Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cattleya Needs You!

A hot new series came out in Japan last year called Queen's Blade. It's basically a "swords and sorcery" show involving a mostly female cast of hot babes that kick each other's ass in order to claim the Queen's Blade title. There's nothing I love more than hot girl on girl action, and this show has it in spades!

There are several characters that I would love to draw from the show, but I decided to start with the VERY busty and powerful Blacksmith and Arms Seller, Cattleya! Considering how busty most of the girls in the show are, she currently holds the crown for the hugest pair of jugs this side of Mina Nanakotani!

Top that off with the fact that she wields a huge heavy sword, and is always accompanied by her cute little son called Rana who clings to her body like a milk-obsessed breast goblin (although I'm sure a LOT of men wish they were him!). Cattleya must also currently hold the crown for the most MILF-like MILF (MILF = Mother I would Love to FUCK) in the history of Anime!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Valhalland Warrior Sif

I recently dug out the Romancing SaGa PS2 game after my PS3 suffered the infamous Yellow Light of Death (I'll explain about that on my main blog at a later date).

I love the game, even if it is frustrating as hell to get through. I did however get an idea for a new pic based on one of the characters in the game.

Her name is Sif, and she is a female warrior from Valhalland. She's a tough talking, no nonsense kick ass babe, and a perfect candidate to add to my "Muscle women" stable!

Seeing as there isn't much artwork of her on the interwebz, I thought I'd make a sexy contribution! My new shading techniques have really given her body more depth and presence! Just look at those muscles! Those rock hard abs! Those suckable tits! that fuckable pussy! The sword isn't bad either!

Tell me my art isn't getting better and better!

Freya Double Fucked!

A pic of Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy 9.

This is actually quite an old pic, but I liked it so much I decided to recolour it. I believe she's supposed to be a anthropomorphic rat, but her job title in the game is a Dragoon. Dragoons specialise in aerial strikes with a spear, which is a bit of a Final Fantasy staple.

I bet you're thinking "Why would anyone draw such an obscure character from Final Fantasy?". Well, if you do a image search for her on Google, you'll be surprised as to what you find!

Cute Shota Torture!

Within the wide ranging genre that is Hentai, there are many sub-genres that are fetishes in themselves. On of them is something called "Shota", which itself is a branch off from Lolita or Loli hentai. Instead of young girls in sexual positions, young boys are instead subjected to sexual objectification.

Frequently I have seen pics where young boys are deliberately dressed up in girls clothing and and act feminine, often for an older male or female's enjoyment. This is merely an extension of the Transsexual fetish you see today, where a male feels that they identify their personality more with a female then a male.

I will admit, there have been times when I have imagined what it would be like to be a girl, but never to the extent where I would want to change my appearance to do so. I will say though that I sympathise with those who find it difficult to lie to themselves when all they want to do is be true to themselves.

Damn, I went into too much detail just for a simple picture description, but I guess it needs to be put into context so I don't seem so weird for drawing this pic! Just enjoy it, damn it! (I am one messed up guy!)

I particularly like the sweat dripping down her body and the cum dripping on the floor from her cock!

Meg & Lois at the Beach

As promised, I have a fresh batch of artwork for all of you! Thank you for your patience!

Me and my bro have been watching a lot of Family Guy DVDs recently (because its that damn good!), and I'll be the first to admit Lois Griffin is one smoking hawt MILF!!

Meg isn't too bad either, although she is the butt of many jokes in the show! When she gets a chance, she too proves that "like mother, like daughter", you get the idea! ~_^

Anyway, this one was interesting because I was incorporating the art style of the show's creator, Seth McFarlane. I don't ever remember drawing in this style before, with its basic geometric shapes and awkward facial placements, but I think I did a pretty good job on the whole.

Please look forward to seeing more Lois and Meg pics in the future!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Back once again...

...for the Renegade Master! It's been a long time since I've done any artwork, and for a good reason. I wasn't happy with the direction was going, which was no where.

No matter what I worked on, I just wasn't happy with the outcome. My mind was stagnating, and I knew my art would suffer because of it. I had to step back and try to think of a fresh way to do my illustrations...a different perspective.

I recently did a 12 week life-drawing class as a way of opening my mind to ideas and techniques I had previously ignored at my own peril. One useful technique was drawing with my left hand.

As crazy as it sounds, it works! I realise When I draw with my right hand, my mind is blinded to the imperfections. Another trick was to take off my glasses. By doing this, I no longer focus on the detail and can see the form, composition and light and shadow more easily.

Thanks to that class, I have regained some of my confidence. I've already started on a new batch of pics that I will upload soon. I hope that this time, I can finally move forward towards my goal of becoming a professional Hentai artist!