Friday, 19 June 2009

Muscle Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

This is a pic of "Lightning", the main female lead of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. You may have noticed however, there's something a little different about her! >.>

This pic totally kicked my ass for nearly two weeks! First I redid the pose because it was too complicated, then I looked at a lot of anatomy stuff in order to get the muscle and definition looking just right, and then there was the costume design (damn you, Nomura-san! >.< ). It's probably still not perfect though, but hopefully it's a step in the right direction! This was a request by KnightAuron [link] . He wanted to see a muscular version of Lightning. It sounded interesting, so I went for it!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Muscle Venus

This pic was a free commission for a friend and fellow writer called thephoenixreturns on DA. He wrote an interesting fanfiction that inspired me to create a pic based on his work.

Venus De Milo was a short lived addition to the TMNT franchise during the 90s, and pretty much was relegated to a supporting role to the rest of the mutant ninja brothers.

Phoenix's take on her character not only gave her a staring role, but a killer muscular physique and oodles of sex appeal!

The attention to detail he lavished on her backstory and relationship to the other ninja turtles really blew me away. What I also loved was the sex scenes, that were really intense and passionate and emphasised the fact that flexing her huge muscles brought her to orgasm!

I highly recommend it to any fans of muscle girls, hardcore action and intense sexual encounters! You have been warned!

To read the entire series, just follow this link:

Chun Li Yogurt Fun

This the second commission I've done for my friend chunlilover. Originally, the idea for the pic came from an unusual story about the connection between yogurt bacteria and fighting yeast infections in vaginas. This then developed into a fantasy about licking yogurt from Chun Li's vagina!

To cut a long story short, I agreed to do a commission where his original character was licking yogurt from Chun Li's vag. It was an unusual and interesting idea, and I wanted to challenge myself to create a good pic of it. Simple as that.

Expect another Chun Li commission in the future!