurry, I must’ve forgotten! Should I go back and get them?

Pan: Oh never mind. I’ll just get another pair from my…ahh!

Goku: Pan?

Pan: Oh, you’ve got to me kidding me!! It’s happening again!

Goku: Again? What the hell is Chichi doing?!

Pan: I-I-I can’t take it any more! Grandpa! Help me!

Goku: What do you want me to do?

Pan slowly turned and moved towards him. She began to grab his pants, trying to pull them off!

Goku: W-what are you doing, Pan?!

Pan: I need…your cock…

Goku: What?! Pan, NO!

Pan: …I need it, Grandpa! Give me…your cock…now!

As the two fell on the floor, Pan climbed on top of him and pulled his pants down. Goku could see she was in some sort of trance state, as she grabbed his penis and began to lick it!

Goku: Pan! You’re not well! You need to stop this before it goes too far!

Pan: I’m…trying…but I can’t…stop myself!

Goku grabbed Pan’s arm to try and stop her, but then she kissed him on the lips! As he pulled away, he was confused by what was happening! His sweet innocent granddaughter had turned into a nymphomaniac!

Pan: Do you want…to fuck me?

Goku: Snap out of it Pan! This isn’t like you! You’re a good girl!

Pan: I’m…a bad girl! I want you to punish me with your big cock!

Goku: Pan, stop it! I’m warning you!

Unable to be reasoned with, Pan flipped round so that her crotch was facing Goku, and her head was near his cock. She began sucking on it, going deeper and deeper as she continued her blow-job! Goku wanted to just yank her off of him, but he was having a hard time ignoring his growing arousal to this perverted situation!

He tried to tell himself to take control of the situation, before it went too far, but as Pan continued to suck his cock, it became harder and harder to resist the primal Saiyan urges within him! With her cute little pussy hovering just a few inches away from his face, Goku felt like he was losing himself in the moment. And he was.

Unable to take any more, he grabbed Pan’s ass and began licking and sucking her pussy!

Pan: Ahhh…so good! Do it harder Grandpa! I wanna cum so much!

Goku began to alternate between sucking on her clit and sticking his tongue inside her pussy. Pan continued to suck on his cock, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth until it was halfway down her throat!

In one instant, they both came, sending shockwaves of passionate energy cycling through their bodies! Pan’s pussy began squirting her love juice all over Goku’s face, while Goku felt a torrent of his cum spray into his granddaughter’s throat!

They both slumped to the ground immediately afterwards, utterly spent. When Pan came to, she felt an irresistible urge to be sick! Before she could get to the toilet, she ended up puking up all the sperm she swallowed all over the floor! When Goku came to, he saw Pan laying face first in a pool of his cum!

Goku: Well this is gonna be hard to explain to Gohan and Videl, isn’t it?

To be continued!

Dragonball Hentai - Goku and Pan - Episode 1

This is the second Dragonball hentai I've written. After watching Dragonball GT, I kinda fell in love with the realationship between Goku and his granddaughter Pan. This chemistry gave me the idea to write a short incest-related story (I might as well, I've already done underage sex in the Pan & Ubb story!).

It was only going to be a single story, but I ended up fleshing out the story more, which meant I had to split the story into three for the sake of length. Using the "Pan as cute loli" theme, I ended up adding a sex scene with Chichi to also attract the MILF lovers out there! Sufficed to say, Goku's gonna get a lot of action! ~_^

Goku and Pan were having lunch at a café in the city. Goku had promised to take Pan shopping for Gohan, but as usual had forgotten to bring his wallet (not had he had much money to begin with), so Pan ended up paying anyway!

Pan: I can’t believe you didn’t bring any money Grandpa! You’re completely hopeless!

Goku: I know Pan, I know. It’s just that I don’t normally have a need to carry money with me!

Pan: Only because you grew up in the wild! You must be old enough now to know how important money is these days!

Goku: Yeah, I know. I pretty much get nagged by your grandmother every day about getting a job. The only problem is, nearly every job I’ve ever applied for I was fired from almost immediately!

