Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Valhalland Warrior Sif

I recently dug out the Romancing SaGa PS2 game after my PS3 suffered the infamous Yellow Light of Death (I'll explain about that on my main blog at a later date).

I love the game, even if it is frustrating as hell to get through. I did however get an idea for a new pic based on one of the characters in the game.

Her name is Sif, and she is a female warrior from Valhalland. She's a tough talking, no nonsense kick ass babe, and a perfect candidate to add to my "Muscle women" stable!

Seeing as there isn't much artwork of her on the interwebz, I thought I'd make a sexy contribution! My new shading techniques have really given her body more depth and presence! Just look at those muscles! Those rock hard abs! Those suckable tits! that fuckable pussy! The sword isn't bad either!

Tell me my art isn't getting better and better!

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