Monday, 8 November 2010

Office Lady Reandra

If Alyssa Kei is my queen, then without a shadow of a doubt Reandra is my princess!

As an original character from my "Fatal Busters" series, Reandra Moses is the typical "girl next door" love interest for Matsu (the funny guy with the two-tone hair). She's a huge fan of the Busters and in particular Alyssa, and all she wants to do is help them out as best she can.

She may not be much of a fighter, but she makes up for it with support and enthusiasm. She's the kind of girl you would want in your corner to make you feel a whole lot better! ~_^

In the series, she works for the World Xtreme Wrestling organistion (WXW) as a secretary, or as the Japanese call it, "Office Lady" (OL for short). This pic series springs from that idea, along with showing Reandra in some sexy lingerie!

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