Pan: Geez, I’d hate to see what your CV looks like…

Goku: Well anyway, I promise to make it up to you next time. Any thing you want, I’ll do whatever I can to try to get it for you.

Pan: I likely story Grandpa! A likely…*yawns*

Goku: You tired Pan?

Pan: Huh? Well kinda. I had a really weird dream last night. It was kinda scary.

Goku: Scary? What was it about?

Pan: Um, don’t worry about it. It was nothing really.

Goku: C’mon! You can tell me! What was it?

Pan: Well…it was dark.

Goku: And?

Pan: I was in a bed. I think I was…naked.

Goku: And? What happened next?

Pan: Eww! Grandpa! That’s perverted! You’re not supposed to interested in something like this?!

Goku: Does it matter? It was a dream anyway, so what does it matter? Just tell me the story!

Pan: Oh great! My Grandpa is a pervert that wants to hear is granddaughter’s sex dreams!

Goku: What can I say? I grew up in the wild!

Pan: Look, if you must know, I don’t think it was my body in the dream.

Goku: Really? How did you know?

Pan: Well…I had breasts.

Goku: Well you have breasts.

Pan: Nooo! Not like mine! I’m talking about big breasts! Like a C cup or something. To be honest I’m still waiting for mine to come through.

Goku: Well, if it’s any conciliation, I think you have very cute brea…

Pan: Stop right there! I think we should end this conversation right here!

Goku: Did I say something wrong?

Pan: Let’s just go home Grandpa! And PROMISE ME you won’t tell anyone that we discussed this. ANYONE!

Goku: Alright, alright! I promise! Let’s go.

As the two walked home, Goku couldn’t resist asking Pan about her dream again.

Goku: Okay, so it wasn’t your body. What happened next?

Pan: I’m not taking about it.

Goku: Auuuhh c’mon! The suspense is killing me! You’ve gotta tell me!

Pan: No.

Goku: I’m not gonna stop bothering you until you tell me what happened next!

After 2 minutes of constant and incessant pleading, Pan eventually gave up.

Pan: Alright!! I’ll tell you what happened next. Just don’t tell anyone, okay?

Goku: I swear. So what happened?

Pan: I was laying on the bed, and this man came over to me. We kissed and cuddled for a bit, then he stuck his…thing…in my… thing.

Goku: His thing in your thing?

Pan: You KNOW what I’m talking about, idiot!

Goku: ……OHHHhhhh, I get it now! ……Was it good?


Goku: OWWW! Okay! I’m sorry! I’ll stop now!

Pan: I should think so to, you filthy pervert!

Eventually, they got to Pan’s door.

Goku: Just ask me one question. What did the guy look like?

Pan: …I…can’t remember clearly. All I remember is that he had a really buff body, and spiky hair.

Goku: Spiky hair?

Pan: Yeah.

Goku: Was it kinda like…mine?

Pan: See you, Grandpa!

Pan took all her shopping, and closed the door behind her.

Goku stood there for a moment, wondering what the heck was going on in the little mind of his granddaughter.


When he got back home, he was greeted at the door by Chichi. Somehow, she looked different. Her face was flushed, and she was breathing heavily. She had a very lusty look on her face!

Goku: Chichi? You alright?

Chichi: Goten is at Trunks, we have the house all to ourselves! Let’s fuck!

Goku: Again? It’s only been one day since we last did it Chichi! I’m not as young as I used to be!

Chichi: I don’t want to hear your excuses! You had been away for decades, remember? In all that time, I never had sex with any other men, even though I was really tempted! As far as I’m concerned, your cock is my property, to be used how I want, WHEN I want! And. I. Want. It. NAO!!

Goku: Fair enough. I am curious though: How come you’ve been so horny lately?

Chichi: I’ll explain later. Right now…

Chichi pulled her skirt aside to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and her pussy was sopping wet!

Chichi: …mama needs Saiyan cock!

Before Goku could say anything, Chichi grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the kitchen counter!

