Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gym Rules!

This was another Lin commission for my man Vince on DA. I've been reading a lot of his and RinjiPantera's stories based on the sexual adventures of asian muscle babe Lin Li Wong, and have got a lot of inspiration from them (In more ways than one!).

This pic shows Lin doing one of her numerous workouts to try and achieve bigger gains and more muscle mass and strength (she does that a lot!). At times, whenever her lover Vince (the same guy) gets involved with her workout, things can get VERY steamy! I'm not joking! Read his stories yourself if you don't believe me! Vince is one devoted female muscle lover! ~_^,

While I was reading them, I got an idea for a new sidestory in an attempt to give the super-powered Lin a rival worthy of her immense strength! Once everything is cool with Vince, I'll be posting the new series here on my blog, as well as on DA, so stay tuned!

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