Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gym Rules!

This was another Lin commission for my man Vince on DA. I've been reading a lot of his and RinjiPantera's stories based on the sexual adventures of asian muscle babe Lin Li Wong, and have got a lot of inspiration from them (In more ways than one!).

This pic shows Lin doing one of her numerous workouts to try and achieve bigger gains and more muscle mass and strength (she does that a lot!). At times, whenever her lover Vince (the same guy) gets involved with her workout, things can get VERY steamy! I'm not joking! Read his stories yourself if you don't believe me! Vince is one devoted female muscle lover! ~_^,

While I was reading them, I got an idea for a new sidestory in an attempt to give the super-powered Lin a rival worthy of her immense strength! Once everything is cool with Vince, I'll be posting the new series here on my blog, as well as on DA, so stay tuned!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Restraining Order!

A while back I watched an Anime mecha (Giant robot) series called Code Geass. I liked the show because unlike the many mecha shows out there, it dared to do things differently, like make the hero a very dark, non heroic main character. I don't want to go into too much detail, but sufficed to say I loved both seasons, and would highly recommend it to any anime or mecha fans out there!

Villetta Nu is one of the "bad guys", but over the course of the show changes into a very likeable character. She's totally hawt too, being one of the few ethnic supporting characters in Anime.

I thought I'd play with her a bit in this pic, with a bit of S&M humilliation and fanservice!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Here comes a new challenger!

This one was a bit of a rush job, but I wanted to get it out as soon as I heard that She Hulk had been added to the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 roster. I consider this good news for all fans of She Hulk, because this will push her closer to the front of peoples attention.

I'm actually quite amazed at how polarising her addition to MvC3 has been on fans of the game! You would not believe the number of She Hulk haters out there! -_-,

She is a really cool character that has unfortunately been shoved in the background in favour of her more famous sibling (because apparently you can't have She Hulk without THE Hulk!). Maybe now someone will see her popularity and push a TV or movie project forward for her (fingers crossed!).

I'm a bit of a Beat 'em up fan, though I don't play games like that anymore. I always liked the Marvel Vs Capcom games, so maybe when it comes out I'll throw cash down for a copy!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Office Lady Reandra - Extra

I got a little carried away on this pic series!
The crazy thing about Layers is that you can pretty much create a layer for everything, including sexual parts that can't normally be shown on websites like DeviantArt!

Those that know me know that I love doing swollen erect clitoris that could double as a small penis. Its a crazy idea that just works, you know?

Expect more erect clits in the future!

Office Lady Reandra

If Alyssa Kei is my queen, then without a shadow of a doubt Reandra is my princess!

As an original character from my "Fatal Busters" series, Reandra Moses is the typical "girl next door" love interest for Matsu (the funny guy with the two-tone hair). She's a huge fan of the Busters and in particular Alyssa, and all she wants to do is help them out as best she can.

She may not be much of a fighter, but she makes up for it with support and enthusiasm. She's the kind of girl you would want in your corner to make you feel a whole lot better! ~_^

In the series, she works for the World Xtreme Wrestling organistion (WXW) as a secretary, or as the Japanese call it, "Office Lady" (OL for short). This pic series springs from that idea, along with showing Reandra in some sexy lingerie!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Kunoichi named Psylocke

I have been wanting to do a Psylocke picture for a long time, but I wanted to be sure I was able to do it justice.

I'm not sure which medium I saw her in first, but I fell in love with Psylocke when I either saw her in an X-men comic that focused on her origin story with her alter ego Betsy Braddock, or when I played as her in the Capcom beat 'em up Marvel Super Heroes on the Playstation One. Man, her fighting stance animation says it all! *bounce bounce!*

I love Kunoichi (female ninjas), and she is the embodiment of what makes them so cool!