She hastily kneeled down in front of him, pulled his pants down and grabbed flaccid penis. Wasting little time, Chichi began to lick and suck on Goku’s cock in an eager attempt to get it to spring into action! It didn’t take long, as she felt it straighten and swell in her mouth!

Chichi: Looks about ready! Shall we proceed to the next stage?

Goku: Ready when you are!

Chichi stood up again, then turned and leaned over the kitchen counter. She raised her leg onto the counter, and flipped the rear flap of her dress over it, revealing her bare ass and pussy! She turned her head towards Goku and beckoned him closer with her finger, come hither eyes, and a sexy smile!

Needing little encouragement, Goku placed the tip of his swollen meat-rod against the opening of her pussy. In one swift motion, he squeezed his cock into his long suffering wife and began thrusting!

They went slowly at first, breaking into a steady rhythm.

Chichi: That’s it baby! Just the way I like it!

Goku: You know, it’s amazing to think that after all these years and being pregnant twice, your pussy is as tight as ever!

Chichi: That, my dear husband, is because I’ve been constantly training my lower muscles! Have you ever heard of kegels?

Goku: No. What are kegels?

Chichi: Kegels is training for pelvic floor muscles. I tighten and release the muscles in my pussy and ass 100 times every night. My pussy is so strong now, I can even lift weights with it! I’ve heard kegels can even help men with premature ejaculation!

Goku: That’s…more than I need to know! And besides Chichi, I think you know I don’t have that problem!

Chichi: Oh no? What If I challenged you to not cum for the whole night?

Goku: Huh? How is that fair?

Chichi: Well, if you win, I’ll never ask you to get a job ever again!

Goku: Really?! That sounds awesome!

Chichi: You haven’t heard what happens if you lose!

Goku: Uh-oh! Why do I have a feeling I’m not gonna like this?

Chichi: If I make you cum, you have to get a job AND help me with the day-to-day tasks around the house for a whole month! What do you say?

Goku: Deal! As the strongest fighter on the planet, I should have no trouble holding my load!

Chichi: You think so?

Chichi tensed up the muscles in her vagina. The pressure was so intense, that Goku nearly passed out!

Goku: Oh SHIT! What the FUCK WAS THAT?!

Chichi: Think this challenge will be so easy now?

Goku: …Maybe I underestimated my opponent a bit too much this time, eh?

Chichi: I think you did!

The night turned into a very long night for Goku! He and Chichi had sex all around the house, in several different positions! It was taking all of Goku’s stamina to hold on as long as he could and not reach climax, while Chichi was thoroughly enjoying herself! She used every inch of her body to turn Goku on!

More than anything, Goku wanted to shoot his load all over Chichi’s soft and supple breasts, as they swung back and forth in front of him. Her pussy and ass were transporting him to a place of ecstasy and agony in equal measure!

Despite her age, Chichi kept her body in tip top condition. Her skin was like silk to the touch, her breasts were as firm as ever, and her erect nipple stuck out like bullets! Her pussy lips were full and pouty, and her clit was like a small hard rose coloured grape!Combining these points with the fact that she had never done anything like this before made the sex this time the most intense and passionate he’d ever had since marrying her!

Goku was able to last until midnight, but then his willpower abandoned him. In one final defiant act, Goku shot the hugest load of sperm he had ever released all over Chichi’s body! She ended up covered head to toe in Goku’s man-sauce, with it dripping all over the place! Goku’s brief satisfaction was quickly followed by the realisation that he had lost the challenge! A smug Chichi kissed him on the cheek, before heading off to the bathroom to shower, only stopping briefly to lick some of his cum off her hand and gulp it down in one elegant motion!


The next morning, Goku woke up to find Chichi had already made preparations for him to go get some groceries from the local store.

Chichi: Hurry up Goku! You’ve got groceries to go buy!

Goku: Uhhh. I’m exhausted! Can’t I sleep in for a couple more minutes?

Chichi: No. You lost the bet, fair and square. If you try to weasel out of it now, I’m only gonna make it worse for you!

