Monday, 7 September 2009

Commission - Super Lin

This is the second commission I have done for Vince3. This time the theme is Super Lin, a super heroine for the new age! =3

Before I started this commission, I asked Vince if Lin already had a costume design or if I could make one up (which I really wanted to do, because I already had a cool idea for one!). He pretty much gave me free reign to design one, so here's what I came up with! I hope you all enjoy it! ^_^

Commission - Sylvia the Cat-Girl

Another commission! Boring life stuff got in the way of me uploading this latest commission for my friend Dark Phoenix, but now I've finally got round to doing so. It's just as well, because I really like this pic! I used a couple of new techniques to really help improve the overall look, like the shine on the hair.

Sylvia is a character from a series called Anthro, where a deadly virus is threatening the human race, forcing a scientist called Zephram to experiment on his beloved cat to transform her into what you see in this picture! It's an interesting story that deals with the possibility of one man dealing with the responsibility of saving mankind, and mixes it with some Furry/Anthro and muscle worship! ~_^

Interested? You can read more about it by following this link. And if Phoenix asks, tell him I sent you!