Thursday, 4 June 2009

Muscle Venus

This pic was a free commission for a friend and fellow writer called thephoenixreturns on DA. He wrote an interesting fanfiction that inspired me to create a pic based on his work.

Venus De Milo was a short lived addition to the TMNT franchise during the 90s, and pretty much was relegated to a supporting role to the rest of the mutant ninja brothers.

Phoenix's take on her character not only gave her a staring role, but a killer muscular physique and oodles of sex appeal!

The attention to detail he lavished on her backstory and relationship to the other ninja turtles really blew me away. What I also loved was the sex scenes, that were really intense and passionate and emphasised the fact that flexing her huge muscles brought her to orgasm!

I highly recommend it to any fans of muscle girls, hardcore action and intense sexual encounters! You have been warned!

To read the entire series, just follow this link:

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