Goku: Alright, alright! I’ll get up already!

30 minutes later, Goku was dressed and ready to go.

Chichi: So you’re finally ready? Better late than never! Here’s the list. If you can’t find something, just ask the shop clerk to help you.

Goku: Ye-------s Chichi! Don’t worry! I’ll get everything.

Chichi: We’ll see!

Just as Goku opened the front door, he was surprised to find a very tired looking Pan standing in the doorway!

Goku: Pan?! What are you doing here?

Pan: Can I…talk to you for a…minute, Grandpa?

Goku: Uhh, sure. I’m going to get some groceries, so you might as well come with me.

Pan: Okay.

As they walked away from the house, Goku couldn’t resist the urge to ask Pan what was wrong.

Goku: …are you alright, Pan? You don’t look so good!

Pan: You know those crazy dreams I told you about yesterday?

Goku: You mean…the sex dream?

Pan: I had another one last night. It was the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced in my life! It was almost as if I was awake, but in some kind of trance state!

Goku: I thought you didn’t want to talk about this kinda stuff with your “perverted Grandpa”?

Pan: This is much more serious than you’d think Grandpa! When I woke up, my sheets were totally soaked! I had to quickly hide them before my mom entered my room!

Goku: Really?

Pan: I hate to have to ask, but were you and Grandma having a lot of…

Goku: …well now that you mention it, yeah! What are you getting at?

Pan: It sounds crazy, but I think I was there with you guys, spiritually!

Goku: Spiritually?

Pan: I looked it up this morning. It’s called “Astral Projection”. Somehow, my mind inhabited Grandma’s body when you were having sex with her!

This statement stopped Goku dead.

Goku: Wait, what? How can that be?

Pan: I saw your face clearly. I recognised every room in the house! When I looked in the mirror, I saw Grandma’s face! I…saw…EVERYTHING!!

Goku’s face went pale.


Pan: Grandpa, you have to promise me that you won’t have sex with Grandma!

Goku: What?! How can I do that? If you saw everything, you know how horny she can get!

Pan: You just have to hold off from sex until I can sort this thing out! Please Grandpa!

Goku: I don’t know Pan. I’ll try my hardest, but I don’t think I can guarantee anything!

Pan: But you have to! I’ve got exams coming up! If I fail, I’ll be in serious trouble with Mom and Dad!

Goku paused over the thought of the situation. Pan looked at her watch.

Pan: Oh crap! I’m gonna have to go now, I’ve got an exam this morning! I just hope I don’t fail! Remember your promise, okay Grandpa?

As Pan ran off and flew towards her exam, Goku had a sneaking suspicion that things were only going to go from bad to worse!


Evening came, and Goku was pondering what Pan had told him earlier. He dreaded to think what his granddaughter had seen in her dreams. Just then, Chichi stood in the doorway of the bedroom, wearing nothing but a sheer black negligee with little pink bows on it.

Chichi: You’ve been a very good boy today Goku! I want to reward you for your hard work in helping me today!

Goku: Ahhh! I mean…you don’t have to do that Chichi! As you said before, I should’ve been helping out more often anyway!

Chichi: But I WANT to reward you! To be honest, I’ve been feeling REALLY HORNY recently. I can’t explain it. It’s almost as if someone has been secretly turning me on by pulling on my nipples and clit, and fingering me off! Do you know anything about it Goku?

Goku: NO!! …!! I…I mean no, I have no idea what could be doing something like that to you. Nothing at all! Honestly!

Chichi: O…okay? Anyway, why don’t we get down to it?

Goku: Ahh, I’m still kinda tired from last night Chichi! Can we call a rain check?

Chichi: But I’m so HORNY! If I don’t do something soon, I’ll go crazy!

Goku: B-but I’m REALLY tired! I promise, we’ll have lots of sex next month, okay?

Chichi: Next month? I’ve never known you to turn down free sex Goku! Is something the matter?

Goku: N-not really, I just wanna get a good night’s rest for all the hard work you’re gonna have me doing tomorrow!

