Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Lovin' the lusty Lady!

I feared that the arrival of a new videogame in my letterbox would spell the end of my renewed passion for artwork! It was close, but it hasn't defeated me yet!

I had originally started this picture of Lady from Devil May Cry 3 last year. I glad I came back to it, because I was enamoured with her White Catsuit that she wore in the Special Edition of DMC3, and wanted to do at least one pic with her wearing it!

Now that I think about it, I should probably come up with a LadyXVergil pic at some point, to compliment the fanfiction I wrote a while back! Stay tuned!

Chun Li Commission - Extra

My good friend chunlilover made a quick request to the original commision that I did for him earlier. It was quite easy to add the cum and the alternate colours without affecting the rest of the image thanks to the power of Photoshop!

The cum is by no means perfect, but the effect I'm using should prove to be a useful stopgap until I can learn to render it properly.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Alyssa Returns

My friend ChunLiLover recently offered me a chance to get an art request done by him, so I jumped at the chance! I dusted off my first lady Alyssa Kei and did an updated costume for her, so he could use it as a reference for his version.

This is the first time I've gotten someone else to draw one of my characters, so I'm eager to see what he comes up with! ^_^

Monday, 20 April 2009

Slutty Chun Li

The sudden resurgence in popularity of my work has prompted me to do this new Chun Li pic, to see if I can get more love. I had always planned to do some Chun Li pics at some point, but thanks to the commission I did for ChunLiLover on DA, I was prompted to break my routine and try something new!

It's just as well, because for a while there I thought I was losing my artistic momentum to boring work and videogames again!

I won't quit yet, dammit! I still have so much to do!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Mina in a Sukumizu

Using the same Mina pic from before, I switched her school uniform for a sexy sukumizu (Japanese schoolgirl swimsuit).

It's amazing how I can use Photoshop to literally create alternate versions of just one picture. Each part of this pic is on a different layer, which allows me to select and deselect different versions at the touch of a button!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter 2009

I wanted to do another of my seasonal desktop wallpapers, but my busy schedule meant I only had time to do one picture in time for Easter Sunday (not that I celebrate Easter anyway!).

I tried a new pose and a couple of new techs to improve my design of Trixie (only my third pic of her!). I'm a lot happier with her newer look than I was with the older version. She much cuter and bustier, as she should be!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Streets of Rage Hentai – Part 9 continued!

Streets of Rage Hentai – Part 9 continued!

This story is a continuation of Episode 9. The idea of creating Becky Lloyd (Axel’s horny niece) was, in my opinion a stroke of genius! Her naughty but innocent personality allowed me to put Blaze on the defensive for the first time, and also play around with some slightly taboo girl on girl yuri action (as you do)! I guess I’m just one of those strange guys that gets more turned on by two girls getting it on than with just a guy and a girl. I mean, c’mon! That stuff has been done to death!

Interestingly, the main story really gives Becky more depth and personality as she has to deal with the dark memories of almost being raped by a pervert as a little girl, only to be saved by Blaze at the last second. It’s kinda dark, but the harshness of the event solidifies Becky’s love for Blaze. Sometimes the most beautiful thing can spring from the darkest of origins.


Later that day, after the mammoth task of moving all of Becky’s things into the spare room, Blaze decided to have a shower to wash off all the sweat that had accumulated over the course of the day.

Mulling over the day’s revelations, Blaze finally realised why Becky fawned over her so much. It was kinda cute in a creepy kinda way, but Blaze was sure she could handle Becky’s advances until Axel came to collect her the next day.

Or so she thought.

Blaze turned round in the shower to see Becky staring back at her, completely naked!

Blaze: G-gaaa!!

Becky: Want me to wash your back?

Blaze: Get out!!

Becky: But I’m sure even you have a hard time reaching behind your back to wash it! Let me help ya!

Blaze: I said OUT!!

Becky: What about a massage?

Realising words were useless against her, Blaze reached out to grab Becky and pull her out of the shower. Unfortunately just as before, Becky was too quick for her. Becky lunged towards her and kissed her fully on her lips!

Startled by such a bold action, Blaze stumbled slightly in the shower. Her back was now pressed up against the cubicle wall, while she was using her hands and feet to stop herself from slipping. In this awkward position, she was at the complete mercy of Becky’s sexual advances!

