Saturday, 5 November 2011

Debujin does Reandra!

Debujin, a good friend of mine on Deviantart has done me the honour of doing an art request for me. I've known him on and off for a couple years, and I frequently find myself faving his pictures of sexy nude babes for some reason! ~_^

I had the idea of Debu doing a pic of Reandra in his style for some time, because I thought his style would lend itself to her voluptuous curves very well.

Looks like I was right! Also, what I really like about this pic is the whispy, ephemeral, almost spirit-like quality to it. From the clean lines, the small swirls in her hair, the soft colours and gradients, I get a vibe of the Capcom game Okami for some reason.

I want to show my appreciation by posting this pic on my blog and DA page (with his permission) to see if we can get some more traffic going in his direction! Here's hoping there'll be more like this coming our way soon! Thanks again Debu!

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