Chichi walked up to the bed and climbed up. She moved closer and closer to Goku’s crotch, then without even asking, pulled down his pyjamas and pulled out his cock!

Chichi: Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve got some “Hard work” for you right now, buster!

At this point, all Goku could think about was how Pan was going to cope with another perverted night of maddening sex! He thought to himself “I’m sorry Pan! I’m so sorry!”.

To be continued!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Streets of Rage Hentai – Episode 2 continued!

This is a continuation of Episode 2 of my "Streets of rage: Love Triangle" series. As I mentioned before, I always got a bit worked up while writing the main episodes of the series. I need a way to let off some steam and play out the perverted ideas that were creeping into my mind while I was writing, in order to keep the main series relatively untainted!

As a result, this story has absolutely no bearing on the main series events, and is pretty much a stand alone "as is" product. Just sit back and enjoy the crazyness!

Blaze was uncertain as to weather the guys were just trying to scare the shit out of her, or REALLY intended to have their wicked way with her! Skate was not much of a worry, due to the fact that he was just a kid (meaning sex was a BIG no-no). Max on the other hand was a completely different story. He was big. REALLY BIG! His wrestling background would guarantee that if Blaze ended up being pinned down, there would be no chance of escape. Blaze didn’t even want to think about how big his manhood was! Unfortunately, she was about to find out…

Max grabbed her shoulders with his huge hands, his face was still twisted in a menacing grin.

Blaze: Please, be gentle!

Max: We’ll see!

Max’s hands moved towards the straps on Blaze’s top. As he eased the straps down, Blaze’s breasts effortlessly popped out, revealing their soft peachy goodness! Skate dove straight in on her left breast. His mouth latched on and his tongue was flicking circles around her nipple. His eyes were spinning round as franticly as his tongue was!

Max squeezed Blaze’s other breast in his gigantic paw. He held it like he was holding a beer bottle. His mouth smothered her breast, and his tongue begins flicking her other nipple up and down.

Blaze was in agony and ecstasy at the same time! The boys were being really rough with her, but their stimulation was making her hot like crazy. They carried on for another 2 minutes, until Skate pulled back for a moment.

Skate: Let’s move this shit along to the next stage baby!

Reaching towards Blaze’s skirt, Skate pulled them up to reveal a pair of delicate lace panties! Skate wasted no time pulling them down, revealing more treats for the boys to feast on! Skate wanted unrestricted access, so he pulled her legs up and removed the panties. He promptly sniffed them and proclaimed:

Skate: Man! She is ripe for the plucking!

Max: Music to my ears! I think its time for a little tag-team action!

Skate: True dat!

Blaze: You guys better treat me like a lady!

Skate: You kidding? We’ve been ordered by my bro to prep you for his return. When we’re through with you, you’ll be BEGGING for more cock!

Blaze was now in the middle of a two-pronged attack, with Max working over her breasts, and Skate working his tongue over her pussy lips and clit. After a couple of minutes, Blaze was ready to explode!

Blaze: Guys?! I think I’m gonna cum!

Blaze’s hand reaches down to her pussy. Her fingers go inside her wet hole as she tries to stimulate her G-spot!

Blaze: More…I need…MORE!!

Skate: She’s ready to pop!

Max: Stand back! There’s a hurricane cumming through!

Her face tenses, her body arches as she starts to squirt cum juice all over the place!

Max: Whoa! We have a master squirter here!

Skate: How is she able to do that?

Blaze slumps onto the couch with a satisfied look on her face. She raises her cum dripping hand up to her lips and licks some of the juice off of her fingers.

Blaze: Didn’t you know? All women have the ability to squirt! It’s all about stimulating the right spot! Now if you’ll excuse me…

Skate: Whoa! We’re not done yet Blaze!

Blaze: We’re not?

Max: Not even close!

Max and Skate pulled down their pants, revealing rock hard cocks! What Blaze had feared was realised! Max’s penis was the size of a tub of Pringles! Max’s face was even more manic than before, and Skate was giggling like an idiot!

