Monday, 11 July 2011

Me no get beach fun!

I'm getting quicker! The Female Muscle Group's monthly theme is "At the Beach". A nice and easy one, and something I thought I could throw together in a short amount of time considering my recent improvement in speed artwork!

I haven't done any of my own characters for a while, and the idea of using the genetically enhanced muscle babe Ureba for it came to mind. The funny thing with Ureba is, despite her immense strength and volatile nature, she's kinda simple minded and slow so she just doesn't get having fun and playing volleyball at the beach! (see how she's already busted the ball? )

She may be a bit of a brute, but she has a kind heart, and is happy to snuggle with someone she takes a liking to (if they happen to have food or something shiny!).

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