Monday, 30 May 2011

Military Might!

I've been wanting to do a pic of Meryl Silverburgh for a while due to my love of Metal Gear, and the "Military Might" theme that the FemaleMuscle group put up was a perfect excuse to do one!

A lot of people hated the change they made to Meryl in MGS4, not taking into account that a female soldier that leads her own squad would want to stay in shape in order to keep up with her male counterparts on the battlefield. Adding a bit of muscle is the logical choice considering the amount of heavy equipment they have to carry and physical tasks they have to do in the field...

Anyway, I digress! Please enjoy the sexy military muscle of Meryl! (and a very aroused Akiba/Johnny Sasaki in the background!)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Crimson Viper: Street Slut!

I love the fact that Capcom keep creating hot black and ethnic chicks in their games Like Sheva Aloma from Resident Evil 5 and Crimson Viper from Street Fighter 4! (Edit: On further research, it turns out she might not be black, but be of Latino decent or mixed race! Who knew?)

I thought I'd add my own fanart of C.Viper to the already extensive amount of hentai based on her out there on the interwebz! I went a bit darker and more perverted on a couple of these, so go ahead and enjoy!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Meg Exposed!

You'd be surprised how many people also like Meg Griffin from Family Guy, a search of her on the internetz is a perfect example!

I played around with the Satin filter in Photoshop on this, and even though I've been trying to avoid relying on presets, I like how this turned out. I plan to play around more with lighting in future pics.

I hate censorship, but even I have to conform if I don't want my pics removed (It has happened before!). I'll just have to extra careful if I post anything based on an American cartoon, in order to avoid any potential legal issues. There seems to me an unhealthy amount of large corporations going after hardcore fans these days, and I don't like it! >_<

Monday, 2 May 2011

Wanna see her Shadow Skillz?

I said I was going to do a pic based on Elle Ragu from the anime series Shadow Skill, and here it is! I hope you like it!

I was able to finish this one a lot quicker than my previous work, and therefore feel like I might be able to do a few more pics this month. (Fingers crossed!)

Elle Ragu is one of the few female leads of a show that doesn't act all girly and cute, and is a genuine badass in combat. (She does joke around and get drunk a lot though!)

Unfortunately, each subsequent Shadow Skills show seems to get lamer and lamer, with her younger brother Gaw Ban taking the lead. (The noob!) I can only hope the show will get a decent writer in the future...