Becky knew exactly what she was doing. She placed one hand behind Blaze’s head, and the other between her legs. Wasting no time, Becky began to stroke Blaze’s clit and pussy lips. She stopped kissing Blaze and whispered in her ear.

Becky: Isn’t this amazing? I bet it feels sooo good!

Blaze: Becky…please…

Becky: What’s that? You want me to eat you out?

Blaze: W-wha?!

Before she could object, Becky kneeled down in front of her and began to lick and suck on Blaze’s pussy!

Because she was trying not to fall over in the shower, Blaze wasn’t able to stop Becky from doing as she pleased. All she could do was slowly become more and more aroused but Becky’s relentless stimulation!

Blaze: B-B-Becky! Listen to me for a second! I know you have a crush on me, b-but that’s all it is! You can’t let your hormones control your judgement! You have to resist the temptation to give in to your…your…desires!

Becky stopped for a moment and looked up at Blaze.

Becky: Resist…temptation?

Blaze: Yeah! Y-you can do that, can’t you?

Becky stood up in the shower and placed her face directly in front of Blaze’s. She had a look of complete lust on her face.

Becky: Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you?

Blaze was completely taken aback by Becky’s statement.

Becky: Do you have any idea how much I’ve longed for your touch? Do you have any idea how many pictures of you I have in my bedroom? How I masturbate to you almost every night?

Blaze: …

Becky: More than anything in this entire world, I want to make you as happy as you make me feel every day. Please Blaze, let me do this one thing for you?

Becky moved her mouth next to Blaze’s ear and whispered:


Becky’s head slid back in front of Blaze’s face, her eyes staring directly into Blaze’s eyes with a deep, penetrating gaze.

Blaze slowly regained her posture in front of Becky, standing up straight. The shower water trickled down both of their naked bodies. They both stood in front of each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Then Blaze’s hand slowly reached up to caress Becky’s face. She then drew Becky closer and kissed her fully on the lips. It was the most intense and passionate kiss that Becky had ever experienced in her life, full of love and acceptance from her mentor.

As the water droplets from the shower flowed over them, the girls began to ravage each other’s bodies in a mindless rush of passion and lust. Kneeling down in front of Becky, Blaze returned the favour and began licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. Becky was lost in a sensation of intense heat and tingling between her legs.

Becky: So…good…you’re so…good at this!

Blaze: Let’s just say that I’ve had a LOT of practice!

Becky: You’ve done this kind of thing before? With a girl, I mean?

Blaze: Yeah, back in my college days before I joined the force. She was my best friend.

Becky: Wow. So you’ve always been into girls huh?

Blaze: It’s one of the reasons why I broke up with your uncle!

Becky: Does he know?

Blaze: Hasn’t got a clue! He’s always been a bit dense like that.

Becky: I’ve noticed!

Blaze: Wait here for a sec. I wanna go get something for us to play with!

Becky: Play with?

Blaze: You’ll see!

Blaze quickly stepped out of the shower. Becky had a sneaking suspicion what it might be that Blaze had gone to get, and her suspicions were confirmed when Blaze came back with not one but two double-ended dildoes!

Becky: Oh my god! Where did you get those from?!

Blaze: From my bedroom, of course! A girls gotta come prepared!

Becky: I knew it! I always knew behind that cold, all business exterior lay the heart of a kinky slut!

Blaze: You watch your mouth, young lady! I don’t want everyone to know that about me!

Becky: Well I won’t be telling anybody! If I do, it would mean I can’t stay here with you any more!

Blaze: Fair enough! So, which hole do you want it in first?

Becky: Why not both holes?

Blaze: Always so ambitious for a rookie, aren’t we? As you wish!

Blaze stepped back into the shower with Becky and handed one of the dildoes to her.

Blaze: Bend over.

Becky: You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that to me!

Becky bent over and pointed her ass at Blaze. Blaze took one end of the dildo and massaged it into Becky’s pussy until it popped in. She then took the other end and massaged it into Becky’s ass. The water from the shower made it easy for Blaze to slip both ends of the dildo into both of Becky’s holes. As she began thrusting both ends in and out, a slopping noise could be heard coming from Becky’s pussy and ass!

Becky: That feels so GOOD! I can feel both of my holes being pumped and sucked!

Blaze: Want me to go faster?

Becky: Oh god YES!!

As Blaze increased the pace of her thrusting, she could see Becky’s pussy begin to spasm out of control. She suddenly stopped.