Blaze: NO FUCKING WAY! It’s too big! Are you intent on killing me or something?

Max: We won’t know till we try, will we?

Max proceeds to shove his penis into Blaze’s pussy. It is too big of course, and Blaze yelps in pain.

Skate: What we need here is some sort of lubrication.

Blaze: Ahhh! There’s a bottle of Lube in the Owww! Desk drawer! Ugghh!

Skate looks in the drawer of Blaze’s desk.

Skate: Found it! Let’s lube this baby up!

Skate flips the lid and squeezes a whole load on Max’s dick and Blaze’s pussy. Moments later, Blaze’s hole starts to give, and Max is able to squeeze the head of is penis in. She could feel it inching its way deeper and deeper into her!

Blaze: I’m not sure how much more of this I can take! If you push it all the way in, I’ll probably cum so hard I’ll pass out!

Max: Let’s find out!

With a violent thrust, Max pushed his cock right into Blaze, until the tip was pressed up against her cervix!

Blaze: Your cock is tearing me apart! Max! You have to be more careful, damn it!

Max: Sorry! Sometimes I don’t know my own strength! How's this? *Thrusts slowly*

Blaze: That’s a bit better! I’m a pretty tough girl, but even I have my limits!

Skate: Ohhh man! I can’t take it any more! I gotta get me some ass! Lift her up Max! I wanna get under her!

Max: Ohhh! So you wanna hit her butthole!

Skate: Damn right! I’m gonna tear that cute little rosebud up!

Blaze: Now wait a minute! No one said anything about my ass!

Skate uses the bottle of Lube on his own cock, then starts to slip into Blaze’s anus!

Blaze: Oww! Take it easy Skate! You have to go slowly!

Skate: But I can’t help it! Your body is so fucking hawt! I wanna pound into it and shoot my load into your ass!

Skate wasted little time squeezing the tip of his penis into Blaze’s butthole. Blaze could feel Skate’s cock going deeper into her, stretching out her anal muscles to accommodate its length!

At this point, Blaze was at the complete mercy of her teammate’s cocks! Her face was flushed, her nipples were erect, and her pussy and ass were pulsing with such intense sensations as Max and Skate’s cocks pressed up against each other inside her! She soon reached climax, spraying a load of her pussy juice all over Max and Skate’s cocks, as well as the floor!

Max: She came already!

Skate: Really? I haven’t even cum yet!

Blaze: Oh…my…god! That was so good! I wanna go again!

Skate: Well that sounds fine with me! Let’s give the lady what she wants, Max!

Max: Right! Shall we swap sides?

Skate: Sure!

Max and Skate pulled out of Blaze, then flipped her around so that her back was facing Max. Each guy pressed the tips of their cocks against her pussy and ass holes, then thrust into her at the same time, causing her to come again! Things only got more intense, as the guys began to fuck both her holes in a very rhythmic motion.

Blaze: This is the most intense fuck I’ve ever had in my life! I can feel both of your cocks squeezing against each other inside me!

Skate: Which feels better? My cock in your pussy, or Max’s cock in your ass?

Blaze: Sorry Skate! Max’s cock feels good in any hole!

Skate: Is that so? I’m gonna have to make you eat your words, or at the very least eat my cock!

Skate pulled out of Blaze’s pussy, grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth!

Skate: Eat up, you horny slut!

Blaze tried to complain, but her mouth was full of Skate’s erect black member! After a moment, Blaze began to suck on Skate’s cock, drawing it deeper and deeper into her mouth! Before he knew it, his cock was halfway down her throat!

Max was too busy pounding away at Blaze’s ass. The pulsating sensations of Blaze’s anal muscles were driving him insane!

Max: Blaze’s ass, is sucking me in like a black hole!

Skate: I know! Her mouth is really intense as well! I don’t think I can take any more! I-I think I’m gonna cum!

