Thursday, 5 August 2010

Back once again...

...for the Renegade Master! It's been a long time since I've done any artwork, and for a good reason. I wasn't happy with the direction was going, which was no where.

No matter what I worked on, I just wasn't happy with the outcome. My mind was stagnating, and I knew my art would suffer because of it. I had to step back and try to think of a fresh way to do my illustrations...a different perspective.

I recently did a 12 week life-drawing class as a way of opening my mind to ideas and techniques I had previously ignored at my own peril. One useful technique was drawing with my left hand.

As crazy as it sounds, it works! I realise When I draw with my right hand, my mind is blinded to the imperfections. Another trick was to take off my glasses. By doing this, I no longer focus on the detail and can see the form, composition and light and shadow more easily.

Thanks to that class, I have regained some of my confidence. I've already started on a new batch of pics that I will upload soon. I hope that this time, I can finally move forward towards my goal of becoming a professional Hentai artist!

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