Becky: Huh? Don’t stop now! I was about to cum!

Blaze: Why don’t we cum together?

Becky: Sounds great! Just hurry!

Blaze: Could you hand me the other dildo?

Becky handed the other double ended dildo to Blaze. Blaze then pulled out one end of the other dildo that was in Becky’s ass, then replaced it with the end of the one Becky gave her. With both of the double-ended dildoes hanging from between Becky’s legs, Blaze bent over behind Becky and squeezed both of the free ends into her ass and pussy respectively.

Becky: Wow! Is this what you had in mind from the beginning?

Blaze: Pretty much! Can you reach my hands?

Becky: I think so. Why?

Blaze: Because on the count of three, were gonna pound into each other like there’s no tomorrow!

Becky: Oh! That’s good! That’s really good! You’re a genius!

Blaze: Well, it wasn’t originally my idea, but never mind that! Are you ready?

Becky: You bet!

Blaze: On three! One…

Becky: …Two!

Becky and Blaze: THREE!!

Holding each other’s hands for leverage, the girls began grinding their hips towards each other, pushing both of the dildoes deeper and deeper into each other’s holes!
Their steady rhythm gained pace as they both reached climax. A beautiful symmetry could be seen from the side. The girls were both facing away from each other, holding their hands behind them. They were both bent slightly forwards with their butts bumping into each other. You could barely see the two dildoes that were being thrust between both their pussies and anus.

In the heat of the shower cubicle, and the trickling of the water onto their bodies, both girls came at the same time. As if to signify the primal sexual energy running through both girls bodies, their pussies both squirted out a ton of sexual juices everywhere!

Both girls slumped to the floor of the shower cubicle, their bodies utterly spent and riding the warm glow that was buzzing through their bodies.

After a moment, Blaze slowly stumbled to her feet. She looked over to see Becky was still drained from their sex fest. She turned off the shower and picked Becky up in her arms. Blaze carried her into her bedroom.

After Blaze lay Becky on her bed, she was about to turn and leave then she felt something grab her hand. She turned to see that Becky had recovered.

Blaze: You alright?

Becky: Yeah, I just feel a bit tired is all.

Blaze: Heh! I thought by all the constant pestering you were giving me today that you would NEVER get tired!

Becky: Blaze? Can I ask you a question?

Blaze: Sure. What is it?

Becky: Even after all the time I was teasing and pestering you, you always just brushed me off with the excuse that I’m still a kid. What was it that made you change your mind this time?

Blaze: …

Becky: Was it because you saw that this time I was being honest with my feelings?

Blaze: That… was part of it.

Becky: And the other part?

Blaze: You reminded me of my friend in college.

Becky: The girl you slept with?

Blaze: Yeah. At the time, she had a messy break-up with her boyfriend. She was really upset so I tried to comfort her. Then she kissed me…

Becky: What did you do?

Blaze: Weather I had given her mixed signals while we were together or not, or maybe from the fact that she had always had those feelings within her, in the long run it didn’t matter. It was just two friends helping each other out.

Becky: Sounds like it was a lot more to me. Are you still in contact with her?

Blaze: Yeah. We visit each other every 6 months or so.

Becky: I think I’d really like to meet the woman that brought you over to the OTHER team!

Blaze: You should probably know that she’s happily married with a kid.

Becky: Oh! So I guess the two of you don’t talk about those days any more, eh?

Blaze: The person who she’s married to just happens to also be female.

Becky: REALLY?! You know such interesting people!

Blaze: Next time I go to visit her, I’ll take you with me!

Becky: You promise?

Blaze: Sure. Get some rest. Dinner will be ready in about an hour.

Becky: Can we eat naked?

Blaze: …We’ll see!

As Blaze walked out of the room, Becky lay on her bed with a very satisfied look on her face. She had finally broken through Blaze’s defences, and was looking forward to whatever else she would discover about her mentor!

The End!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Chun Li Commission

I recently got a request from a guy on DeviantArt (known only as Chunlilover), to create a piece using the legendary Street Fighter babe Chun Li! As I am trying to get more commission work these days, and because I knew it would help me to start taking the quality of my work more seriously, I agreed to do it.

I would estimate it took me upwards of 10 hours working on this pic (the longest yet!), over 3 days ( and a couple of VERY late nights!). I never would've thought I had such staying power!

The guy in this pic is Chunlilover's original character (based on himself).