Skate could feel the pressure build up in his balls, as he pulled out of Blaze’s mouth and gave her a face full of his man-juice! Her face ended up covered in his white sticky sauce, which she tried to lick off of her face with her tongue. She only got as far as her lips, as the rest dripped down her face onto the floor!

Blaze: Mmm! I love the taste of your boy-juice! Can I lick the rest off of your cock?

Skate: You sure can!

Blaze eagerly licked and sucked the rest of Skate’s sperm off of his cock! She then took his cock into her mouth again and sucked it right down to her throat!

By this point, Max had reached his limit, and shot an entire ton of his man-sauce into Blaze’s ass! She could feel her butt filling up with his warm, creamy goodness!

Blaze: Ahhh…my stomach…I need to go…to the toilet!

Max: No can do! If you wanna go, you can go right here!

Blaze: I…can’t do that! It’s perverted!

Max: If you don’t wanna go here, I make it so you don’t have a choice!

Skate: What are you gonna do?

Max: I’m gonna hit her with another load, that will fill her up so much, she’ll have no choice but to let it out right here!

Skate: Wow man! You really are a perverted guy! I’m impressed!

Blaze: Don’t do it…please! I have to go!

Max: You’ll go when I tell ya to!

Using his immense strength, Max lifted Blaze onto her desk in one movement. He then ploughed his cock into her pussy again, with so much force that the tip of his penis was pressed right up against the wall of her cervix!

Blaze: Oh god! Max! If you keep pushing deeper, you’ll break into my womb!

Max: But I haven’t even gotten halfway into you with my cock yet! Your ass was able to take the entire length! I wanna see of your pussy can do the same!

Blaze: It won’t! I know it won’t! Please! You have to let me go now!

Unfortunately for Blaze, Max was no longer listening! He had become like a ravenous beast! As he pushed his monstrous cock deeper into her vagina, Blaze could feel the wall of her cervix slowly giving way, the tiny opening to her womb stretching wider and wider to take his entire rod! With one final push, the head of Max’s cock penetrated Blaze’s womb!

As Skate looked on, he could see that Blaze couldn’t take any more. Her teeth were clenched, her eyes were tilted upwards into her skull, and her whole body was shivering and spasming as the mind-numbing sensations travelled throughout her entire body! Max’s body was also shivering, as he unloaded another torrent of cum directly into her

Skate: Dude! Her belly is swelling up! How much did you fill her up with?!

Max: Nearly…there…just a couple…more…pints!

Skate: Pints?! What the fuck are you? Some kinda horse?!

Max: There! That should do it!

Max finally pulled his huge cock out of Blaze’s pussy. As they looked at what they had done, Blaze’s body continued to shiver and spasm. With her sprawled out across her desk, she no longer able to control her bodily functions, and the bucket loads of sperm Max had filled her womb and ass with came gushing out all over the floor! Blaze had a look of complete ecstasy on her face!

Moments later, Adam came back from his little tustle with Axel. His clothes were a little torn, but he was none the worse for wear.

Adam: Alright! I’m back! Let’s get down to…what the fuck?!

Adam looked to see Blaze, legs akimbo on her desk, her body spasming, and what looked like a bath-full of man-sauce dripping from the gaping holes between her legs!

Adam: Wha…what did you do guys?! I told you to just keep her warm! Not to rape her within an inch of her life!

Skate: We were, but Max got a little carried away!

Max: Sorry man! I-I don’t know what came over me!

Adam: Jeez! I can’t believe you Max!

Skate went over to check her pulse.

Skate: She’s still breathing. I guess she might just need time to recover.

Adam: Great! You do know she’ll probably wanna kill you guys when she recovers, right?

Max: You think so?

Adam: Definitely! I’m not sticking around her to find out! Let’s go bro!

Skate: Coming bro!

Before Skate left the room, he told Max:

That was a pretty awesome thing you just did man. Pretty awesome, and pretty stupid! Laters!

Max was left wondering what he should do next. After a moment, he thought it would be best to just pick up his clothes and leave before Blaze recovered and kicked his ass! Sufficed to say, he would not be in her good books for a VERY long time!

The End!