Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Shemuscle Smurfette

My GOD its been a long time! I've been so burnt out from doing any kind of artwork, I feared I would never draw anything ever again! Its not like I don't have a lot of ideas for pieces, its just so hard to get from idea to finished piece.

This one was literally a spur of the moment pic, I spotted a random Smurfette picture at college and the idea started churning in my brain. From there, I dusted off the old Photoshop and went completely freeform on it. the whole thing didn't take more than a couple hours.

And you know what? It felt GOOD! Sure my proportions are still crappy, and my light and shading is still sloppy, but it doesn't matter because I was doing it for ME, not anyone else.

I have no idea when I'll do another pic, but for the time being it was just good to prove to myself that I still have some of the old spark still in me!