Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cattleya Needs You!

A hot new series came out in Japan last year called Queen's Blade. It's basically a "swords and sorcery" show involving a mostly female cast of hot babes that kick each other's ass in order to claim the Queen's Blade title. There's nothing I love more than hot girl on girl action, and this show has it in spades!

There are several characters that I would love to draw from the show, but I decided to start with the VERY busty and powerful Blacksmith and Arms Seller, Cattleya! Considering how busty most of the girls in the show are, she currently holds the crown for the hugest pair of jugs this side of Mina Nanakotani!

Top that off with the fact that she wields a huge heavy sword, and is always accompanied by her cute little son called Rana who clings to her body like a milk-obsessed breast goblin (although I'm sure a LOT of men wish they were him!). Cattleya must also currently hold the crown for the most MILF-like MILF (MILF = Mother I would Love to FUCK) in the history of Anime!

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